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3 Instagram marketing secrets you want to copt now

Published on 23.07.2019 by James

Instagram became one of the favorite apps for every influencer. We mean all the people who influence different industries. Yes, Lebron James and Kylie Jenner are both influencers. With 140 million followers, Kylie is shaping the beauty industry while Lebron, with 50 million followers, is changing the world of the NBA. 

Some influence strategy could be copied on your business. It's better to top your industry on Instagram. With our five insider marketing hacks, you can take Instagram marketing on another level.

Always schedule content for Instagram.

Act as Instagram is a new source of attention. Yes, Instagram is one of the biggest social networks so doesn't play with it. Give the same attention to Instagram as you would to other platforms. Scheduling content is crucial - Instagram algorithm keeps a close eye on consistency. If you are not consistent with your content, YOU LOSE. 

Big brands are always against automation of Instagram. It could be a problem because it does not like bots and programs which can automatically run on your PC or server. That's why you need to post everything manual - it's better for everyone: Your business and Instagram itself.

Simple hack: Take an hour every week. For example, on Sunday evening, take one hour and schedule Instagram content strategy for next week. Use Google Spreadsheet as it will make your job easier. Create a simple design and insert schedule info there.

Effective Instagram hashtag strategy

Do you know that hashtags have significant power according to experts of Instagram? It's easy - simple & relevant hashtags could make your posts viral — Vice versa with the irrelevant and unproductive hashtags. 

It's important to have a thorough Instagram hashtag research before you start posting content. 

Expert tip: There are plenty of strategies and still debates going on the best one. It's better to choose relevant hashtags that have a minimum of 10 000 results. So, it's worth going for as 10 000 people know about it. It could be your bare minimum while researching hashtags.

Hashtags are just a simple way to get more attention. It's better to have a ready-made account with lots of followers. Keep in mind that with a few followers on your account, strangers would not trust you. Buy real active Instagram followers to get more exposure from the Instagram algorithm itself. If you buy real active Instagram followers, it could lead to serious interest from strangers. It's simple - people look at engagement and followers number. 

Behind the scenes 

It's essential to post content related to the pre-production of your business services or products. You can even post content on post-production. It's important for followers to see the actual process of your business mechanism. 

Do you want to have authentic and real fans on Instagram? Active users, who are ready to buy your products/services? Then you should show the actual nature of your business. Instagram followers want to see everything - process, reactions, reviews, behind the scenes of a business owner, tips, tricks, etc.