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4 reasons why YouTube marketing is important for every business

Published on 18.04.2022

Among the Digital Marketing strategies, video marketing is positioned among the most effective. Its rise has been driven and defined by the dynamics of social networks and the new forms of content consumption in the online environment. 

Such has been its growth that by 2023 it is estimated that 80% of the content that circulates on the web will be in audio-visual format. Of course, companies have seen in video marketing an excellent opportunity to reach their audiences in a fresh, convincing but above all very empathic way.

Sure, there are some guidelines and trends in video that shouldn't be overlooked if you want to create material that will resonate with audiences. It is enough to review social networks such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, among others, to understand some of them. In this post, we will go through 4 reasons why you should invest more in YouTube marketing and production.


Let get started!


Video marketing advantages

The popularity of the audiovisual format among audiences of all ages is a good reason to start or to continue implementing it in your Marketing strategy (at least 100 million Internet users watch videos daily). But there are also other great advantages that will ultimately make it the protagonist of the content you are creating for your company.


Humanize your brand on YouTube

The art of storytelling through video is an excellent way to expose the personality of your brand and make your audience identify and feel close to it. Therefore, storytelling forms a special part of Video Marketing.


Organic positioning in Google - YouTube videos rank easily

By including videos in your blog posts, the chances of increasing the time spent by your users are greater, which is highly valued for SEO in the main search engines. Not to mention that Google since 2018 throws a YouTube video bar among its results. In other words, brand visibility is highly favored.


Investment for YouTube videos

The creation of this type of content mainly demands creativity, rather than large sums of money. The possibilities of creating a simple video with many reproductions is wide, if you have doubts, just look at the aesthetics or the production of viral marketing videos.

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Twitch marketing in 2022 explained a simple way

Published on 10.04.2022

Twitch marketing in 2022 is something that more people are interested in. It is the streaming platform that is gradually gaining in power and attracting more and more Generation Z. Why the sudden surge in popularity? For its live and interactive videos! People need more interaction - so talk with the streamers or talk with the viewers.


Now, brands see in Twitch the opportunity to connect with the younger generation, the one who will build the world of tomorrow, as well as with the target of gamers, both of whom are often resistant to advertising General public. Twitch marketing in 2022 have changed a little bit compared to the previous year. Even if we look at the data, we see that the platform is growing like never before. It must be said that 67% of the audience is between 13 and 35 years old and that the hours of videos watched at the moment are increasing by around 50% each month. We will get into the nitty gritty of the marketing on Twitch!


Communication with the viewers

Originally, Twitch was reserved for the distribution of content belonging to the world of gaming. What inventory can we make of it today? Today, it is still a strong trend, but over the past three years, content is opening up to new horizons. There's something for everyone: humorous, educational, topical videos, among others. This evolution of content attracts a big audience, but above all a young public, fond of content that mixes live video and the possibility of interacting via chat. 

These are fun and educational programs that aim to popularize among adolescents and their parents all topics related to electricity and the energy transition. If you find your niche, then you should look for the competitors on Twitch. There is literally no niche that people are missing on the platform. But, some of the platforms are under-developed and need more attention from the specific field-experts. That’s why you should focus on the niche you love and have actual interest.


Digital strategy 

Is advertising possible on Twitch ? The answer is yes! In short, brands have the possibility of broadcasting advertising on the platform and most often through the pre-roll of live videos. The challenge of this digital marketing strategy is based on adapting the brand's message. Also, it is essential to take good care of the form of the advertising spot according to the target so that it is not considered too intrusive. 

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Twitch streaming equipment in 2022

Published on 01.04.2022

What are the most important Twitch streaming equipment? It’s the biggest platform around the globe and if you want to start streaming right now, then you’ve landed on the right place. Let's find out the best Twitch streaming equipment!


Tell me more!


What equipment do I need to stream on twitch?

