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Buy Real Linkedin Followers

Published on 03.04.2019 by Julia

Do buying Linkedin followers help you in promoting?

It has always been a burning topic when it comes to the digital economy. Buying Linkedin followers might seem fascinating to many while some consider it as a waste of time and money. So, we will try to figure out if the process is really helpful or not. For this purpose, let us take the case of John and James. Both have opened a new account with Linkedin and are trying to make corporate connections to increase the credibility of the account.

John and James work in the same profession and have got a similar experience. They both want to promote their work on the platform. One day, they both came across a feature that allowed them to buy Linkedin followers. The feature entailed getting 1000 followers for only $5.

John was excited and spent $5 to gain more network connections while James stuck to his basic plan of promoting his experience and gradually increase his followers. After a year, James was more successful than John. But, why was it so, you might question. The answer was pretty simple and enticing too. So, let’s have a look at what difference did it make.

The difference

Indeed John got instant 1000 followers on his account whereas James kept on trying hard to accumulate his audience. It took John only 45 seconds to find an establishment that helped him to buy Linkedin connections at a minimal cost $5 but this idea was appalling for him since he didn’t get targeted audience to promote to. On the other hand, James was successful in driving a valued audience to his portal by targeting the right audience and building connections in a right and profound manner.

As you now get a glimpse of what James might have done to overtake John in spite of having a smaller audience as compared to John, we would steer you through the different aspects of these Linkedin followers and the arguments to buy Linkedin followers.

Buy or not to buy - That’s the question

This is a very confusing situation when you are in a fix on making your decision. There are obviously two flip sides of a coin and you have to evaluate the pros and cons of the decision. Hopefully, this section will assist you in getting a general overview of how the platform actually works.

Suppose, you are new to Linkedin and you have merely five connections. It is true in most of the cases and the value is not significant. Now, when you want to invite the folks there is a possibility that they will decline the connection request. The reason behind is that people will think that you are not committed towards Linkedin due to lack of connections. Simultaneously, the perception changes if you possess more than 500 connections. So, with the help of a vendor, you can increase your credibility by buying Linkedin followers.

However, there are many arguments stating that purchasing connections is not a good idea. Following is a list of the arguments against buying connections. We urge you to read them as it will provide you with insight.

  • Some believe that it is unethical. Linkedin connections entrust that an account has achieved credibility through honorable activities on the platform.

  • Tests have indicated that the vendors promising followers or connections are usually comprised of fake accounts. Having fake accounts in your connection does not necessarily help as there is no related connection.

  • You do not get targeted audience which is a huge drawback. In our example, we have also stated how James was more successful in establishing his network than John. The real reason is that you have to mine accounts who are probably interested in your profession or the products that you are highlighting.

Does it mean buying Linkedin connections won’t help?

Well, we do not want to discourage you from buying Linkedin followers. Instead, we emphasize on you building strong connections so that you can actually grab hold of strong connections. It doesn't matter if you have only 5 connections at the beginning. But if they are strong, you can actually increase your credibility through their word-of-mouth. This is where John made a mistake. He only bought the 1000 connections but failed to make an impact on the real accounts.

So, if you plan to buy Linkedin followers, you can. But you also need to strategize your plan and execute it effectively to make a strong impact on your existing connections. They will eventually bring in more connections if you do things right.

How to make an impact on your connections

As already mentioned, people will feel like connecting to you if they see that you have around 500 followers. But in order to keep them active through your accounts, you can tread on the following steps to grow your network.

  1. Connection request personalization: it is advisable to personally click on the connect button than to send a generic request based on the "people you may know" tab. If you do so, you will be able to add a personal note as well such as "Nice to meet you in the train to Seattle last week. Let's stay in touch". Furthermore, you can also send a connection request to a person who shares similar interests with you or work at a similar role.

  2. Ensure follow up: the fact that it is known as connection and not friend request is that you are networking than just commenting and sharing their posts. And this can be done in the conventional way of meeting people.

  3. Set monthly objectives: it is very important that you set your growth goals. Everybody knows it is absurd to achieve 500+ connections in a single month. Instead, break the goals into 5 months or so. One note of advice: set the objectives realistic and attainable to keep you motivated.

Following these three steps will help you achieve good connections and promotion. You can become successful like James and you won’t have to spare more money without the need to further buy Linkedin company followers yet attain outstanding results. Moreover, you can establish a better rank than the others with the likes of John.