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Twitter Likes

Published on 16.03.2019 by Michael

75% of B2B and 65% of B2C businesses use Twitter for marketing, and why not? Twitter has emerged as one of the leading social media platforms for engagement. With approximately 528.3 million monthly active users, it is one of the most actively used platforms where one can market their business and reach customers daily. Big and small brands should understand the relevance of reaching out to their customers and interacting with them on a one-to-one basis. Twitter gives its users a general club and bar feel where strangers interact and learn about others, thus making it a perfect platform to market.

Know Your Twitter

Setting up a Twitter account can be done in a jiffy, and understanding it is even more convenient. What you need to set up while creating an account is your Twitter handle, profile picture, username, bio, header image, and pinned tweet, which can be changed accordingly. Apart from all this, Twitter showcases some great features like Twitter likes, which were initially known as favorites, retweets, hashtags, DM’s, @ trends, and bookmarks. However, all this stands on two pillars called tweets and followers. Tweeting regularly and having a good number of followers can decide the success of a Twitter account.

Twitter for Business

Brands need to continuously be active and keep themselves connected with their customers through continuous tweets, pictures, video uploads, polls, gifs, and by hosting live chats. Getting more Twitter likes and retweets and increasing one’s follower base is one of the analytics parameters that one needs to track. One can talk to their customers and know their issues and feedback. One can also create marketing campaigns and be creative to attract more attention. All of this will lead to boosted sales and growth.

Opportunities With Twitter

There are many significant benefits and opportunities one can avail to by using Twitter for business purposes:

  • One can interact and engage with the targeted audience interested in one’s brand and its services.
  • One can reach their customers and fan base almost immediately from anywhere without any delay. This helps in letting their customers know about any kind of service issue, product launches, etc., on an immediate basis.
  • One can respond to customers’ queries and feedback immediately, which will increase customer satisfaction and give the brand a professional look.
  • One can interact with customers to know what their customers want and how one can better their products and services. This gives a customer-oriented look to the brand.
  • One can freely market and provide exposure to one’s brand and boost their business by reaching out to more people and service providers through Twitter.


Ways to Use Twitter Features for Business

There are some fundamental things that one needs to follow to enhance their Twitter account visibility and increase their likes on Twitter. Some of such ways are:

  • Use appropriate hashtags and trending hashtags to attract more users to your tweet.
  • Post pictures, gifs, and videos, along with tweets to give a visual experience.
  • Host regular polls to know what is working and what is not.
  • Communicate directly to your customers and solve their problems through direct messages.
  • Host live-tweeting to attract users to a particular program or event.
  • Host Twitter chats on a specific topic as tagged chats have a good chance of going viral and reaching a broader audience.
  • Advertise on Twitter effectively by using different marketing tools like Twitter amplify, promoted accounts and posts, and mobile app promotion.

What is Liking a Tweet All About?

Recently, Twitter changed their favorite feature to the "like feature," which will account for how users are interacting with tweets.

"Likes" are the purest form of engagement on Twitter, and it tells that someone liked the content posted and can relate to it. This is why many business pages and individuals are keen on how to buy real Twitter likes because they can enhance the tweet’s visibility and give the social media validation that people are accepting it.

People tend to like tweets for various reasons:

  • To show appreciation toward a particular tweet and the tweeter.
  • To bookmark the tweet so that one can see that again from the list of liked tweets.
  • To show support toward a brand.
  • To increase their chances of getting followed by the person whose tweet has been liked.
  • To flag off any future content theft and plagiarism.

Importance of Likes

When promoting a business through a social media account, likes and followers count a lot. That is why you should know about the different ways to get likes on Twitter and other social media platforms provided by websites like SocialWick. The simple explanation is that likes show how effective someone is on the platform, and likes represent that. 

Reasons why likes, followers, and retweets are essential:

  • It shows if a page is popular and gives the validation that what one is doing is working among their followers and users in general.
  • It provides a sense of positivity among marketers that customers are accepting the content and liking it.
  • More likes bring in more likes and followers, and more likes and comments make others also comment and like, which creates more visibility.
  • More likes increase the overall update turnovers, and one can see more liked tweets on their timelines more often.
  • More likes mean more people will rely on the brand as likes and followers is a sign of better customer service and product deliverance.

Hearts have an emotional attachment to people because it shows love and affection, and the same goes with the "like" feature on Twitter. Seeing a heart on one’s tweet means one is being appreciated. This is why it has now become essential for SMB’s to give "likes" the importance they give to the followers and retweets. You can find several authentic and original websites like SocialWick, where one can buy real Twitter likes cheaply.