The minimum graphics card to avoid latency is a Radeon RX 5600 XT or an RTX 2060 KO. If you want optimal performance, the best hardware for streaming on Twitch is a PC combining a Core i9 or Ryden 9 latest generation processor, with an RTX 3080 (or even 3090) or RX 6800 XT graphics card. But the bill is likely to be very salty.

If you opt for two PCs, the one intended for broadcasting does not need to be very powerful. 8 GB of RAM is enough (or even 4 GB), and a graphics card is not necessary. Think, however, to invest in a video capture card. The PC intended for gaming can then be satisfied with a Core i5 or a Raden 5, and 16 GB (or even 8 GB) of RAM. Nothing prevents you, however, from opting for more high-end equipment to stream with two PCs on Twitch!


Twitch streaming equipment for beginners

With a Twitch gaming channel, you don't have to film yourself. But you will need a microphone and a headset to interact with your community. To start, a gaming headset equipped with a good microphone can be enough equipment to stream on Twitch. But if you want to offer quality sound, a dedicated microphone will quickly prove essential. Choose it with a foot (or a small pole), to guarantee its stability. Opt for a cardioid pattern, suitable for the voice. For solo streaming, you can choose the very popular Yeti for instance. Designed for plug-and-play live, they are very easy to use. If you choose a professional microphone with an XLR connector, you will also have to buy a sound card. A small mixing console can complete your setup, especially if your channel offers interviews or talk shows, and therefore requires several microphones.


A high-performance Webcam

Finally, you will need a camera to have images to broadcast! The simplest solution is to use your PC's native webcam, if you have one. But the quality will probably not be there. It is best to invest in specific video equipment for streaming on Twitch. Be sure to choose an ergonomic and versatile camera, to avoid unfortunate disappointments in full live! Depending on your budget, opt for a model in HD, Full HD, or even 4K if you can afford it. Ideally, choose a camera filming at 60 frames per second, to ensure optimal fluidity. Finally, pay attention to the quality of the autofocus and the image processing options. The Logitech Stream-cam is for example a good solution to start, without breaking the bank and without negotiating too much on quality.

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How to Buy and Grow Instagram Followers in 2022

Published on 29.03.2022

Instagram is a great way to grow as a brand, artist, or company as their billion monthly users forge the ideal breeding grounds for reach and visibility but getting seen and found, and engaged and followed, can be hard given the many pages users must compete with, but struggle no more with the tips below.

Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is the social presence cornerstone for many and whether you are an artist striving to gain fans or a marketer in need of a fresh traffic source for a landing page, Instagram is a reliable way to build and engage new audiences and traffic sources and there are a few ways to get Instagram followers for free.

Struggling to gain more followers on Instagram?

Hassled with growth strategies that do not work? Want free Instagram followers via natural methods?

If so, read on for ways to get more Instagram followers, and the steps to buying them if you choose to.

Complete and Optimize your Profile

Ways to grow Instagram followers are plentiful but the first step all should take is profile optimization.

Bios are the home page of a profile and should clearly represent the brand or purpose of the account, after all, it is what Instagrammers first see when visiting a profile, and first impressions greatly matter.

With no bio or profile photo or proper username, it would be hard, if at all possible, for those searching your brand to find it.

It may seem apparent but a well-made bio is essential to visibility and conversions and it helps form the building blocks for brand identity and with the ability to include links within bios, Instagram is not only a great way to source new clients but fresh streams of traffic too, and these results all start with your bio.

Unsure of the site or page to link to?  If so, linking to ones that sell services or products is a great choice.

Sure, you can link to the home page of your site but why not give users a tailored experience when going from the bio to your site?  This is a solid way to grow conversions while making it easier for users to get to the services they are after, and by directly linking to service or product pages, you can increase sales.

Picking an Instagram name should be done, thoughtfully, as it is how others identify you or your brand.

Usernames should be search-friendly and as short as possible to make it easy for others to remember, and it is good practice to choose one that sticks close to either your name or the name of your brand. 

