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3 Hacks for Instagram stories

Published on 14.05.2021

Instagram stories have power when it comes to conversion rate. In 2021 when every business is rushing to the online world, we have to stand out from the crowded competition to get more customers. In this case, Instagram stories are the perfect way to monetize your products/service. Scarcity and urgency are delivered from Instagram stories. Online shops are trying to create urgency with different buttons, and Instagram created that feeling for you, and you are not ready to use it? Instagram users know that IG story will be available only for 24 hours, so they have the urgency to check them anyway. Experts compare Instagram stories with the “Email boom” in the 1990s because 90% of the platform users open stories just like people did back then with emails. So, today we will share with you three hacks for IG Stories that can help you improve visibility and get higher CR.

Let's start!


Don’t sleep on Background images.

It’s essential to have a very beautiful colour as a background image. Most of the IG users miss this chance. You can easily add background images to the story content. For instance, do you want to promote a product through an IG story? Add a background with particular color patterns to have a psychological influence on the potential customers. For instance, adding green colours in the background may increase the conversion rate. In the end, everything comes to a test. You can split the test and try adding different images. When you add regular image or text in the “Story”, then you add funny background images just like it’s visible in the image below:


Add a link to the story

When you are growing a brand page on Instagram, it’s important to get more than 10 000 followers. Why is it so important? When you reach 10 000 followers on Instagram, you can add a link in the ‘story’. As mentioned above, ‘story’ is a powerful marketing hack that you can use in your marketing strategy. So, adding a link in the ‘story’ is a brainer. That’s why every marketer should use jump-start strategies from SocialWick and buy Instagram followers for a perfect start to the journey. 


Share IGTV videos story.

Instagram experts know that there is another way to add a link to the story. You can’t add a direct link in the story before achieving 10 000 followers, but there is another route, but it may lose your potential customers. Create an IGTV video and add it to your page. Add a link and text in the description of the IGTV content and share it on ‘story’. 

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The Secret Tips for Instagram Stories

Published on 12.05.2021

Have you ever wondered what the best marketing strategies are for Instagram? There are a lot of tips and tricks that people think will work, but don't. In this blog post, we're going to show you some of the most tried-and-true tips that have been shown to help increase followers number and engagement on your Instagram page.


Have a solid background on stories

Do you know that a solid background image on Stories changes everything? Have you thought about increasing CR (conversion rate) through stories? Well, you've missed the biggest nugget. First of all, IG stories work perfectly when it comes to the CTA button. Click to action buttons are powerful for marketing your product or service. People want to check "IG Stories' ' because it's only visible for 24 hours and it gives an 'urgent' feeling of checking. You can capture anything and add it to the "story" as a background image. Then colorize that background image and you'll get a perfect system. (check the image below - you see how background image color makes it perfect)


Also, don't forget to use different colors on the text of the story. Instagram is a visual platform and people look after the colors. Each color can make a big impact on the conversion rate. For instance, the blue color might give your followers a good taste and they might click more than on the green color. It's up to your niche and followers base. That's why you should start testing different colors of the text in the stories. (check the image below - you see how colors make a big impact on the text visualization)


Why should you use Instagram stories every day?

- Instagram stories are not like regular posts, they disappear after 24 hours.

- The comments on the stories won't show up in your feed or any other lists. It will only be seen among those who follow you and comment on it. So, if for some reason somebody commented something bad about the product what do you do? nothing - people that don't have access to see this comment. Those negative comments won't affect your brand name at all.

- Stories work great with hashtags so use them as much as possible (some of the best practices is to create new story every day related to one specific hashtag) - here's how: open the app --> tap "Stories" --> type #hashtag into the search bar and add it to your stories every single day. Start tracking which #hashtag worked better at the end of the week period.

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Newbie Friendly Guide 2 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers in 2021

Published on 09.05.2021

The Instagram world has changed a lot in the past few years. What was once dominated by celebrities and brands is now filled with people like you and me who want to share their lives with the world through photos. It's awesome that anyone can post, but it also means there are more competitors than ever before! So how do you stand out from the crowd? In this post, I'll share with you 2 ways to get real Instagram followers in 2021 and have fun in the process.


Let's go for it!


Use hashtags wisely

The hidden secret - hashtags! If you want to get explored on Instagram, then you should find relevant hashtags. The same could be said about Google and keywords. Look at Instagram as a big engine of photos and videos. In this case, people can find you with some relevant words and phrases, right? So, here you can use hashtags. Instagram has improved the game of hashtags. Now you can see millions of different hashtags dominating the daily news feed of Instagram users.


How to find relevant hashtags on Instagram?  No problem, just use the search bar and type in some words or phrases you want to see. What about a topic? Well, there are so many hashtags related to your favorite topics that I can't list them all here.


Here's my pro tip: do not copy-paste hashtags from other users into your caption box on Instagram. It will make it look like spam for sure!


What if you don't know what hashtag should be used with an image? You have two options - ask followers which one is better or google something relevant enough and find out yourself (e.g., "top hashtags of 2019"). Remember this word too - niche market! Choose a niche before searching specific content online or offline.


Comment on other people's posts

It's very important to stay active in the community. You should start collaborating with other Instagram influencers in your niche. Search for the niche name that you are dominating. Create a new Google document and list all the accounts that have a minimum 1000 followers and have the same niche as you. Start commenting on their posts and connect with them. DM each of them and say that you are in the same niche and want to grow along with them. It simply means that you can both collaborate and get better chances of ranking higher together.

