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Why Does My Instagram Say Oops An Error Occurred

Published on 05.03.2023 by Maiko Maisadze

Instagram is a social media giant, boasting over a billion active users worldwide. It has become an integral part of our daily lives, with people using it to connect with friends and family, share their photos and videos, and follow their favorite celebrities and brands. However, with such a large user base, it's no wonder that sometimes things can go wrong. One of the most frustrating errors that Instagram users can encounter is the dreaded "Oops, an error occurred!" message.


Let's face it, we've all been there. You're scrolling through your Instagram feed, double-tapping and commenting on your favorite posts, when suddenly, out of nowhere, you get hit with that annoying error message. It's like Instagram is mocking you, taunting you with its playful, yet maddening, error message. But don't fidget just yet. There are ways to overcome this issue and get back to scrolling and posting.


If you are seeing the message "Oops, an error occurred" on Instagram, it usually means that there is a problem with the app or with your internet connection. 


Here are some possible reasons why this error message might be appearing:

  • Instagram is experiencing a temporary outage or issue: Instagram occasionally experiences temporary outages or issues that can cause error messages to appear. This is usually resolved quickly and you can try checking again later.


  • Poor internet connection: If your internet connection is weak or slow, it can cause Instagram to load slowly or not at all, resulting in error messages. Try connecting to a stronger Wi-Fi network or cellular data connection and see if that resolves the issue.


  • Outdated app: If you are using an outdated version of the Instagram app, it may not be able to connect to the server and you may see an error message. Try updating the app to the latest version from the app store.


  • Account-related issues: If there is a problem with your Instagram account, such as a ban or suspension, you may see an error message when you try to access the app. In this case, you may need to contact Instagram support to resolve the issue.

Some Other Possible Causes of the Oops Error Message 

It's important to remember what Instagram rules to keep in mind while using the platform. The platform has rules and guidelines that must be followed. These rules are in place to ensure that the community remains safe, respectful, and enjoyable for everyone.


  • One of the most important rules on Instagram is to not post inappropriate content. This includes content that is violent, graphic, or sexually explicit. It is also important to remember that hate speech, bullying, and harassment are not tolerated on the platform.
  • Instagram also prohibits spamming other users, which includes sending unsolicited messages or comments, and using bots or automation to artificially increase your engagement or followers. Additionally, users are not allowed to buy or sell accounts or use fake engagement tactics.


In addition to these rules, Instagram also has strict guidelines around intellectual property and copyright. Users must not post content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others, including images or videos that they do not have the rights to use.


It is important to note that breaking any of these rules can result in your account being suspended or permanently deleted. It is crucial to be aware of these rules and to ensure that you are using the platform in a responsible and respectful way.


To avoid breaking these rules, always make sure to read and understand Instagram's terms of service and community guidelines before creating an account. You can also stay up-to-date with any changes or updates to these rules by regularly checking Instagram's official blog or social media channels.


By following these rules, you can reduce the likelihood of encountering an error on Instagram and ensure that your account remains in good standing.

To Avoid The Error Message, Learn How To Use Instagram 

It's essential to know how to use Instagram effectively. To use Instagram effectively, it is important to have a clear strategy and understanding of the platform's features and audience. Here are some tips on how to use Instagram effectively:


  • Define your brand: Whether you are an individual or a business, it is important to have a clear understanding of your brand and the message you want to convey on Instagram. This will help you to create engaging content and attract the right audience.
  • Create high-quality content: Instagram is a visual platform, and the quality of your content plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining followers. Make sure your photos and videos are high-quality, and use editing tools to enhance your content.
  • Use hashtags: Hashtags are an important tool on Instagram for reaching a wider audience. Use relevant and popular hashtags in your posts to increase visibility and attract new followers.
  • Post consistently: Consistency is key on Instagram. Make sure you are posting content regularly and at the right times to maximize engagement.
  • Engage with your audience: Interacting with your followers is important for building a loyal community. Respond to comments, like and comment on other users' posts, and use Instagram's features such as polls and questions to engage with your audience.
  • Collaborate with other users: Collaborating with other users on Instagram can be a great way to reach a new audience and create engaging content. Look for opportunities to collaborate with other users in your niche or industry.
  • Use Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories are a popular feature on the platform and can be a great way to connect with your audience in a more casual and authentic way. Use Stories to showcase behind-the-scenes content, share user-generated content, and promote your brand.


Using Instagram in the right way can help increase your followers, boost your engagement, and minimize the risk of encountering errors.


Of course, despite your best efforts, errors can still occur on Instagram. What kind of errors can you make on Instagram? Well, the possibilities are endless. You might accidentally delete a post, get locked out of your account, or encounter technical glitches that prevent you from uploading photos or videos. But there are ways to overcome these issues.