If your brand has a long name, shorten it as best you can to make it easily recognizable to others, refrain from using special characters, and if you use other sites, pick one that is in line with other social handles.

Maintain Content Consistency

Sporadic or infrequent posts are not advised as you do not want followers to forget about your page or brand, as such, the best times to post on Instagram are at times you set and if you post at a certain time one day and see engagement rates are higher than at other times, post at that time each day and week.

Forge a consistent publishing schedule.

Usually, brands do not post more than a few times per day to avoid looking like spam to followers but whatever frequency you post at, keep it consistent.

Given the over two hundred million users that log in to Instagram each day, it tends to be best, in the name of reaching more people, to spread posts throughout the day at unique times, this way, you will not only reach more people but see what times, based on received engagements, are best to post at.

Sticking to a content schedule will not only keep users in the loop on your brand but will enable you to give followers a consistent experience, so devise a publishing schedule, take note of the engagements posts receive at certain times, and keep to a steady stream of posts to grow and engage your following.

Schedule Posts for Instagram

Schedule Instagram posts to save time and hassle and give current and future followers steady content without the need to manually post, this is a powerful strategy and one used by the largest pages around.

Instagram algorithms evolved over time and now tend to show content to users based on past activity, but by posting at the right times, we can grow visibility and followers by scheduling Instagram posts to ensure posts are made at times our followers, and the community, is most active.

Scheduling Instagram posts is a great way to prepare and get ahead for the month.

Batch work, schedule content, and give followers steady content while saving time and resources.

Benefits of scheduling Instagram posts are plentiful as doing so will let you:

  • Save time.
  • Maintain consistency.
  • Create impactful captions.
  • Write cohesive posts/stories.
  • Publish posts from your Mac or PC.
  • Keep an organized content calendar.

Scheduling IG posts saves you time, and with many free Instagram post schedulers online, it is a no-brainer addition to the growth goals and efforts of anyone looking to make the most of the platform.

Share Your Page Everywhere

It seems obvious but many overlook the importance of sharing their page on other sites or mediums.

If you have an Instagram page, be sure to share it on your site and other social channels you manage, and linking to your Instagram from an email or newsletter is a fast way to organically grow followers.

Sharing your page in more places boosts visibility and makes followers easier and less hassling to grow.

One good way to send users to a page is to create social buttons for your blog or site; these logo-imaged buttons will link to your various social profiles and make it easier for others to find your social accounts.

So if you use YouTube to promote your brand, add a link to your Instagram page within the description or video so others can find it, or if you have a site or newsletter, include a link so readers can find you, the more you share your page, the easier others can find you, and the easier followers become to grow.

Pro tip: Give users a reason to follow you, simply asking for a follow will not cut it; create relevant posts, always engage followers, reply to comments, and utilize all IG content features: IGTV, Reels, and Stories.

Create Meaningful Content

While easier said than done, it is vital to growth you learn what types of content followers want, and the longer you run a page, the more you learn what types of content perform best, and you will quickly see that some outperform others, and for this very reason, testing, and trying new content types, is a MUST.

Ranging from the filters you use to the times you post, the smallest details can make all the difference, and tracking, analyzing, and benchmarking progress is imperative to monitoring progress, which is why some use Instagram analytics tools, although most are not free and come at monthly costs.

Remain confident in new content types, see how filters and captions perform and refine your strategy from there, and if you are unsure where to start or do not know what types of content to share with your audience, analyze competitor pages and draw inspiration from ones that have a working strategy.

This does not mean you should copy competitors, but if you see certain posts are made at certain times or attract more engagements than others, you can stay mindful of these posts when creating your own to not only stay competitive but relevant to your audience and followers.

Start the Conversation

There is no doubting the power of conversation or visual content as studies show sixty-eight percent of consumers prefer visual content while fifty percent prefer video and thirty percent prefer text posts, and no matter which you use, Instagram is a great platform to leverage all content types for conversions.

