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SocialWick is the Market Leader since 2017

Fast Delivery

What makes SocialWick so popular among social media influencers is that bit doesn’t take too much time to see the results of our work. We provide you with fast delivery in a real sense of the term. Within minutes from making a purchase, we will start working on delivering your followers, likes, and everything else you need to improve your Instagram profile.

Why SocialWick?

If you decide to trust us, you will become one of more than a million customers who’ve decided to take their social media campaign to a whole new level. Apart from being very effective in our work, we’re also proud to say that we’re among the most affordable social media shops. SocialWick is the market leader and has changed the industry with its low prices and brilliant marketing strategies.

24/7 Customer Support

Putting your trust in SocialWick means putting your Instagram in the hands of true professionals with plenty of experience. Because we’re experts in social media, you can be sure that everything will go according to plan. If a problem occurs, you can always alert our customer support team, which stands at your disposal 24/7, ready to tackle any issue, no matter how difficult it might seem.

High Quality Profiles

One of the main reasons why Instagram influencers choose us over our competitors is our accounts’ quality. The thing is that social media platforms, including Instagram, are good at figuring out the fake accounts. You won’t have such worries if you decide to put your trust in SocialWick. All of the profiles we use have profile pictures, posts, and bio information. Therefore, there is no risk that someone would figure out that you’re using our service.

How SocialWick Works

Another great thing about our social media shop is that it’s easy to use. If you want to buy one of our packages, click on it, type in your email and payment method, and confirm the purchase. Voila, your job is done. Now it’s up to us to start delivering your Instagram followers, likes, and whatnot, which we’ll start doing right away!

Become an Instagram Sensation

It’s not easy to become an Instagram superstar, but it does pay off. Your first step on the road to Instagram fame is getting to your first million followers, after which everything will go smoothly. But, getting there is not easy, especially if you wish to do it on your own. With our help, on the other hand, you can become an Instagram sensation overnight! For example, you could buy real Instagram Followers to boost your organic growth. SocialWick also offers free Instagram likes to test our quality.

Buy Facebook Likes

Real Likes and Views

If you are running a business online or offline, and you don’t have any presence on Facebook, you are losing a lot. Facebook is the largest social media network on the planet. Millions of potential clients in nearly every industry spend several hours every day on the platform. If you are a business owner, therefore, you have every reason to tap into Facebook’s power to grow your venture. It doesn’t matter what you are selling or the services you are offering. You can trust that lots of your potential clients frequent the platform. This is where it becomes relevant to buy Facebook likes and views.

Social Proof

Success in social media platforms such as Facebook is heavily dependent on social proof. Friends of friends feel more comfortable and at ease, if they are reading content or watching a video that some of their friends have already watched. The more likes a post has or the more views a video has, the more credible it will appear before users who are yet to watch them. The more the content is watched, the more it becomes widespread, and if it was for marketing purposes, the more leads or sales it will bring to the company.

Obvious Benefits of Facebook Likes a Video Views

Social proof is just one of the benefits that come with many Facebook likes and video views. It is what is needed to create credibility that the content you are creating is of good value and is worth sharing. However, many other benefits come with Facebook likes and video views, which makes it extremely appealing to buy likes on Facebook. Here is a brief look at some of them:

Likes for newsfeed visibility

Newsfeed visibility is vital when you want to eyes to land on the updates you make on your profile or page. However, if you don’t have any likes, you can rest assured that no one will see your updates. The organic reach on Facebook has significantly gone down over the years. Back in the days, when you made a post, you were confident that those who have liked your page would be certain of seeing the update. However, less than 5% of all the people who have liked your page will see new updates. If you need your newsfeed to reach many people, you must invest in growing your Facebook likes.

Likers have more friends, hence, more exposure

Research has shown that those how like liking other people’s updates have 2.4times the number of friends that average Facebook users have. The same analysis also revealed that those who like liking other people’s updates and pages are 5.3x more likely to click links to external websites than average users. This simply means that those who like liking stuff on the platform are the most engaged. One good thing about Facebook is that it will show to friends of friends what their friends have liked. This usually ends up in some ripple effect where you begin to get likes from friends of your friends or friends of those who have liked your page. Ultimately, the result will be increased exposure that will, in turn, translate to more sales, leads, and brand awareness.