If you do encounter an error on Instagram, the first thing to do is to remain calm. Panicking or getting frustrated will only make the situation worse. Instead, take a deep breath, step back, and assess the situation. Try logging out of your account and logging back in, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. These simple steps can often resolve the issue and get you back to using Instagram as normal.


If these basic troubleshooting steps don't work, you can try contacting Instagram support for help. They have a team of experts who can assist you with any technical issues you're experiencing.


Here's what you need to know about contacting Instagram support:


  • Instagram Help Center: Before contacting support, it's a good idea to check Instagram's Help Center first. This resource contains a wealth of information on common issues and questions, and may have the answer you're looking for.


  • In-app support: Instagram also offers in-app support, which can be accessed through the app's settings. From there, you can report a problem or submit a request for support.


  • Contact form: If you can't find a solution through the Help Center or in-app support, you can submit a request for support using Instagram's contact form. This form allows you to provide details about your issue and attach screenshots if necessary.


  • Social media: Instagram also has official social media accounts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, which can be used to contact their support team. However, it's important to note that response times may vary and it's not the most efficient way to get help.


  • Appeal a decision: If you've had your account suspended or disabled, you can submit an appeal through Instagram's Help Center. Be sure to follow the guidelines and provide as much information as possible to support your appeal.


Always keep in mind that Instagram's support team may not be able to provide an immediate solution to your issue. Response times may vary, and some issues may require further investigation or follow-up.


In order to get the most efficient support, it's important to provide as much information as possible about your issue, including any error messages or screenshots. It's also a good idea to be patient and follow up if you haven't received a response after a few days.


Also, there are many online forums and communities where you can ask for advice from other Instagram users who may have encountered similar issues.


Here are some popular online forums where you can ask for advice:


  • Reddit: Reddit is a popular online forum with a wide range of subreddits dedicated to different topics, including social media. There are many subreddits where you can ask for advice on using Instagram, including r/Instagram and r/SocialMediaMarketing.
  • Facebook Groups: Facebook groups can be a great resource for finding advice and connecting with other users who share your interests. There are many groups dedicated to social media and Instagram, where you can ask for help and advice from other users.
  • Quora: Quora is a question-and-answer platform where you can ask for advice and get answers from other users. There are many topics related to Instagram and social media, where you can ask for advice and get help from other users.
  • Twitter: Twitter can also be a useful resource for finding advice on using Instagram. You can search for hashtags related to Instagram and social media, and connect with other users who share your interests.
  • Online courses and tutorials: If you're looking to improve your skills and knowledge of Instagram, there are many online courses and tutorials available. Platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera offer courses on social media marketing, Instagram, and other related topics.


In conclusion, encountering errors on Instagram can be frustrating, but it's not the end of the world. By following Instagram's rules, using the platform effectively, and knowing how to overcome errors, you can minimize the risk of encountering issues and enjoy the many benefits that Instagram has to offer. The next time you see that dreaded "Oops, an error occurred!" message, take a deep breath, stay calm, and remember what we've taught you on what to do when Instagram says "Oops, an error occurred.

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Why My Instagram Likes Were Gone

Published on 05.03.2023 by Maiko Maisadze

Have you ever checked your Instagram profile and noticed that your likes suddenly disappeared? Don't worry; you're not alone. Instagram, the popular social media platform, has made several changes to its algorithm that can impact how likes appear on your profile. In this blog post, we will dive into why your Instagram likes were gone and what you can do to fix it.


Firstly, it's necessary that you know that Instagram started hiding likes in 2019 in several countries, including Canada, Australia, and Japan to reduce social pressure on users. The social media giant had concerns about how likes affected mental health, and hiding them seemed like a viable solution. But, as expected, it wasn't long before Instagram rolled out the change worldwide. This change affected how users viewed their likes, with some losing them altogether. The company also hopes to promote a more authentic and genuine experience on the platform, where users feel free to express themselves without fear of judgment. Instagram's decision to hide likes is part of a broader effort to make social media a more positive and less stressful experience for users.

Why Did Your Instagram Likes Disappear?

One possible reason could be the platform's algorithm. Instagram's algorithm is continually changing, and sometimes, it doesn't always show the exact number of likes you have. If your likes are entirely gone, then it could be due to a glitch in the system, which is usually temporary. You can try refreshing your profile or logging out and logging back in to see if the likes reappear. If that doesn't work, you can also try clearing your cache and cookies or updating your app.


If you're still having trouble getting your likes back, don't fret. There are several ways to regain lost Instagram likes. One way is to engage more with your followers by commenting and liking their posts. This will help to increase your visibility on the platform and encourage others to interact with your content. You can also try using relevant hashtags, posting high-quality photos, and sharing videos that resonate with your audience.


