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How to get more followers on IG

Published on 24.04.2019 by Michael

Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Followers on Instagram

Superwoman or Lilly Singh is a well-known Youtuber who has gathered quite an audience with her hilarious videos and spreading love throughout the world. She made a video once named as “The Types of Fan Accounts on Instagram.” If you have seen that video and want some fans like the ones she has, you have to follow some rules. All these rules are part of the unwritten rule book that every Instagram celebrity has learned over time. If you want to go ahead and establish yourself as an influencer, this article has all the ammunition you need to learn how to get free followers on Instagram fast.

Interact with other users, including your followers

You know the best type of celebrity – it is somebody who has reached the height of fame but still does their best to acknowledge and stay connected with their fans. You may be thinking why is this relevant but it is since you already have a fan following. You have started out with some followers under your mantle or rather your Instagram account – learn to acknowledge them, their comments. Stay connected with them and try to understand what their point of view is. Do this for your followers as well as other users, maybe the ones who are following you – unless you take the initiative here, you won’t make any headway on how to get Instagram followers fast.

Cross-promote with users who have audiences similar to your own

However much you believe, you cannot make it big in the world on all your own. Why do you think people collaborate with each other on their Youtube videos? It is more fun for the user that way to see their favorite Youtubers in the same space – apply the same principle on your Instagram. The second step on how to get a lot of followers on Instagram fast is to collaborate with other people who post videos on the same genre as you or if you want to play bold, go ahead and mingle the genres if you want. Search out the users who dabble in the same genres and email them or DM them to see if they want to collaborate.

Share Instagram stories and live videos

This is a golden rule on any social media including Instagram – keep posting regularly. Then another way forward on how to get followers on Instagram fast is through live streams. They are not only a way to show your followers your life, but also a way to make your presence a regular. You can combine two of these tips and collaborate with other influencers on live streams. That would definitely give a boost to the fan following you have. It is almost like the more regular you are, the more investors will notice you and so will other people. You can also take a chance on IG TV – its Instagram’s very own media channel.

Make your profile easy to find and follow

The worst mistake that you can make in Instagram is in a bid to be unique, you keep a name so complicated that most people will not be able to remember your name. Think of your name as your brand. You need to be able to have a catchy as well as a unique brand name – something that comes easily on the tip of the tongue when people try to remember it. You probably already know this but the cherry on the cake on how to get followers on Instagram is putting up a great profile picture. Remember these tips and you’re golden.