More use social media now than ever before as a point of contact for friends and brands they shop with, and whether you are a brand, artist, or service provider in search of new ways to get clients, remaining promptly communicative with followers is essential to fostering sales and meaningful relations, and you should always reply, in a timely manner, to messages and comments to keep your conversations alive.

Nearly ninety percent of those that follow a brand intend to make a purchase, so if you get a follow, be sure to reply to all comments and messages as you never know if doing so will result in a new follower or customer, so give your audience the attention they need, reply to as many inquiries as you can, and show your new and future followers you are an active and credible brand or source they can entrust in.

Takeaway: Reply to as many messages and comments as you can to compel sales and engagements.

Find and Use Hashtags that Convert

One of the best ways to get Instagram followers is to use hashtags that are relevant to your audience.

Hashtags help others to find your page, brand, and content and can make a huge impact on following.

Hashtags are vital to discovery and social reach as you can utilize them to gain views and grow followers, and if you choose to buy Instagram followers, you can boost the metrics of posts you use hashtags on to heighten the chance of not only being seen on the Explore page but on the HashtagsDiscovery page too.

To make the most of hashtags, we should use ones that are not saturated, if you take the hashtag #love, for example, there are nearly two-hundred million photos connected to it, which essentially means you would need to compete with that many posts to be seen or found for that tag, which is not an easy task.

One of the best tips for using Instagram hashtags, successfully, is to find ones that are not only easy to rank for in results but ones that your target audience are most likely to search for, so if you have a dog kennel or are a breeder of dogs, hashtags you may use might include #dogsforsale or #kennelfordogs.

Creating branded hashtags, such as #yourbusinessname, is a good way to group content as well and will make it easier for others to find posts from your brand and using all these tactics will make followers for Instagram easier, simpler, and less hassling to grow and scale.

Buy Instagram Followers in 2022

Times have changed and growth methods have evolved, and the tips above are ones all should consider and implement as they make growing Instagram followers much easier, and if you are one of the many that come here in search of ways to buy Instagram followers then you are in for a treat as our followers, combined with the tips above, can give powerful results and growth not taking weeks or months to see.

We get it, growing an Instagram page can be hard and scaling followers even more so, but with the help of our team and expertise, you can reap all Instagram has to offer by employing the tips above, and with our Instagram followers service ordered, you will enjoy real followers that take very little time to arrive.

Visiting here signifies your commitment to growth, and we look forward to helping in any way we can, if you have any issues or queries, or if you would like to buy Instagram followers and have questions, feel free to reach us, any time, and our 24/7, round-the-clock support team would be glad to help and assist.

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Twitch marketing ideas in 2022

Published on 28.03.2022

Twitch has experienced very strong growth in Europe and USA in recent years. Amazon’s exposure is very big and the team working on Twitch is getting stronger.

Let's get into the most interesting ideas on Twitch 2022 marketing.


Data showing that Twitch is very big!

Twitch is a platform where communities form around shared passions. It's a place where you can really be close, and where you can be connected to things and passions you love. There's something for everyone on Twitch, from gaming and esports – a very mainstream pastime – to sports, music, cooking, fitness, drawing and more. This explains exponential growth.

Over the past ten years, Twitch has logged over 67 billion hours of viewing. That's enough for the entire planet to watch more than eight hours of video per person. In 2020 alone, the Twitch community consumed 1 trillion minutes of content. Every second there are over 2.5 million people who live on Twitch. Platform seeing huge growth in gaming and non-gaming content across all categories.


Just chatting - is this category worth investing time?

Marketing team’s main goal is to make Twitch the best place to build your career, find your community, and shape the content you love. That’s why Twitch is working on different categories to be more popular around the globe.


