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Buy Soundcloud Plays Cheap

Published on 01.04.2019 by Mark

SoundCloud has pulled the trigger for many musicians to put forward their best leg in front of the world. It has proven to be a great platform for budding musicians to spread their music and get recognized in the dynamic music industry. However, the platform gets easily overcrowded being a free platform, as musicians are fighting their way to get the same attention from the public. This has led to the flourishing of many vendors who promise to fetch followers. So, when you buy SoundCloud plays cheap, you are able to expose your music to different listeners and rank higher than your competitors.

The idea might seem very appealing but it might also be appalling for some if you do not plan your tactics right. You can buy real SoundCloud plays, but is it really effective? Today, we will be discussing the pros and cons of buying SoundCloud plays and the tips on increasing SoundCloud followers.

The Pros and Cons of Buying SoundCloud Followers

Online marketers have tested 1000 SoundCloud plays to understand the dynamics of the industry as a whole. They have also studied how musicians are benefitting from purchasing followers directly from vendors. Although there are many pros associated with buying SoundCloud plays, there are certainly some cons.


  • It is the most prominent way to kick-start your song on the platform and get instantaneous likes up to a few thousand. You don't have to worry about zero plays as you can get ahead of the game with 1000 SoundCloud plays.
  • Planning to buy SoundCloud plays cheap helps you get a credible amount of plays at an affordable price. The higher the credibility, the more chance of your song being ranked high. Thus, it eventually helps in making the song popular and attracts a large amount of traffic.
  • It facilitates conversations and enhances the word-of-mouth, thereby making more people to listen to your song or music in a brief period of time.
  • Although it is a rare occurrence, we have seen songs go viral on the internet flashing right through other genres and making the musicians popular along with their piece of music.
  • The higher likes and plays are able to grab the attention of the media and agents, and even record companies to listen to your piece. There are many musicians who have reached the zenith through this platform

But, with great advantages, some disadvantages also lurk by. This is also the case with SoundCloud plays which we will discuss in the cons.


  • SoundCloud plays are mostly generic in nature, so there is a high possibility that musicians don’t get the targeted audience. It is true that buying SoundCloud plays increases your credibility but they do not necessarily bring you the audience sharing the same taste in music as you do.
  • You have to remember that SoundCloud plays are not a proper marketing tool but a promotion technique to boost your play count. However, there are some exceptions where you will receive noticeable results with your SoundCloud plays that include commenting and sharing from accounts.
  • Since many consider buying SoundCloud plays to be an unethical practice, it is required that you keep things low and not under the radar. If you are caught, your account is susceptible to suspension or a lifetime ban as per the regulations.
  • Everybody wants the limelight and some scammers try to take advantage of it. So, beware of the scams and please do not fall into their trap. Scammers don’t deliver what they promise and you will be stuck by putting your money into a place where you can’t get anything out of it.

Be wise while you try to select the best vendor who not only delivers a suitable amount of SoundCloud plays, but also suits your budget. There are many companies who offer cheap SoundCloud plays and help you build a strong profile of your music, so that your talent is recognized and receives the credits it deserves.


Is SoundCloud Play Purchase Worth It?

Although many consider the plan to buy SoundCloud plays a great idea, we must inform you that it is a short-term strategy. It provides you nothing more than an enhanced play count on the platform. If you wish to undergo a long-term strategy to build real and continuous followers with a targeted audience, we urge you to read the following tips. These tips will help you get more followers in a brief period of time and in an easy way.

Tips to Increase SoundCloud Followers

Adequate planning and proper execution are two pillars for getting anything you want. Similarly, SoundCloud is a platform to showcase your talent and earn reputation from followers. By following these tips, you can get real targeted followers and gain popularity in an ethical way.

Enter the SoundCloud community: The community is a free site that helps you create a follow-to-download gateway which is very beneficial for the users and followers to interact.

Don’t pay for fake likes: Never ever pay for fake followers. A real music lover will notice that you have very little likes or shares in spite of having thousands of plays and they will know it’s not genuine.

Get in with the blogs: One of the most promising ways to boost your count is by connecting with a blog and creating a backlink. There are many music bloggers on the internet about music and new releases. Network with bloggers and get featured in their blogs. This will eventually help you gain real followers who will not only listen to your music, but will also encourage others to listen to it.

Take small steps to get bigger: Getting featured in a blog requires effort from you. Try small things like e-mail marketing or featured ads for your prospects to be aware of you.

Know the power of social media: Social media is a great way to increase your brand's visibility. You can reach each user by creating a personalized one-to-one query.

Don’t be a narcissist: Nobody likes a person who always thinks about themselves. In the show business, it is very important that you serve other musicians equally. If you really love a song, promote it and let the person know that you like their piece. This helps in growing your network by developing a collaborative environment.


All these tips are not hard to follow. If you stick with the plans, you are more likely to get higher followers than the person who buys SoundCloud plays. It is not worth a try to buy SoundCloud plays to enhance your music among listeners, but if you are in a fix and a few thousand plays can boost your confidence, you can go for it.