While it's essential to regain lost Instagram likes, it's equally important to take precautions to prevent losing them in the future. One way to do this is by avoiding buying likes from untrustworthy sources. Purchasing likes may seem like a quick and easy solution, but it can harm your account's credibility in the long run. It's also crucial to post regularly and consistently, as this helps to maintain your audience's interest in your content.

Aside from avoiding buying likes, there are several other precautions you can take to avoid losing your Instagram likes. Here are some additional tips:


  • Use relevant hashtags: Using relevant hashtags can help your posts reach a broader audience and increase your visibility on the platform. However, make sure to use only relevant hashtags that are related to your content. Using too many irrelevant hashtags can come across as spammy and might turn off your followers.


  • Post consistently: Posting consistently is crucial to maintaining your audience's interest in your content. Try to establish a posting schedule that works for you and stick to it. Consistency will help your followers know when to expect new content from you and keep them engaged with your account.


  • Engage with your followers: Engaging with your followers can help you build a community around your account and increase your reach on the platform. Responding to comments, liking and commenting on other users' posts, and hosting Q&A sessions are all great ways to engage with your followers and build a loyal audience.


  • Share high-quality content: Sharing high-quality photos and videos can help your posts stand out on the platform and attract more likes and engagement. Make sure to invest in a good camera or smartphone and spend time editing your photos and videos before posting them.


  • Stay up-to-date with Instagram's algorithm: Instagram's algorithm is constantly changing, so it's essential to stay up-to-date with the latest updates and best practices. Following Instagram's official blog and social media accounts or subscribing to industry newsletters can help you stay informed about the latest changes and trends on the platform.

How Can You Gain More Instagram Likes Quickly?

Well, there are several ways to do this. 


  1. Firstly, you can collaborate with other users or influencers in your niche. This can help to increase your reach and expose you to a new audience. 


Collaborating with other users or influencers in your niche is a great way to increase your reach on Instagram and attract more likes and engagement. By teaming up with other users, you can tap into their audience and reach new followers who might be interested in your content. 


Here are some tips for collaborating with other users or influencers on Instagram:


  • Find users or influencers in your niche: Look for other users or influencers who share similar interests or content as you. You can use Instagram's search function or explore page to find users in your niche, or you can use third-party tools like HypeAuditor or Social Blade to find influencers in your industry.
  • Reach out to potential collaborators: Once you've identified potential collaborators, reach out to them via direct message or email. Introduce yourself, explain your proposal, and ask if they're interested in collaborating with you. Make sure to personalize your message and highlight what you can offer in return.
  • Plan your collaboration: Once you've found a collaborator, plan your collaboration together. Brainstorm ideas for content, decide on the scope and duration of the collaboration, and establish guidelines for how you'll work together. Make sure to communicate clearly and agree on expectations upfront.
  • Promote each other's content: To make the most of your collaboration, make sure to promote each other's content on your respective accounts. Share each other's posts, tag each other in your stories, and cross-promote your content to your followers. By promoting each other's content, you can increase your reach and attract more likes and engagement.


  1. You can also try running contests or giveaways to incentivize users to engage with your content.


Running contests or giveaways is a popular strategy for incentivizing users to engage with your content on Instagram. By offering prizes or incentives, you can encourage your followers to like, comment, and share your content, which can increase your reach and attract more followers. Here are some tips for running successful contests or giveaways on Instagram:


  • Choose a relevant prize: Choose a prize that's relevant to your niche and audience. Make sure it's something that your followers will be excited about and that aligns with your brand values.
  • Decide on the rules: Decide on the rules for your contest or giveaway, including how users can enter, what they need to do to participate, and when the contest or giveaway will end. Make sure the rules are clear and easy to understand.
  • Promote your contest or giveaway: Promote your contest or giveaway on Instagram, as well as on other social media platforms and your website. Use eye-catching graphics and captions to grab users' attention and encourage them to participate.
  • Encourage user-generated content: Encourage users to create and share their own content related to your contest or giveaway, such as photos or videos of themselves using your product or service. User-generated content can help increase your reach and attract more engagement.
  • Announce the winner: Once your contest or giveaway is over, announce the winner on Instagram and thank all participants for their participation. Make sure to follow through on your promise of a prize or incentive to the winner.


  1. Using Instagram's advertising features can help to increase your visibility on the platform and reach a broader audience.


Instagram's advertising features can be a powerful tool for businesses and brands looking to increase their reach, attract more followers, and drive sales. 