Facebook gives a lot of weight to what your friends like

Facebook’s default algorithm on newsfeed shows only what it thinks will be most interesting to your friends or those who have liked your pages. Various factors will ultimately determine what your friends’ friends will see, including pictures, posts, and pages. For example, if ten of your friends like a particular company’s page, then after that, no one interacts with the page again, likely, you will not see that page again in your newsfeed. However, if all the ten friends liked the page and went ahead to leave a comment on an update made by the page, then there are excellent chances that you will be seeing the page appearing on your newsfeed again.

Likes for Increased Website Traffic

Though the reach through likes has gone down significantly over the past few years, they are still relevant in getting you an exposure, which can always translate to more traffic. With thousands of likes, your organic reach will be outstanding, and these are all clicks you can redirect to your sites where you are selling your products or services. With fewer likes, however, you will have a low reach, but you will also see that your website will not benefit from lots of Facebook traffic.

Likes for enhanced brand image

The social proof of likes is not just telling how much people love your content. It can also be used to gauge the kind of trust that people have on your business brand. Remember, Facebook users still trust numbers, and the many likes your Facebook page has, the more reputable your brand will appear. It is always easier to transact with a business with thousands of page likes or video views than to deal with one with only a couple of hundred views.

Marketing Rewards

If you have been posting content on Facebook, but you don’t seem to attract many video views, you will find it extremely difficult to reap the beautiful marketing rewards from the platform. However, you now don’t have to go it alone because you can use our buy likes on Facebook services to get the social proof needed to get going on the platform. We have worked with businesses across many industries, and we can work with you to help you get good results from Facebook.

Facebook Growth

Secrets to getting likes and views on Facebook

Now that you have a good understanding of why you need Facebook likes and video views, we will now share some of the things you can do on your own to get as many likes as you possibly want. As a leading vendor trusted by thousands of people who want to buy likes on Facebook, we know how to help you get the results you need, and we will be sharing with you some of the things we apply to get results for our clients. Once you are done learning, feel free to go ahead and implement the strategies on your own, or you can choose to work with us so that we can help you get the results. Read below to learn about our best-kept secrets for getting likes.

Create content that can be easily shared

If you are just starting a new page or brand on Facebook, the best way to get going with the getting likes is to create shareable content. Even if you have a small number of followers, if you create engaging content that they then choose to share and the post goes viral, you will attract more eyeballs to your brand and get lots and lots of likes in the process. Therefore, don’t create dull content that no one will be willing to share.

Learn when to post

Don’t just post for the sake of it. Timing and frequency are critical. You should establish consistency when it comes to when you post and how many posts you make. After you have made posts for some time and start getting some engagements, through Facebook analytics, you can tell the days of the week and the times of the day when you get the most engagement. Once you have determined these, you should strive to ensure that you post consistently around those days and times when your audiences are most engaged with you.

Don’t make very long posts

Massive blocks of texts are boring in social media. People visit Facebook to catch up with friends and family and get entertained by the short videos. No one has time to read about your company’s history, so don’t make it boring by including long and unnecessary texts. Keep it short and sweet. Besides, people have very short attention spans on Facebook, and they are likely to scroll past your post if it is long, even though it may be a fascinating read.

Encourage interaction

You will not appear desperate if you ask users on Facebook to like, share, and comment on your post. Increased engagement comes with increased exposure. This is because friends of those who comment, share or like your post will get notification about their friend’s engagement with your content, and from such, there are excellent chances that you will end up with more likes, shares, and comments. This is how posts usually end up going viral in social media. Apart from asking users to share, comment, and like your posts, you can become a little smart and make the post in the form of a question or react to the comments by appreciating feedback and acknowledging different opinions.