Gaming as the main force of Twitch in 2022

Gaming is in the DNA of the platform. Gaming industry will be the heart of Twitch no matter what. Originally, Justin (founder of the platform) started it with one goal - streaming games and creating a big gaming community. But Twitch has long been more than gaming. For example, non-gaming content has quadrupled over the past three years. This content has evolved organically on Twitch because our streamers are not one-dimensional. If they like gaming, they also like other things and that's how sports, music, art, fitness and even drawing have developed on the platform. To make Twitch the best possible place for streamers to build their careers and for communities to form around the content they love the most.


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Twitch advertising as a medium for digital marketing

Published on 25.03.2022

It is the streaming platform that is gradually gaining in power and attracting more and more Generation Z. Why the sudden surge in popularity? For its live and interactive videos! Now, brands see in Twitch the opportunity to connect with the younger generation, the one who will build the world of tomorrow, as well as with the target of gamers, both of whom are often resistant to advertising General public. It must be said that 67% of the audience is between 13 and 35 years old and that the hours of videos watched at the moment are increasing by around 50% each month.

Very nice tips we have crafted! Lets get started!



Digital Marketing

Conversational marketing? well, It's when consumers take the initiative to question, exchange and discuss with brands. They alone choose the time and the channel through which they wish to reach their audience (social networks, chat and a thousand and one other possibilities) to meet the needs of this new marketing, more and more brands are developing a relational strategy multi-channel in order to make themselves more accessible and available to answer the many questions and needs of their community. The platform, originally mainly requested by the world of gaming, Twitch makes it possible to go even further in this conversational approach, offers a new possibility for brands to be a source of proposals rather than remaining in a simply reactive posture. Brands are then surfing on this new opportunity by inviting their community to a real moment of discussion and sharing: a large majority therefore devote time to discussion with their community, and this can even last several hours. For example, the Xiaomi Corporation, a Chinese electronics and computer company specializing in mobile telephony and consumer electronics, gives its fans an appointment every Thursday with their live show. Twitch viewers have the opportunity to chat with members of the team, but also with various tech, gaming and even marketing influencers, on many current topics, but also on brand news. 


Digital strategy 

Is advertising possible on Twitch? The answer is yes! In short, brands have the possibility of broadcasting advertising on the platform and most often through the pre-roll of live videos. The challenge of this digital marketing strategy is based on adapting the brand's message. Also, it is essential to take good care of the form of the advertising spot according to the target so that it is not considered too intrusive. 

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Why personal branding is important on Instagram

Published on 19.03.2022

Personal branding is very important in 2022. Pandemic has shown that people want to follow more personalities. TV personalities are not enough anymore, social media users want authentic and real people to follow and get advice from - that’s why personal branding on Instagram is very important. We share important tips for this;


Let’s get started!


Increasing audience loyalty

Right content can increase the loyalty of your audience and make a larger percentage of your subscribers become fans of the brand. How?

To begin with, you need to understand that a loyal customer is a customer who:

  • shares the mission and philosophy of the brand;

  • regularly encounters it (brand);

  • regularly takes the initiative to the brand.


The conclusion follows from this: in order to make a subscriber loyal, you need to correctly reveal the key meaning of your brand through posts and photo content, publish content that meets the client’s needs with a certain frequency (availability of goods, advantageous offers, simplification of product selection, information and entertainment content, etc.). further), and, of course, do not forget about the interaction, namely, communication with the client. You should always make contact with the audience, ask questions in posts, and not just for show, but those that yourself would be interested in answering and discussing. You can also conduct interactive activities in your account, where all subscribers will be involved: quizzes, tests, polls, organize online and offline events, and so on. By doing all this and thinking through the sequence, most of the audience will become closer to you.


Increase profile engagement

This is a “side effect” of increasing audience loyalty. When your followers are fans of your brand, it's hard for them to get past your post or story. Because they are actually interested in the life of your brand.


Increasing the number of followers through direct

If your content regularly highlights products and their difference from competitors, your target audience is attracted to the profile, and you also follow the originality of the content, the growth of purchase requests will grow.