Here are some tips for using Instagram's advertising features effectively:

  • Define your goals: Before you start advertising on Instagram, define your goals and objectives. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, attract more followers, or drive sales? By defining your goals, you can create targeted ads that are designed to achieve your specific objectives.
  • Choose your audience: Instagram's advertising features allow you to target specific audiences based on factors like age, gender, interests, and location. Choose an audience that's relevant to your brand and that's likely to be interested in your products or services.
  • Create engaging content: To create effective Instagram ads, you need to create content that's engaging and visually appealing. Use high-quality images or videos, and write captions that are short, snappy, and attention-grabbing. Make sure your content is aligned with your brand voice and values.
  • Test and refine your ads: Instagram's advertising features allow you to test different ad formats, targeting options, and content to see what works best. Use A/B testing to compare different versions of your ads, and refine your ads based on the results.
  • Monitors your results: Monitor your ad performance regularly to see how your ads are performing and to identify areas for improvement. Use Instagram's analytics tools to track metrics like impressions, engagement, and conversions, and adjust your ads accordingly.
  • Instagram's advertising features can be a powerful tool for businesses and brands looking to increase their reach and attract more followers. By defining your goals, choosing your audience.


Ultimately, staying on top on Instagram requires consistency, creativity, and patience. You need to continually adapt to changes in the algorithm and engage with your audience to keep them interested in your content. Consistency is key, so try to post regularly and use high-quality photos and videos all the time. Don't forget to use relevant hashtags and interact with your followers to increase your visibility on the platform.


In conclusion, losing Instagram likes can be frustrating, but it's not the end of the world. You can regain lost likes by engaging with your audience, using relevant hashtags, and posting high-quality content. It's also essential to take precautions to avoid losing likes in the future such as avoiding buying likes and posting regularly. Don't forget that gaining more likes quickly requires creativity, patience, and a willingness to adapt to changes on the platform. Keep posting, engage with your followers, and have fun with it.

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Best Time to Post on Instagram 2023

Published on 02.03.2023 by Maiko Maisadze

Image source: Forbes

Do you ever wonder if you can find the best time to post on Instagram? Yes, but it is preferable to test and collect your own data rather than following a template. If you're new to Instagram marketing, the regular time scale can be a good place to start before determining your own personal best time to post. There is a good chance that these set times will work wonders for your brand.

According to the most prevalent data collected from various brands, it is appropriate to post on weekdays during, before, and after work hours (6 am–9 am, 5 pm–6 pm), as people tend to view their Instagram feeds while commuting to work in the early morning or after work time while returning home. People are more likely to check their Instagram during the middle of the day, so posting during lunchtime could be a good idea.


How Do You Determine the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

Here are some important factors to consider when determining the best time to post on your social profiles to get the most social shares, page views, and comments. Let's get started.


Your Social Media Posting Objective

There isn't a specific ideal time to post an Instagram story if you're considering doing so without a plan. If you have a business and want your followers to see your story and visit your Instagram business page, there is a specific time to post.

Your publishing schedule should reflect your ultimate goals. Your posting objectives may include increasing the number of page views, increasing brand awareness, increasing the number of followers, selling your products or services, or increasing engagement in the comment sections.


Plan out your Instagram posts

Plan out your Instagram posts. You can post a variety of content at various times. You can also plan multiple reels and stories for the day to increase your reach.

Which of your previous posts received the most views? When did you share them? And how do these posts differ from those that receive likes? What do the statistics say about your most compelling content?

Each brand has a unique sweet spot for posting on Instagram. This is so because each social media brand targets a different audience with different behavior patterns.

Because the Instagram algorithm prioritizes frequency and recency, it is critical to post when your followers are online. This means that, assuming everything else is equal, a newer post will appear higher on the newsfeed than an older one.


Instagram users are most likely to interact with content during work hours, in the middle of the day, and on weekdays. That makes sense—it's a great time to disconnect from work or school and spend time on social media.

Weekends are the least preferred days for posting on Instagram. The vast majority of your audience is usually away, preoccupied with their personal affairs.

Weekends are typically the worst days to post and receive little engagement. We suspect this is due to people being out and about in the real world rather than scrolling through Instagram.

Best times to post on each day of the week (as measured in US Pacific Time)


The Days of the Week

Monday, 12:00 p.m.

Tuesday, 9:00 a.m.

Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.

Thursday at 11:00 a.m.

Friday, 2:00 p.m.

Saturday, 9:00 a.m.

Sunday, 7:00 p.m.


On Monday, the best time to post on Instagram is early in the morning or around noon. Users typically begin their week with a bang at work. By lunchtime, they might want to take a break by scrolling through their Instagram feeds.

On Tuesday, the best time to post on Instagram is between 8 and 10 a.m.

Engagement is also high in the morning. The best time to post on Instagram on Wednesday is 11:00 a.m. to get the most overall engagement.

On Thursday, 12:00 p.m. is the best time to post on Instagram. On any weekday, the 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. time span is ideal for high engagement.

On Friday, 2:00 PM is the best time to post on Instagram. From 7 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Friday, engagement is constant throughout the morning and lunchtime.

