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How to grow TikTok account for business

Published on 14.10.2021

TikTok became a big hit back in 2020. Yes, TikTok was an excellent application, and primarily teenagers were using it. The straightforward interface and instant gratification is something that makes TikTok stand out from other entertainment apps. Today you'll learn inside tips on how to grow TikTok account for business.


Lets get straight to the tips!



Brands using TikTok with trends

TikTok is all about the trends. Have you seen the main motto of the app? We create trends. The company representatives believe that the biggest trends of the last few years were created by the users of TikTok. If you look at the most prominent businesses and brands in general, they are all using this app. The user base is growing every day, and new trends are popping there. That's why brands like LionsGate, Ryanair, Apple, NFL clubs, NBA clubs and more are posting daily on the platform. If your video gets good traction with the latest trends, then the chance of getting viral is big. Having 1+ million views on TikTok (when a video goes viral) is not that hard. That's the first and easy way to grow a TikTok account for your business. Check the image below - Ryanair is using the trends daily and views are always 100 000+.


Tell a story with TikTok videos.

TikTok videos were 60 seconds long in 2020. The company adapted to the new rule - 180 seconds long. Thousands of businesses/brands joined the app, and they wanted to tell more stories about the company and its offers. So, that's why TikTok increased the length of the videos. So, use 180 seconds fully if you have to tell a story or show behind-the-scenes moments. Check the image below - there are many accounts that use 180 seconds function fully and tell stories with their videos.

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Tips for Advanced Instagram ads in 2021

Published on 14.10.2021

Instagram has become the primary medium between customers and brands. 2020 was momentum-changing because of the pandemic. Everyone went online, and businesses started failing their offline plans. That's why Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Ads have become more relevant and essential. As the pandemic hit, the growth of competition became inevitable. In this post, we will share advanced tips for Instagram ads in 2021.


Let's go...


Improve targeting on Instagram

The iOS update in 2021 was very bad for marketers and advertisers. Everyone who relied only on Facebook and Instagram saw a big downhill on the platform. Apple's update about privacy and targeting was a massive blow for Zuckerberg's companies. That's why we are here to give you advanced tips. The first tip would be to improve targeting on Instagram. How to do that? Never think about getting enormous profits from the first target. You have a chance to retarget or create a lookalike audience after you run a campaign for a few days. As you have results after a few days of campaigns, start retargeting and creating lookalike audiences. That's where real success will be given to you. Check the image below - that's who LookAlike audience function works on Instagram Ad system.


Make your ads more relevant to the users.

In the era of the pandemic, people watch more videos. So, the banner/video/ad blindness is a real thing. Facebook, Insta and other platforms have seen millions of videos and advert campaigns in the last few years. If you want to get higher profit and better campaign data, it's better to have UGC or something that stands out from the regular ads. Check the image below - That's how brands collaborate & work with users to get pictures, that's how you standout from the regular-type of ads.

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Ecommerce brands should use Instagram frequently

Published on 07.10.2021

Ecommerce brands have to be on top of the latest trends in the digital space. Instagram is not an exception. Your brand's marketer has to know the deepest secrets of the algorithm to gain maximum organic reach. Instagram will be the most powerful visual application in 2021. In this post, we will share two essential tips on improving ECommerce brand presence on IG.

Let's start!


Visually compelling content is the rule N1

Instagram is the best visual medium between the brand and potential customers. That's why you should use it daily. Create visually compelling content (videos, images, prints, stories, IGTV related content, etc.) and upload consistently. Instagram has the best layout for any eCommerce brand to give the max colours in front of potential customers. Every user (niche-related) on Instagram is a potential customer, and you should miss this chance. What should you post?

User reviews of the product: Ask users to create a straightforward assessment of the product. Keep in mind that 2020 was the best year for user-generated content. More brands started using UGC as a daily promotional strategy. Customers who already used your product may review it from a different perspective. It's good for your brand awareness because you may see some flow in the current version and start working on improvements. That's why user-generated reviews are so critical.

Behind the scenes: If you have an extensive product line, then start creating BTS videos. In that way, you open the curtains to potential customers. They see how products are being made, and they will trust you more.


Check the profile of GlowRecipe on Instagram - They always put visually compelling content on the website!