This can be explained by two reasons:

  • you have super interesting, original content that your subscribers remember;

  • your content leads them to read the latest posts in your account, which spurs them on to buy your product. 


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Creative tips for Instagram in 2022

Published on 09.03.2022

Instagram is no longer just an album with photos for friends, but a powerful commercial platform for promoting your product, service or developing a personal brand. It gets harder and harder to stand out from the competition every year. There is a way out - always be aware of innovations and implement them among the first. Find out about all the Instagram trends before your competitors get ahead of you. We will go through creative tips for Instagram in this article. Do you want to learn more? Get ready and keep reading!



Why is it important to follow trends?

Latest data shows interesting statistics on the development of social networks over the past year. The market grew by 7.6%, now social networks are used by 4.72 billion people, and 26.5% go to social networks only to make purchases. What does it say? Competition is growing, you need to stand out and be aware of all the newfangled trends and novelties. It is problematic to develop simultaneously in all social networks, it is easier to choose one thing. The Instagram application is becoming more and more popular and is one of the five most popular in the Apple App Store.


Trendy Instagram colors in 2022 

Let's be honest, you came to Instagram for the money, right? You can monetize a blog in different ways: advertising, selling goods, services, information products. The visual is an important component, because your feed is a kind of showcase that should catch the user’s attention from the first seconds. Use trendy chips and colors.


Here are the creative and trendy colors of Instagram in 2022:

  • Mykonos Blue;

  • Leprechaun;

  • Fire Whirl;

  • Pale Rosette;

  • spring lake;


All colors are juicy, bright, flashy, a light base will help to dilute them. You can also use interesting shades:

  • Ultimate gray - calm gray;

  • Coconut Cream - white with peach undertones

  • Soybean - soy, light beige

  • Olive Branch - muted olive.

The right combination of basic shades and flashy colors will make your feed harmonious, interesting and memorable. People want to see colors and you have to be ready for this.


Colors are not enough

We figured out the colors, but this is not enough. The photo content also needs to be perfect. Leave selfies and the same angles for friends, other “chips” are used in a commercial account. Which photo will get the most likes?


Authenticity and carelessness

Presets, glamor, and deep retouching are no longer in vogue. Show yourself without makeup, open up to subscribers, in return they will trust you more. And it is always more pleasant to buy from close people.


Dynamics. Photos in motion are gaining momentum. 

Show your product in an interesting way. Clothes, bags, accessories, sports equipment are easy to demonstrate in this vein. Take a photo of the model in turn or while walking. Users will also like the laid-back production footage. It is interesting to watch how something new is born. Consider other dynamic photos. Two frames out of nine will be enough. Another trend is blurred photos. You can blur an image in a couple of seconds.


User Generated Content (UGC). 

Content that your users create. Publish posts with customer stories, tell how they benefited from using a product or service. This new kind of feedback is aimed at trust, everyone is tired of ordering comments. Show a customer wearing clothes from your store or offer a discount for a video review.


Emphasis on color. 

A bright detail on a black and white background looks stylish and attracts attention. Consider the feed of the well-known brand Nike, the page has 183 million subscribers. By the way, Nike is in the top 3 most promoted after Instagram itself and National Geographic. The main tones are dark, but there are also bright accents, diluting the picture with frames in dynamics. Check the image below - here is the IG account of Nike.

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Write a content plan for Instagram marketing

Published on 04.03.2022

According to the specifics of marketing, it is most logical for a marketer to promote services in social networks. Instagram is now a full-fledged business platform, where small and large companies are represented. Competently draw up a profile, present a portfolio and prove one's expertise are the main professional tasks. And a properly designed content plan for a marketer will help with this.