On Saturday, 9:00 a.m. is the best time to post on Instagram before people begin their offline weekend plans!

On Sunday, the best time to post on Instagram is 7:00 p.m., which is usually throughout the afternoon and evening.


If you're new to Instagram and don't have a lot of previous data or audience insights to work with, try posting during these peak times. As your account grows, you can adjust your posting schedule to match the activity patterns of your target audience.

Depending on your goals, your approach to scheduling Instagram posts may differ. First, consider the type of performance you want to achieve: brand awareness or engagement. Which of your posts received the most views? When did you share them? And how do these posts differ from those that receive likes? What do the statistics say about your most compelling content?

Your Instagram insights and analytics are your most reliable source of information here. However, not all analytics tools are created equal. Based on your past performance, you can determine the best times and days of the week to post to Instagram. Examine your social media posts from the previous 30 days and compute the average impressions or engagement rate per day and hour. Then, based on your performance objectives, you can choose the best time slots to post on your Instagram account.


Hourly analytics for online followers

Examine when your target audience is most active online. Examine your analytics to see when your followers are scrolling through their feed. You must be acquainted with your target audiences. If you're targeting entertainment or sports fans on Instagram, their social media usage may differ significantly from that of businesses or tech executives who wake up early in the morning. This analysis allows you to test different strategies by targeting specific time slots when your Instagram followers are online.


Consider when your competitors are posting.

Your competitors may be performing some of the same calculations and experiments that you are. Investigate the time slot that your competitors desire. Make a note to publish during times when your audience is online and your competitors are mostly not posting to increase your visibility. Consider the following key actions: Create, plan, publish, and engage. analyze and expand.

Schedule posts that will always pique your audience's interest. To meet your online goals while not boring your audience, make sure you post the best content at the right times. You can automate your posts so that content is distributed even when no one is available to post it.


Maintain and adjust

Taking the time to review the numbers is one of the simplest ways to increase your reach.

The world changes, and so do audience habits. Make a calendar reminder to review your results and make adjustments on a regular basis.


Show up on a consistent basis over time.

To reap the full benefits of all this knowledge about your target audience, you must be systematic in your posting. Certainly, if you post a few hours earlier than usual every now and then, you might not notice a startling increase. The timing of your Instagram posts, on the other hand, does matter, and consistent scheduling will move the needle over time.

When your audience becomes accustomed to seeing your brand appear on their feed, they enjoy and engage with your content. Maintaining your presence on Instagram promotes the development of credibility, trust, and deeper connections with your audience.


The Days of the week

The audience's use of social media is influenced by the days of the week. You might want to target B2B customers during workdays and work hours, while B2C customers should be targeted during weekends, breaks, and off-work hours.


Time Zone 

If you have a global audience, are based outside of the "usual" time zones, or are not covered within your time boundaries, your posting schedule should align with your audience's time zone and routine of using social media. Instead of setting cruel alarms, consider automating your Instagram posts. An Instagram scheduler can assist you in ensuring that your posts are published at the appropriate time every day.


Test and improve

Every industry's audience is unique. In order to achieve their goals, different industry audiences might want to be active on social media at different times. As a result, you must conduct A/B testing with your post times and evaluate the results over a specific duration to see which times work best for the highest engagements from your desired audience.




You can now extend your reach on the Instagram posts you have created. Use the above methodology and time scale to determine the best time to post on Instagram. You won't see numbers skyrocket on the first day, but with consistent effort, you will. It will help you engage with your audience more effectively and get you in front of more promising prospects faster. But keep in mind that knowing and implementing the best time to post can always get you in your audience's feeds. Keep in mind the key actions: create, schedule, publish, engage, analyze, and scale up your Instagram posts.

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How Do You Get Coins On TikTok

Published on 02.03.2023 by Maiko Maisadze



You must have seen people gifting coins to others and you have asked how do you get coins on TikTok? Well, this post was written to address your question. After reading it, you would have understood everything you need to know about TikTok Coins and they are earned.


TikTok coins are used to reward you when you live stream on TikTok. These coins are bought by users and then converted to diamonds or gifts then used same to support a live streamer. You can get TikTok Coins through two methods which include purchasing them within the app using real money or earning them. You can earn them by participating in promotional activities, receiving gifts from others or some other methods which we shall look into soon. 


When you receive gifts, you can convert them into coins and withdraw the money to your account. However, the primary way to get TikTok Coins is by purchasing them within the app. It's important to note that TikTok Coins are not transferable between accounts, and they have no cash value outside of the TikTok platform.


What are TikTok Coins?


TikTok Coins are a virtual currency used on the TikTok platform. They can be purchased with real money and are used to buy virtual gifts that can be sent to other users as a way of showing appreciation for their content. 