Start commenting on other pages

If you want to gain more exposure on your Facebook page, then you need also to start commenting on other relevant pages in your industry. Browse through the pages and find the ones with exciting topics or discussions that you can join in. Be courteous and polite, and don’t spam the comment sections or approach the admins asking them to also comment on your posts because you commented on theirs. That would be a classic sign of desperation.

Share interesting video content

Video sells a lot online, and it can attract a humongous engagement if you know how to use it correctly. In every industry, you will find a myriad of interesting videos you can use to generate a lot of engagements in your posts. Take time and find lots of authentic videos and images you feel are relevant in your industry and schedule them for posting at different times.

Make a statement with your profile picture and cover photo

It is said that businesses have very dull and irrelevant profile pictures and cover photos for their Facebook pages. This is always your first chance to make a good impression when a new user lands on your page. If they are pleased with the profile picture and the cover photo, there will be very high chances that they will like your page, and scroll down to see what else you have. Therefore, don’t be like the rest. Make good use of these two spots to sell your brands and get more likes.

Take advantage of discounts and promotions

One of the reasons people follow brands on Facebook is to know when there are discounts and promotions, and they can use it to get products and services at cheaper rates. You should also take advantage of these established practices to grow your pages by getting more shares and likes. For instance, you can tell people to like your content for a coupon code or inform their friends that you are offering discounts. People will always take every chance they get to acquire items at cheaper rates. This is why it is compelling to provide discounts and promotions in exchange for Facebook likes, comments, and shares.

Run contests

Contests are massive, and they are highly recommended if you want very high engagements on your pages. They come with a promise of getting something for free, and most of the people in social media are very receptive to them. With contests, you don’t have to worry about having a huge budget or getting a costly prize. Whatever you choose as the price, just be sure that it is of reasonable value and something that someone will appreciate having. Don’t give a prize that may appear to be of low cost or insulting to your audiences.

How to by Facebook Likes and Views like A Pro

With the above knowledge, you can grow your Facebook likes and video views to phenomenal numbers. However, most business owners don’t have the time to do all that and instead prefer to buy Facebook page likes and video views. But with millions of fake vendors waiting to profit from the ignorance of unsuspecting buyers, you need to be careful when contemplating securing such services. At SocialWick, we work with hundreds of businesses to grow their social media pages, and we will be delighted to have you on board as one of our clients. We know how to set you up for organic growth to reap the maximum benefits from Facebook. Should you choose to work with others, however, watch out for the following:

Always buy real signals

Facebook is becoming smart with each passing day, and whereas you can manipulate other platforms with fake signals, it is becoming more and more challenging to do so with Facebook. The bots are so smart to know that you are sending fake likes, comments, videos, and shares. This is why every vendor you choose to work with must guarantee real signals. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money while also you risk getting banned from Facebook.

Ask for referrals to past clients

With other social media signals, all you have to do is read reviews by previous clients then determine whether or not you want to proceed with the purchase. However, when you want to buy likes on Facebook, you will have to go the extra mile and ask the vendor for referrals. This is because testimonials can be faked, and it is more reliable to find out what to expect from someone who used the service.

Don’t buy from those who promise instant delivery

Building social proof and credibility in the form of likes, shares, and comments takes time, which we tell all our clients. If a vendor promises to give you page 10,000 likes by tomorrow evening, just know that you are about to be scammed. Once they get your money, they will direct their spambots to your account and send thousands of fake signals. It will be just a matter of time before Facebook catches up with you and bans you from this massive platform.

Compare rates

Take time and compare the prices offered by different vendors. Don’t go with the very first vendor you run into. Research on other sites and compare packages and take note of the ones you think will best suit your business. Again, cheap is always expensive, but be careful to find a good compromise between the price and the expected quality.

Want to buy likes on Facebook? Work with us!

If you are wondering where to buy Facebook likes, we are right here and ready to serve you. Irrespective of your numbers or the industry, we have just the right packages you need. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you get the likes and other social signals you need to establish your brand on Facebook.