People read captions

We mentioned that Instagram is a visual medium. Along with the beautiful content, you should add eye-catching captions. The Instagram algorithm is changed monthly, but captions never lose the 'weight'. If the user clicks 'read more' and keeps reading the caption, the Instagram algorithm will take it as your brand's advantage. 

Let's take "GlowRecipe" as an example. Take a look at the image - They always use the max number of characters while creating captions. 

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Instagram marketing services in 2021

Published on 07.10.2021

Instagram marketing is not an impossible task. Yes, it’s the most competitive space in the digital world, but you should use inside tips to overcome the big competition. Today, we will share with you 2 essential inside information that can change your marketing campaigns.


Optimize profile for the maximum results

If you want to get maximum results from Instagram marketing, then an optimization profile has to be an N1 task. What’s the most important thing when optimizing a profile? First of all, don’t forget to switch from a regular to a business account. It’s the best way to track the leads and understand the audience behaviour.


Your name has to stand out - the Instagram algorithm gives you 30 characters for the name on the platform. Your title should be memorable but also long enough to stay in the visual memory. 

The website link in the BIO - don’t forget to add the website link in the bio. Another option would be to put links to the Instagram stories. If you want to add your website link in the ‘story’ feature, you need a minimum of 10 000 followers. That’s where Instagram marketing services come into play. SocialWick team gives top-level Instagram marketing services, including high-quality & active followers. You can get 10 000 Instagram followers and access the option.


Check the image below - BuzzfeedTasty is using all the important profile functions. They have memorable name, username and description that lead to the link in the bio.


Take content from the users.

In most cases, companies can’t add content regularly. They don’t have a big budget for content marketing, so they fail in this option. What can you do? Let’s take an “Apple’s” strategy as an example. The company is not spending a dime on content marketing for Instagram. At The same time, they have the most visually compelling content on the platform. How to achieve that? User-generated content. Ask your followers, customers & consumers to take beautiful photos of the product/services. If they do it for free, then you should be grateful for such a kind community. Also, don’t be afraid to give discounts or gifts to the users that generate free content for your brand. (check Apple's profile on Instagram - they only use UGC)

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Why you should buy Facebook Page Likes

Published on 14.08.2021

Facebook is the most powerful and influential social network. Businesses should know that Facebook pages have more power than any other social media. You may ask why? Well, you can't create an advert on Facebook without the page. That's why it's important to start your business with the growth of the page. In this post we will cover everything about the Facebook page and why it's so important.


Let's start!



Why should you buy Facebook page likes?

Facebook pages have to be trustworthy before you start with the advertising campaigns. Facebook has the smartest algorithm and script, so called "Pixel". After warming up the fan page, you should grow it. The first thing is to buy Facebook page likes. If you don't create a perfect jump-start situation with the Facebook page, it won't move organically. After getting around 1000+ likes, you have a chance to convert more users because they will trust more to pages that have big engagement. Check the image below - you see the pricing from SocialWick per 1000 page likes.


How to start with re-targeting on Facebook?

The more likes, the more organic reach (users who will see your posts on their news feed). Paid marketing content requires that there is something to be advertised. It can be anything: a product, service or event. The more likes, the more organic reach (users who will see your posts on their news feed). Paid marketing content requires that there is something to be advertised. It can be anything: a product, service or event. How should I promote my Facebook page? The same things are important for the localization of pages and ads as they are in Google search engine optimization. Check the image below  - you see dashboard of the Facebook Business Manager from where you start re-targeting.


Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is a way for you to track the sources of your website traffic. You can set up tracking pixels in Facebook, so that it helps segment your audience and know where they came from. What happens if I don't launch my campaigns on time? Your campaign will not be opened straight away; instead, it will go into queue and then open at its designated time. If you do not see the results that you expected with your campaign, we recommend trying a different approach or adjusting your budget. In any case, keep tweaking till the performance is satisfactory

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Top Tiktok songs

Published on 30.07.2021

TikTok became a big trend in 2020. Lockdowns played a significant role in the development of the application. Even the motto of the company became different - 'we create trends'. It seems that user-generated content is getting more recognition. The video content even captured in 'vertical' style could reach millions of views. The most exciting part is the function where you can add a song to the videos. So, let's talk about the popular tunes of TikTok.


Let's get started!