TikTok Coins are part of the monetization system on the platform. It allows users to support their favorite content creators and for those creators to earn money for their content. TikTok takes a percentage of the revenue generated by the gifts, with the rest going to the content creator.


What are TikTok Coins used for?


TikTok Coins are used to buy virtual gifts that can be sent to other TikTok users as a way of showing appreciation for their content. The virtual gifts include animations and graphics that can be used to highlight a user's comment, message or live-stream.


When a user sends a gift, the recipient receives the virtual gift and can convert it into real money. The value of the gift varies depending on the number of coins spent on it, with more expensive gifts offering a greater reward for the user receiving them.


TikTok Coins are part of the platform's monetization system, allowing users to support their favorite content creators and for those creators to earn money for their content. TikTok takes a percentage of the revenue generated by the gifts, with the rest going to the content creator.


In addition to buying gifts, TikTok Coins can also be used to purchase in-app items, such as filters and effects, which can be used to enhance a user's videos. However, the primary use of TikTok Coins is to send virtual gifts to other users.


Also, if you have a post that you want to go wide, you can promote the post using TikTok coins. If you also want to boost your video to go across a large audience, you can use the TikTok Promote feature. The feature cost varies depending on the amount based on the time your post should run and the target audience (the number of views).


If you are a creator using TikTok to advertise or generate revenue, the TikTok Promote feature is a valuable tool.


How to buy TikTok Coins


Let us first go through how to buy coins the normal way. Here is how:


  1. Launch TikTok and log into your account. Navigate to the profile by tapping the “Me” icon in the bottom right corner


  1. Tap the three dots in the top right corner to open the settings menu.


  1. Select “Balance” to access the TikTok Coin purchase screen where you will see your current coin balance


  1. Tap on the amount before your preferred coins to recharge. Note that there are different coin lists and associated amounts before them.


  1. After selecting the amount you want, tap on it to purchase, then confirm the purchase on your mobile device.


Let us now consider the different types of amounts on various coins you can buy. There are seven coins as follows:


  • 65 coins are worth $0.99
  • 330 coins are worth $4.99
  • 660 coins are worth $9.99
  • 1321 coins are worth $19.99
  • 3303 coins are worth $49.99
  • 6607 coins are worth $99.99
  • 16500 coins are worth $249.99


TikTok has a reward system in place that is meant to encourage users to buy coins. For instance, as a first-timer, while watching TikTok Live content, you get a Welcome Pack. The pack is worth $0.99 which includes 65 coins plus 45 extra and an 80% discount on a unique gift, and a badge that appears next to your TikTok name for 24 hours. You can purchase coins using different pay channels including PayPal, Credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay.


How to Get TikTok Coins for Free


Getting free TikTok coins for free using the methods below can be exciting, however, kindly be aware that none of the methods discussed below is a guaranteed surefire method. The most guaranteed way to get TikTok coins is to purchase them with your money. So you know, TikTok relies on coins to generate revenue, hence giving them away for nothing is an uncommon event.


However, according to some users, TikTok rewarded them through some of the ways mentioned below. We, therefore, reiterate that the outcome is not guaranteed. The methods include:


  1. Get TikTok Gifts: The first and simplest way to get TikTok coins is to receive them as gifts. Users do appreciate content makers for their efforts by sending them TikTok gifts. Different gifts are worth different coins, for example, a Rose represents 1 coin whereas a Hat and moustache represent 99 coins. 



If you need such gifts or rewards, invest your time and create contents that would motivate followers to send you coins. However, do not be discouraged if you did not get anything or got a paltry coin for a video that took you hours to make. Remember, none of the methods is guaranteed.


  1. Participate In TikTok Challenge: Participating in TikTok Challenges is another way of getting gifts from others. If your TikTok challenge videos are funny enough or greatly interpret the challenge, TikTokers might send you tips in the form of TikTok coins. Dare to take challenges and see how far you will go in getting rewarded for your efforts and creativity.


Challenges come on a routine basis. You can respond to the latest trends on TikTok that many users have jumped on. Examples of challenges in the past include the dangerous Blackout Challenge, the delectable Don’t Rush Challenge, the ill-fated Milk Crate Challenge, the sensual Silhouette Challenge and so on.


If you need to embark on any challenge, you can choose these trending ones via TikTok and try your hands on them.


  1. Grow Your TikTok Followers: One simple way to get more views for your TikTok videos is to have more followers. The more your followers, the more people see your Live videos. Recall that TikTok coins are meant to support users, hence if more people see your Live videos, the possibility of getting support becomes high. Also, when your followers are much the little coins each gives becomes a huge stack based on the Law of Large number used in Insurance. The Law of Large Number means, a little sum of money a large group of people bring grows into a huge amount of money to pay claims.


