Did you know that SocialWick has been the Market-Leading Social Media Store since 2017?

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SocialWick is a social media marketing leader on the internet today. And because of our status, we want to build a staff of intelligent people to work with us.






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Become a team member of SocialWick

Our current team comprises bright people whose high-quality work output, talent, and insight have transformed our company over the past few years. We hope to recruit more amazing individuals to make sure SocialWick stays at the head of all social media companies. When you work at SocialWick, no two days are alike. Because of the timeless nature of the internet, we work around the clock. Our clients come from all over the world.

Clients first, Profits second

When our clients purchase from us, they know that they’re in good hands. We provide top tier quality customer service to every client, no matter how small or large their orders are. We here at SocialWick don’t think of jobs as just jobs. They are our careers, and the work culture that we have fostered in our company allows people to live their best life and feel valued. Our customer service is one reason we are the leader company in the social media marketing industry. We use rigorous analysis and strict measurements to ensure that our clients receive the type of results that keep them coming back again and again. Plus, our 24/7 email support system shows clients that we always are available for them.

We are a great team of marketers

A job with real results

We’ve all had those types of jobs where we’re not sure if we’re making a difference. Many people fear they will become a pencil pusher somewhere in a department that no one cares about. But, when you work at SocialWick, you can see the changes you make in every order. Social media fuels a large part of the internet, and learning how to influence the medium itself is a fantastic endeavor. We know about social media’s power and its influence over the internet and our regular daily lives. Through us, you can help our clients improve their businesses and become more prevalent in their communities.

The perks of working with SocialWick

If you decide to be our new teammate, you will receive many benefits working for SocialWick. You will be a part of a tightknit team of people that believe in their job and push themselves to the max to ensure quality results. Our pay is excellent and higher than the industry average because we want to attract talented workers. You will also receive guaranteed vacation days and sick pay. When you start working with us, you shall receive the in-depth training required to work at SocialWick. All of the software, tools, and assessments that you need will be provided for you. Proper training is an essential part of your initiation, as it enables you to thrive here. We don’t expect new employees to understand everything before they start on their first day. Plus, the training includes learning our trade secrets to attract and wow clients and keep them coming back.