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Increase your Conversions

Published on 14.02.2019 by Julia

What is a Conversion Rate?

The Conversion rate is signified in percentage based on a ratio.  It is a fraction of your website visitors who become a potential buyer if you provide an offer. Website visitors can convert on webinar registrations, lead magnets, sales, and more. Form these actions you can easily track the conversion rate. But, it is not possible to track the number of visitors who actually convert, but with this conversion rate, you can actually find how many people are viewing your content and how many of them are really buying your product, or signing up for the email list, or executing any other preferred action. Now, it is easy to increase your website traffic and conversions with as this service provides help your website get more traffic and also increases the conversion rate of your website.

It is important to know your conversion rate otherwise you don’t know what marketing strategy or website fundamental that you need to improve.  Your conversions will probably decline consequently that can cause serious loss.  For instance, let’s say that your conversion rate drifts at one percent. If it is the case, then you don’t perform any tests or quarry into the reasons about the conversion rate. But, if you continue to ignore even the small percentage, then you may continue at one percent or plunge even lower.

But, if you have considered the problem straight away, then there is a possibility of increasing the conversion rate to three percent. Based on your marketing costs and product price, estimate how much return you would get as a result of your revision.