How to analyze niche for IG success

Analysis is the basis for successful page maintenance. Many professionals are ready to create cool marketing strategies for others, forgetting to use the basics of promotion in their own accounts. But for your blog, the principle will be the same:

  • Collect data on the target audience. What kind of clients will you be targeting? For owners of small blogs that have just appeared on Instagram, one type of information is needed. For them, the main thing is to convey why they need expert advice and what they will give. Successful entrepreneurs take a different approach. Business owners already understand the value of a professional in a team. And its main task is to show how the offer is better than the offers of competitors. And a completely different category of target audience is people who want to study marketing under your supervision

  • Analyze the market. Study supply and demand. Check out the big and fast growing blogs in your field. A full analysis will take several weeks. But this will help to create your own unique selling proposition that stands out from the rest.

After analyzing the market and the target audience, you will understand what formats and types of content should focus.

What type of posts you have to publish!

When preparing a content plan for an Instagram marketer, divide it into three groups:

1. Main feed. Information in the form of posts with a text description, as well as infographics. You can keep in touch with subscribers by replying to comments. Check the image of main feed! 

You can check visme.co, they offer an excellent infographic maker.


2. Stories. Photo and video format, with or without text. In stories it is convenient to work out objections, as well as consistently talk about the benefits of consultations. Check the image below - you see how Instagram stories lookalike!


3. Live broadcasts, saving to IGTV and Reels. Video content is popular on the social network. Reels is new to Instagram, so consider it in your content plan. Since it appeared recently, the social network promotes user videos in every possible way. Thus, you will spend less resources on advertising. Live streams are a great way to showcase your expertise, as well as a free trial consultation to show you the process.

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These digital trends will save popularity of Instagram in 2022

Published on 26.02.2022

Real marketing trends don't come and go in 1 year. That's why you can read "video trends, storytelling and useful content" on a regular basis. We discussed this a long time ago, but it's still a trend. In addition, it is difficult to generally define what a trend is when a new trend turns from a chip for “first followers” ​​into a commodity. Today, we will talk about the marketing trends that can keep Instagram more powerful and going as high as possible.


Digital economy - selling on Instagram

"Free Internet" exists on a simple principle: Create something people need = get their attention = monetize through advertising / selling your products

Advertising is the main social media. Bloggers live and create content due to advertising. In fact, advertising pays for the art and creativity of "digital artists", since, unlike ordinary artists, they can hardly sell their work. More precisely, they couldn't. NFT breaks into our lives. Instagram has been testing “collections” throughout 2021. Do you think it's crazy? Adidas is starting to sell its digital clothing through NFT, Shopify is launching a service for creating and selling NFT items in any online stores, major games are discussing the possibility of selling NFT items, and so on. The chances of success are huge. Digital economy is growing and Instagram will be the top app to gain momentum. Check the image below - Kyle Jenner's Brands are selling products straight on Instagram.


In addition to NFT items and collections on Instagram, we are waiting for the second big step of the platform: paywall! No, this is not the second option of OnlyFans, but the creation of separate content with paid access within one window - Instagram. 2021 generally showed in which direction content creation will move. Twitter buys out paid email service and integrates it into its platform, Apple Podcasts and Spotify add paid podcast subscriptions, donations and paid subscriptions to TikTok and Facebook are being tested. 


Customer Service done on Instagram

Every year it becomes an increasingly important component of the presence of brands in social networks. We live on the Internet, we are used to communicating with each other in real time. Why do brands that live there take longer to respond? I remember the days when moderation was simply about replies to comments about content. Now I write to the brand on social networks when I have a problem and I want to quickly solve it. The moderation system must take into account the changed paradigm and do it quickly: Such a system is expensive. It needs adequate community managers, integration with the customer service system within the company is required. Which solution to the problem is closer to you?


Good support in social networks today is:

  • The speed of the initial reaction to the user's request. 

  • The solution to the problem is where the user writes. Worse than simply ignoring the question is only redirecting it to another communication channel.

  • Interest in solving the problem, personalized answers.

  • Support beyond their social media , monitoring of mentions, chats, channels.

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