How to add desired tracks on TikTok

If you want to add a song, go to the app and search for your desired music. If it is available on this application, you can click on the 'add to video'. Keep in mind that some songs are not available in particular regions. So, if the song is available in your area, it's easy to add to the video. You will be directed to the next screen where you have to choose between 2 options - pick one of them according to your choice.

Then follow the instructions which are given by this app. You can add videos from your phone or take a new video within this app. Once done, tap on the save option provided at the bottom of that screen. It's easy to edit and cut songs along with the video. For editing TikTok allows users to apply filters, stickers, text, voice change, photos, etc.


SupaLonely - Benee

New Zealand born musicians became true legends of TikTok. Her track called "Supalonely" went viral on TikTok in the first quarter of the year. Millions of users created video trends based on her track. In the latest interview with the local newspapers, she said that 2020 was unexpected. She became very popular along with the tracks. Benee noted that she will always be grateful to TikTok because of being given a chance.


Russ Millions - Body

The latest hit became the track called "Body". Russ Millions uploaded a video on the song, and soon it became the trend on TikTok. The first quarter of 2021 was best for Russ' track. Millions of users used music to create their trendy videos. Just like Benee, Russ Millions got lucky because the timing was perfect for the TikTok community. (Check the image below - Russ Millions hashtag has more than 128+ million views)


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Top Content Creators of TikTok

Published on 26.07.2021

Since TikTok merged with Musical.ly, the app has seen a massive rise in traffic. The pandemic and lockdowns were the most significant drop in the ocean of TikTok's success. The platform got considerable attention, and even the former President of the US wanted to block it in America. It seems that TikTok has had the most significant growth in recent years. The application remains the top downloaded in App Store and Google Play store since 2020. There are thousands of content creators that have significant engagement from followers. Let's discuss the top 2 creators on the platform.

Let's start!


Charlie Damelio

The youngster became obsessed with TikTok in the summer of 2019. After downloading the application, she started creating content - dancing alone or with friends. Soon, her videos became viral, and now she is the most significant influencer on the platform. She is a 17-year-old girl that lives in Los Angeles. It's hard to believe that she already has over 100+ million followers, and her popularity keeps rising every day. Her content consists of dance videos, challenges, dares and other fun things. Charlie is just showing the world her talent. She says that it gives her confidence and makes her feel happy inside. Charlie Damelio will be the perfect example for girls around the world who want to become famous through TikTok! Charlie listened to marketers and started cross-promoting her brand. She became famous on YouTube (with millions of subscribers) and Facebook too. (Check the image below - Charlie Damelio has 121+ million followers as of now)


Addison Rae

She is a very close friend of Charlie and Dixie Damelio. Addison started her "TikTok career" just like Charlie. After downloading the application, she became obsessed with the new challenges, dance moves and virality. What do we know about Addison Rae? She is a 20-year old girl from California that moved to Los Angeles just like Charlie. She became popular on the platform with her lip sync videos and dancing clips. Addison was in the "Hype House" along with Charlie Damelio. Her most viewed video on TikTok has over 105 million likes! Addison Rae says that she wants to be an actress in Hollywood, which helped her get there. She is currently working with the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). What's next for this talented girl - no one knows, but we wish her the best of luck! (Check the image below - Addison has 82+ million folowers as of now)



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Biggest TikTok houses ever existed

Published on 22.07.2021

Welcome to the 21st century - the times when you can get millions of followers on TikTok and then get an invitation to live in the luxury mansions. Don't get confused - it's the real-life we are living now. If you have millions of followers and requirements of particular 'houses' of the app, then you'll be invited right away. There are many TikTok houses where different creators collaborate and create more content. They live in luxurious mansions and have fun entertaining followers.



Sway House

The most popular TikTok collaboration is 'sway house'. Sway house was started by 'Caleb & Kelsey' and many Tik Tok creators joined. This is what it looks like. The names have changed (since the creation of the 'house'), but there are still many active creators in the house that entertain their followers with different videos and pictures. Noah Beck, Was Jaden, Bryce Hall and other big names from TikTok were performing and collaborating. TikTok users believe that "Sway House" is almost over because big names like Noah or Bryce are not part of the team anymore, so the team lost real value.


