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Boost Instagram Followers

Published on 20.04.2019 by Michael

Get More Instagram Followers

A good service provider for getting more followers is very important when it comes to finding ways to boost Instagram followers. In the midst of several services who promise to deliver high-quality followers but somewhat fail, one needs to look for a service that will not only promise but also deliver like SocialWick

Some reasons that make SocialWick the perfect choice to take that first step toward Instagram popularity are:

  • Vast Customer Base: This is not a few hundreds, as they have a customer base of almost 200,000. This is because of their quality delivery and high budget-friendly packages.
  • Customer Service: Every customer wants quality before and after sales service, and this is taken care of at SocialWick. One can consult the best social media experts anytime and clear the queries.
  • Quality Accounts: At SocialWick, you can get bets in quality accounts with all the information like bio, profile picture, etc.
  • Quick Delivery: You can expect a 30 seconds delivery of followers after buying a package with SocialWick, thus, there are no service lags to worry about.

Use Instagram Stories Templates

Instagram always brings in something new for their users. One such popular feature is "stories." With this feature, you can post pictures and videos which will last for only 24 hours. Therefore, it is safe to say that when you are searching for ways on how to boost Instagram followers, stories are a great way to move forward.

You can use stories to create content that people will love like by adding fun stickers, filers, emojis, etc. Also, you can use story templates available through various template providers. The key is to make people curious so they can visit your profile and follow it. Some ways to use stories to boost Instagram followers are:

  • Put up a question for the viewers.
  • Create Instagram story poll about anything relevant to your profile.
  • Use the live feature.
  • Use any call to action like “leave your comments” or “visit the link posted in the bio."

Introduce Your Brand Through Instagram Stories Highlights

As mentioned before, stories are for 24 hours only, but now with the highlights feature, you can save your stories on your profile. This means when someone visits your profile, they can go through your personal stories. Everyone knows that the more visible you are on Instagram, the more chance Instagram has to boost your followers by channeling more people to your account. This can be very uplifting for your business.

Some of the best ways to utilize stories highlights for enhancing your business marketing are:

  • Tell the audience about yourself and your products.
  • Use multiple stories highlights to showcase different products.
  • Add tutorials and DIYs to engage your audience.
  • Add bonuses and free stuff in a highlight album which will bring in more customers and followers.
  • Create a "highlights" album regarding various updates on your products and services.
  • Use highlights to let others know about your other accounts, social media handles, and pages.

Get More Instagram Followers By Using Hashtags and Location Tags

Hashtags and location tags allow users to search all the posts which are tagged by the same hashtags and geotags. So, when brainstorming about how to boost Instagram followers, remember to add hashtags and geotags to the posts. These tags are clickable and searchable too, so users can search for them and in turn, see all the posts relevant to it. This can help you increase your followers as several Instagram users can see your tagged posts.

Some things to keep in mind while choosing hashtags are:

  • You should be precise and find a relevant tag for your posts.
  • Look for trending tags which are famous so you can attract more Instagram users.
  • Do some research and choose a tag which suits the post.
  • If it is a marketing post, find some industry-relevant tags.
  • Show creativity with tags.
  • Add tags to the posts, but not too many. Focus on quality and not quantity.