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How to increase Followers on Instagram

Published on 03.05.2019 by Mark

How to Increase Followers on Instagram – The Most Feasible Way 

Whether you have your own business or own a fashion shop that you are looking to promote online. Social media platforms are an excellent media to promote both your business and yourself. Especially Instagram, with millions of users worldwide, helps you to quickly reach out to thousands of potential customers and investors with just a single tap. In this article, we shall see how to increase followers on Instagram and make your business reach out to a wider audience online.

#1 Get Creative with Hashtags

One of the most important aspects to consider while finding the answer to the question – How to Increase followers on Instagram for free, is Hashtags. Hashtags are basically like the keywords that you associate your brand with. 

A hashtag is usually used to categorize a particular post so that the viewers can find it easily. For example, for photographers, #streetdreamsmag, #huntgram, etc are already existing with thousands of followers.

This means that the followers will automatically be updated whenever someone posts a new public post with the particular hashtags. So, these posts will automatically reach thousands of people at a time.

In order to understand how this works to increase your followers, let us suppose you own photography business. You click a few shots which you intend to use for the marketing of your business. When you upload these photos to Instagram along with some trending relevant hashtags, thousands of people who follow the particular hashtag will be notified and at least a small portion of those people will choose to follow you with the hopes of finding more pictures like this. Also, some of them may be your potential customers who are looking for a good photographer, and chances are you may be one of their choices. This was how to increase followers on Instagram Business, but that is not all – there is more to it.

#2 Participate in Massively Popular Conversations

Another way to increase your followers is to actively participate in massively popular conversations like commenting on a celebrity’s posts, using popular hashtags in your uploads, get in touch with major influencers and increase your online presence. You may also want to collaborate with such influencers to market your product or services.

Taking the same photography business, for example, suppose you take a very good candid shot of a major influencer or make a very creative edited photo of him/her, you can ping them the picture and request them to post it on their profile mentioning you. Chances of them obliging will be more if (1) They know you personally, (2) The piece of art you sent them is exceptional or (3) You are a regular participant in their discussions. 

So, along with your exceptional piece of art (or photo), regularly participating in their discussions by frequent commenting and liking their posts, there are good chances that you get good exposure from their side. So, more and more people may follow you.

#3 Get Descriptive with Your Captions

Captions are those short, crisp statements that you include after your post. They are as important as the post itself. Include grammatically correct, crisp and short statements along with the appropriate hashtags and mentions (if any) so that there is a build of emotions regarding the post. 

While playing with captions, make sure you do not confine the boundaries of your imagination – get as creative as you want. Include as many details, emotions and imagination as you can in a few words, because no one reads lengthy captions, no matter how good they are. 

For example, if you have taken a beautiful picture of a young infant, you can include a line that gives the feel of tenderness and beauty under the picture. The emotions evoked after seeing the picture and reading the caption, viewers are more likely to get influenced.

#4 Go all in on influencer marketing

This is similar to point number two. But the difference is that the business firm will make an official agreement with the celebrities or major influencers to specifically market its products and services, in lieu of payment or something of that sort.

Going back to the same photography business, you may want some celebrity or movie actors to promote your brand. What you could do is either make a deal for a photo session with them and ask them to post these photos on their profiles mentioning your brand or ask them to promote your business using some of the best of your photos, in exchange for a payment or complementary photo shoot or something similar.

This is one of the ways how to increase followers on Instagram without following.

#5 Buy Genuine Instagram Followers

In addition to the above steps, if you want to increase your Instagram followers immediately, you must consider buying genuine Instagram followers. Companies like Social Wick are very well-known to channelize Instagram followers to their clients. These followers are genuine and real. No fake profiles will be provided. Here are a few services that they offer their clients. They offer many packages from which you can choose the one which suits you.

#1 Business Package

Here, you can buy up to 20,000 followers and up to 7000 likes, 20,000 views, 7,000 impressions, 15 emoji comments, 1500 saves and 30,000 likes on all the old posts (up to 30 of them). This is the highest package you can opt for, which comes at just $129. The number of each of them decreases as the amount decreases. There are packs for $99 and $79 as well.

#2 Individual Purchase

If you do not want to opt for a package, you can also opt for individual entities like likes, followers, views, comments, impressions, etc separately. You just need to specify the exact number and based on certain criteria, your order will be delivered.

So, this was how you can increase your Instagram followers for free and reach a wider audience.