Growing your TikTok followers can be a challenging task, but several strategies can help you increase your visibility on the platform and attract more followers. Here are some tips to help you grow your TikTok followers:


  • Consistently post high-quality content.
  • Use relevant hashtags.
  • Participate in trends and challenges.
  • Collaborate with other TikTok users.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Promote your TikTok profile on other social media platforms.
  • Use TikTok ads.


Remember that building a following on TikTok takes time and dedication. Stay consistent, be patient, and keep experimenting with new content and strategies to see what works best for you.


  1. TikTok Coin Hacks: Before we proceed to this next step, we must warn you regarding the next method. You shouldn't engage in this method because it might result in you getting banned. This method is not official, hence TikTok frowns at it, so proceed with caution.


There are some Third-Party Apps on mostly Android platforms that allows you to hack TikTok and produce coins for free. TikTok has taken the bull by the horn to start a crackdown on the tools. Many people have received temporary bans from TikTok or permanent ones.


Now, recall that coins are in-app currencies, hence using these tools is theft or fraud. There are different types of these apps, and one of them is TikTok Coin Adder. All that is required is to enter your username, select the coins you wish to add, and then follow the on-screen instructions. You will be instructed to download apps and create an account on both after which you’ll get TikTok coins as a reward.


There are others but most of them will request you give your username and password which is a clear phishing attempt. However, we advise you to proceed with caution when it comes to using Third-Party coin generators.




As you have seen, the surefire method for receiving coins is to legally purchase them. You can buy as much as you can based on your budget of course. Moreover, another cool method to get coins is to participate in activities and allow users to reward you. Mind you, the coins might not readily come when you start but do not be discouraged. Slowly but surely they will come, just focus on having fun using TikTok and the reward will follow sooner than later.

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Published on 22.02.2023 by Maiko Maisadze

Source: Quantum marketer


Instagram has always been committed to its mission to uplift the creators' economy to new heights. This has been a continuum year by year with evident improvements in their deliveries. In order to support influencers and creators, Instagram improved the creator marketplace functionality and introduced other valuable features. Some of these are subscriptions, a creator's portfolio, support badges, achievements, and reel bonuses. In this article, we will be taking a deep dive into Instagram statistics for 2023. 


We will take a closer look at the user statistics, demographics statistics, ad statistics, Instagram engagements, stories statistics, reel’s statistics, marketing and business statistics. Instagram continues to add value to its users with every update that is rolled out on the application. So instead of changing platform updates on Meta, equip yourself with raw data that shows exactly what Instagram is right now. You will also gain insight on how it is likely to change in coming years. 

Source: Earthweb


User statistics 

There are more than 2 billion active users on the application. About 1.4 million users use the application daily. According to the latest Meta earnings call, more than 2 billion people now use the platform on a monthly basis. This is quite impressive in relation to the constant competition Instagram faces from other social platforms. Let us look at the demographics that make up the wide range of users on Instagram. 


Demographics Statistics 


Male and female are currently the only gender options that are available for Meta reporting. The platform has a slightly higher number of male users compared to females. Instagram's audience is 52.2% male and 47.8% female. This is different from previous years, when the audience was a little bit more dominated by females. 

About 9.5% of Instagram users may be bots. This is 95 million of the user population. This on the average will cost marketers $1.3 billion. 


Of the 4.48 billion internet users worldwide, approximately 30.94% regularly use Instagram. 21% of Instagram users log in weekly, while 16% log in less often than that. 

Age Range

Instagram users between the ages of 16 and 24 prefer Instagram to all other social platforms. If that’s an age group you’d like to reach, then Instagram is the place you want to be. 

Women between the ages of 25-34 also prefer to use Instagram, although men in this age range prefer Facebook 

Pew Research also found that almost half of Americans aged 18 and older make use of the platform.

Gen Z: 61% of people between the ages of 12-17 use Instagram weekly. This is an increase of 4% from last year's statistics. This clearly shows that social media is shifting in this demographic. In summary, Instagram users are under 34 years of age. 


 India ranks for the highest location of most Instagram users in the world with 249 million population. This number is followed by the 147 million users who log in from the United States. Brazil comes in third place with 117 million, followed by Indonesia and Turkey. This information will help you know how to define your target audience on Instagram. 


Usage statistics 

Instagram is used by 25.31% of the world’s population. Instagram has experienced growing usage in the platform over the years with an annual increase of 5.79% from 2021. On the average usage time spent on the application, Instagram ranks fifth amongst all social platforms. YouTube ranks the highest under this. Instagram Users spend an average of 11.7 hours on the application in a month. If you do the divisions, that is almost half a day users spend on the platform consuming content. 


In 2022, Instagram ranked higher than TikTok in terms of stage time spent on the platform. However, e-marketers project that by 2024, they will be tied. 

