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How to Use Instagram Properly for Business

Published on 26.06.2019 by James

Did you know that up to 200 million businesses around the globe use Instagram? As we already know, 90% of Instagram users are following a business to keep up with its updates. That's the best information business owners can work with. Digital networks connect people, and that's where the business should establish their name. 

We are living in a digital world, and it's time to keep up with progress. Today, we will focus on Instagram, and give you proper tips on how to set up Instagram for business.



1. Set up a Business Account

There are two types of accounts: regular and business account. Don't even think about it; switch to a business account. To succeed in the Instagram era, you should gather data from analytics. Only an Instagram business account can give you access to analytics and data. So, when you register your companies profile on Instagram, the first step is to convert into a business account.

2. Set up the Instagram Profile

As you've switched to a business account, now you have the time to set up an account bio, images, and profile the right way. First, you should think about an attention-grabbing bio. Don't add too many emojis because it will hurt your followers eyes and make them believe that an unserious person is managing the account. Try to limit yourself to one or a maximum of two emojis when it comes to BIO text. 

The Bio text should be short and go straight to the point. Now, you can create your profile pic and add it to your profile. It could be a logo of your company or a simple slogan. 

3. Define the Target Audience

As at now, you have a business. You are either selling services or physical products. First, define a target audience of your business. What could be the age range of your potential client? To get a clear answer, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What's my product/service about?
  2. Who is a potential buyer?
  3. Whose problem is solved by my product/services?

Now, you have a clear vision on your potential buyer and we can proceed to the next step.

4. Find Niche-related Influencers

Influencers are Instagram users who have a significant amount of followers and trust from a specific community. If your service/product is related to cats or dogs, find Instagram influencers in that exact niche. Almost 99% of those influencers have their contact info included in their BIO. Find accounts that have up to 100,000 followers at first. Don't go for bigger accounts as it may be pricey. When you are tight on a budget, always go for micro influencers with a good engagement (2–5% engagement rate).

Before you start promoting your account, it's better to buy Instagram followers and likes as a startup option. For example, you can buy 1000 likes for an Instagram post as a shortcut to success. When new users check your account, they look at the likes and followers number. That could be a vital part in convincing potential buyers.