Hype House

Another big team on TikTok is 'hype house'. From the start, the house had many big names like 'Danii Garcia'. Danii was famous among TikTok users. She has done great in videos and created a collaboration with other creators on her own. But then she disappeared from social media and wasn't heard again. We found out that she moved out from Hype house in a couple of weeks, where she didn't hear for almost six months.

In 2020, more prominent names joined "Hype House". Charlie Damelio, her sister Dixie, Addison Rae and others. Keep in mind that Charlie and Addison are the most prominent personalities on the platform. Charlie Damelio has 120+ million followers on TikTok and gets 10+ million views on each video. Addison Rae is on the same route - she has more than 82 million followers. (check the image below - Addison gets 10+ million views per video on average)


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Popular trends on TikTok

Published on 21.07.2021

TikTok was the most downloaded application in 2020. It was no surprise that the application got fame during the pandemic. Video content with instant gratification can make wonder. So, the success of TikTok was not delayed. There are millions of users searching for popular trends on TikTok. If you are looking for the popular trends on TikTok, then you've come to the right place. We will cover the most popular trend of the platforms in the second quarter of 2021.


What are the most popular trends on Tiktok?




Since there are so many videos on Tiktok, the content is all around similar. Most of the users were interested in Funny Auditions on Tiktok. Comedy auditions are very common for talent shows such as America's Got Talent. But now, this genre has become popular among the public who have a keen interest to watch funny auditions or try it themselves with their friends and family. If you want an eye-opener, then you must check out these funny audition videos. In short, people love to make fun of others even though they want to see them performing some fantastic stuff!



With the renegade trend, you can either dance just like the majority of the users or perform any stunts & tricks on your bicycle in front of the camera. It's an all-time stunt game where people will try to make a good video out of this. If you don't have enough courage, then indeed there are thousands of people who would be ready for their shows.

The trend renegade (dance part) was primarily used by the famous TikTok influencer - Charlie Damelio. There is no doubt that Charlie is one of the most influential personalities on TikTok, and her #RenegadeTikTokChallenge has gained massive attention in just days. Even Jimmy Fallon asked Charlie to dance the trend during the night show live.



The baby meme has become a trend, and people are posting inspirational quotes with their babies. It's a new way to send quotes, and everything related to it happens on TikTok. As of now, there are millions of videos on the hash-tag mentioned above. So, the trend keeps growing daily.

The popularity of this application is so immense that even the brands have started advertising on TikTok. The trends made the application very popular. The marketers used this powerful platform, therefore, trends to endorse their products in the most creative ways possible. If you also want to promote your business, you can check our TikTok service page for professional help. (check the image below - #babiesOfTikTok has 22+ billion views)

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Buy TikTok Followers

Published on 17.07.2021

TikTok was the N1 downloaded application of 2020. The pandemic and lockdowns were hard for people, so they needed more content. Short-video content is something that is going to dominate for upcoming years. That's why TikTok became a dominant application of 2020. More businesses are looking for this platform. They buy TikTok followers, likes, shares and get more organic attention. Today we will talk about the reasons to buy TikTok followers from SocialWick.


Where to buy TikTok followers

You can get TikTok followers from the SocialWick dashboard. The process itself is straightforward. Just choose the service (followers service), enter the desired amount of followers and finish the order on the check-out page. The process is straightforward and notifies The SocialWick team right away. Your order is being processed right after placing the order. (check the pricing below - $13 per 1000 active and quality followers)


The TikTok business page needs validation.

No matter if it's a business or personal account, the TikTok page needs validation. When a potential customer ends up on your page, they want to see the number of followers at first. They will believe in your content when they see thousands of followers. It's easy to buy active and engaged TikTok followers from SocialWick. If you want to have a quick jump-start in your strategy, then go for 10 000 TikTok followers.


How to keep TikTok followers active?

Buying 1000 TikTok followers from SocialWick is the first step for success. After the simple process, you need to put content in front of the right customers. The TikTok audience should see your content. They are going to like it, share and comment. TikTok videos have to be in your niche. Use the latest trends and combine the idea with your niche. Don't jump into the trend without adding your extra work. Only creative videos go viral on TikTok. Millions of users create videos on the same trend, but only a few of them get recognition. Why? Because they add a minor tweak or originality to the movement. TikTok is a platform where you have freedom and the opportunity to post something without censorship. It's a place for self-expression where you can present anything you want!

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