Image Source: e marketer


Story Statistics 


The Instagram story fervor is still going strong, with 70% of Instagram users watching them on a daily basis, so now is a good time to start using Instagram stories in your marketing plan, if you haven’t already done so. 4% of Instagram users post stories daily. 


The daily active users on Instagram stories are 500 million. The potential audience that can view ads on Instagram stories is 996 million. To better explain this, you have the potential of reaching 1.32 billion users on your main feed. However, this does not necessarily mean that the main feed is better for placing ads. You just need to know where your audience spends most of their time. 


To get a good idea of which of these gets more attention from your audience, you can simply check your Instagram analytics. It will provide you with useful data to know the best place to leverage on on the platform. 


Brand Stories: 

Brands on average post 17 stories per month. This should encourage you to cut yourself some slack. Statistics show that even the most active brands do not post stories every other day. As a social media manager, learn from this and do not overwork yourself. 

Source: TechCrunch 


Reels Statistics 


The potential audience that views Instagram reels is 758.5 million users. As mentioned earlier, feed ads have the potential to reach up to 1.32 billion people and stories can reach up to 996 million people. It is expected for this to change in the coming years as reels are becoming more mainstream. These statistics show that reels have an average reach engagement rate of 1.95%. In total, 71.9% of the content on Instagram is photo posts. 



On average, people reshare videos 1 billion times a day through direct messages. Reels have been established as the best way to put your brand in front of people who do not already follow your account. This is important to note because this is another way through which you can expand your reach. If you haven’t started using reels to your advantage, now is the time to do so. 

Source: Waffle bytes


Average usage time: 

People scroll around watching reels most of the time they are on the platform.Reels take up to 30% of the total time users spend on Instagram. Based on statistics, this number is going up faster than expected. Therefore, if you do not already have a strategy in place for Instagram reels, then make 2023 your year to break into this fast-growing social scene. 


One way you can use these statistics to your advantage is to keep important story content in your highlights. By doing so, every time a new user visits your Instagram profile, they can check out relevant stories from the highlights. 


Business Statistics 

Instagram is ranked as the No. 1 social media platform for people to connect with brands. So if you are wondering if Instagram is even worth a shot for your business, Then the answer is an enormous yes! Instagram has created ways for business owners to expand their businesses online. You can create shippable feeds and also tag products on reels, stories, and posts. 


As a business owner, you can even optimize your bio with crisp descriptions. You can include a link to your business page and direct more people to your website. More than 25 million businesses use Instagram to advertise their products and services. 90% of accounts follow at least one business profile on Instagram. Monthly, over 150 million people use Instagram to relate directly with businesses. 36% of businesses use stories to promote their products. 


81% of Instagram users use the application to research new products and services. 98% of fashion brands make use of Instagram. 93% of marketers have used Instagram to gain more customers. 74% of marketers want to reach new customers, 69% want to improve brand awareness, and 46% want to host sales. A survey shows that 62% of users say they are more interested in a brand when they see it in their stories. 


Instagram engagement 

Engagement rates on Instagram are at a high level thanks to the power of reels. Instagram has moved from being a photo-only sharing app to a video-sharing platform. This made Instagram emphasize the use of both long-form and short-form video content. 


Statistics show the importance of using real faces in creating video content for promotion to generate high engagement. Since the introduction of video content on the platforms, Instagram has seen an 80% increase in the time users spend on the platform. 


Still on the emphasis on using real faces, statistics show that they perform almost 40% better than those without faces. The average engagement rate for photo posts is 0.81%, video post is 0.61% while carousel posts are 1.08%. Short-form video content (reels) has 22% more interaction on the platform than long-form video content. A total of 2 billion people interact with reels every month. 


The highest Instagram reels engagement rates are gotten by accounts with less than 5,000 followers, reaching up to 3.79% on average. Business accounts with less than 10,000 followers have a 1.11% engagement rate on average. Business accounts with followers ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 have an engagement rate of 0.93%. 


Likes & Hashtags

A total of 1.2 billion likes are received on Instagram every day. Users like 4.2 billion posts on Instagram on a daily basis. Longer captions get better engagement than shorter ones. Tagging a location in your posts also gets 79% more engagement than those without tags. 

Ad statistics 

Marketers sometimes rely on ads to reach a wider audience. They do this to outdo other business owners on the platform. Instagram provides you with a wide range of advertising features that help promote your business in a non-intrusive way. Your ads can be targeted at different demographics. However, before you start using ads, consider pitching your best-performing posts. 


Instagram ads have the potential to reach 849.3 million users on the platform. Marketers spend 69% of their budget on influencer marketing on Instagram. The revenue from Instagram stories ads is predicted to increase to $20.03 billion in 2023.


Here are up-to-date Instagram statistics for the year 2023. Use them to plan your posts, schedule your calendars, improve your business, and get the desired outcome from the platform. 

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