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How to get free instagram followers in 2019

Published on 25.08.2019 by James

Back in 2014, one of the studies (Forrester study) has shown that Instagram has a crazy engagement rate. When it comes to actual brands and engagement rate on their pages, Instagram lands 58 times higher price than a competitor – Facebook.

After that, Instagram has improved and saw tremendous success. As of today, an Instagram top social network for any business to display their services/work. Keep in mind that Instagram is topping the charts for the last few years and improves their user experience monthly. So, in the next few years, experts think that Instagram will be the best choice for every business owner.

What’s special on Instagram?

It gives you all the tools to run a successful campaign. We are talking only about the advertising platform but also free features you can use. Today we are going to talk about free features to use on Instagram for product promotion.

Create and promote dedicated hashtags

Do you know that every famous brand has their hashtags on Instagram? That’s a simple way to make sure people care about your product/service. To stay at the top of the trends, you should create a hashtag and widen your name.

For example, #JustDoIt is the most epic hashtag from Nike. You should understand the hashtag game – the unique phrase, the better for popularity. That way, you create a tribe, and it’s essential if we follow the marketing rules of Seth Godin. Over time, you’ll find photos of your brands fans, and you can produce free, unique captures from that time on.

Participate in controversial conversations over Instagram

Always do your best to participate in the controversial chat on Instagram. For example, one of the biggest challenges was “egg picture.” Everyone was talking and liking about it. Also, a few months ago, 50 Cent got in a drama with few other rappers and executives on Instagram and participating in that conversation would increase your popularity. That kind of scenes always happens on Instagram. It could be in a different industry, but it’s your chance to get free Instagram followers;

Get creative about your Instagram captions

It’s crucial to write attractive captions. Make sure that post captions get fresh ideas and thoughts to the reader. If you provide actual value, people will be grateful and engage in the post. Creative Instagram captions are one of the easiest ways to get free Instagram followers.

Get in touch with other influencers

Some influencers are on the same level (popularity) as your account. First of all, you should find those account and outreach for free promotion. You can offer the same type of advertising on your account.

Get help from authority companies in the industry

Social Wick is one of the most trusted companies in the social media marketing industry. The company offers free Instagram likes, and you can ramp up your campaign from the start. Likes provided from Social Wick could be an easy way to get free Instagram followers and gain popularity. 

As you can see, there is an endless way to get free Instagram followers. Most of them are free so that you can start an Instagram promotion even today.