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Instagram Marketing Tips Latest Working and Proven Strategies

Published on 05.05.2021

Instagram is a great social media platform to promote brands. As the most popular visual-based social media, Instagram has more than 700 million monthly active users. It is also one of the fastest growing marketing channels in 2020 because Instagram stories now have over 200 million daily active users and over 50% of them are between 18 and 34 years old. With so many people on this platform, how can you make sure your brand stands out?

The good news is that if you do it right, your business will be successful! There are many strategies that work well for attracting new customers and getting them to purchase from you. Here are some tips that we want to share with you about how to successfully market on Instagram;


Let's start!



Invest in high quality photos

Instagram is a photo-focused platform. You can update status or create a new post only with text on Facebook. The same can't be done on Instagram because the default system asks to upload a minimum one photo. Yes, Instagram improved over the years and now you have 'stories', videos, reels, etc. - but image stays on top of the competition. If you want to play on emotional triggers of potential buyers, then you should invest a lot in visuals. The biggest visual is image - so, don't hesitate and start Instagram marketing campaigns with high quality images.

How to get high quality photos? Here are the tips:

  • Find a good photographer to work with - you can get a good photographer in your area. Definitely start searching for a local helper that can give you high quality photos on a weekly basis. It's important to publish high quality photos every week, so your photographer has to follow the schedule.

  • Invest in photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom - If you are a photographer who has a knowledge in Adobe programs, then it's definitely a big advantage. Always work with the photographers that can give a different and creative touch to photos with Adobe programs. Choose fixed color-palette and have all the photos edited in that scheme.

  • Don't forget about stock photos and templates. You can find them on platforms such as Creative Market, Fotolia, Shutterstock, etc.

  • Keep up with the trends - they change quickly! For example, user generated content is trendy right now. Try to get photos from photographers that have a sense of UGC. People scrolling through Instagram must think that your photos are created by the users themselves - it would be a big advantage.


Hashtag game - take organic reach into another level

Take your Instagram game by the hashtag strategy. If you want to learn more about the hash-tag strategies, then you can learn from these insider tips:

  • First of all, come up with the first keyword by yourself. It could be general one, don't worry - you've to start somewhere

  • Take that keyword and put into the Google search. Google will automatically offer your 'people also search for' box where you can see relevant long-tail keywords.

  • Copy those long-tail keywords in the search box of Instagram and start searching each one. Now, you'll have relevant hash-tags and your main competitors that use those hash-tags. As you've found main competitors - now you can spy on their accounts and explore hidden hashtags that they were using previously.

Those long-tail keywords (hash-tags) can improve your organic visibility on Instagram. Put hashtags in your posts naturally, it gives Instagram algorithm signals that you care about the industry more than your competitors (check the image below - if you want to niche down into the Eminem music, then you can see that regular keyword #EminemStan has around 79k posts which means that presence is big. So, you can get on that hashtag easily by implement it in your posts and get very relevant organic traffic that is interested in Eminem)

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2 Tips to Improve Ad Spend on Facebook

Published on 03.05.2021

The advertising world is ever changing, and marketers are always looking for new ways to improve their ROI. One of the most popular social media platforms today is Facebook, with over 1.79 billion active monthly users as of January 2017. Facebook has become a giant marketing platform that many advertisers use to promote their products or services. To help you get better results from your ad spend on this platform, we've compiled some tips below!


Experiment with a different ad copy length

It's not a surprise that copy length has a big impact on the potential customers. Facebook users scroll through the app and suddenly they see your ad. You need a little 'hook' moment to convert them from cold into the hot potential lead. That's why we advise you to start testing with different AD copy lengths. As of AD Copy, here are the tips on how to write a better ad text for Facebook:

  • Use a higher emotional load: people are more likely to buy when they feel an emotional connection with your product or service. You can play on the feelings of guilt, happiness and so on.

  • Showcase benefits rather than features: don't talk about what you do in general but focus on how it will benefit them personally and make them happy.


What are main psychological triggers to use while creating ad headlines or text?

  • Fear: people are more likely to buy a product that they think will safeguard their family or themselves from any danger;

  • Desire: it is one of the most powerful marketing tools on Earth and everyone loves freebies. Promise an attractive reward for conversion, then make them wait until they reach your landing page before giving it away.


Test different AD creatives

AD creatives have a big impact too. Yes, we have mentioned ad copy above and text may break or make your ad campaign. We can say the same about the creatives (videos, images, infographics, etc.). It's up to you to test as many creatives as possible. Here are tips on what are the Facebook ad types available for advertising?

  • Video ads: they can be short or long, but the maximum length is 15 seconds and most of them are less than 30 seconds. Keep in mind that you should put a 'hook' moment into the video in the first 3-5 seconds. After big tests, we found that people look at your video carefully for the first 5 seconds. You should use those seconds to convince them in watching more seconds and then create a story that they can't deny and follow the link in the AD description.

  • Carousel ads: these types of ads show up in the right sidebar on desktop devices. They're a great way to promote more than one product with just one ad unit!

  • Regular image ad: in most cases, newbies start with an image because it's easier to put a regular image into the advert than creating a high quality video.

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The Latest Trends for Facebook Ads Advanced Strategies and Tips

Published on 02.05.2021

The last few years have shown a significant shift in the way businesses advertise. This is evident from the popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With an estimated 1.5 billion active monthly users on Facebook alone, it's no wonder that companies are flocking to these platforms for their advertising needs.

There are many trends that will affect the future of Facebook ads; some good and some bad. In this article we will discuss a few of them!

Let's start!


Covid-19 impact on the advertising

It's not a surprise that covid-19 will have a lasting impact on advertising. What do we mean under a 'lasting impact'? every offline business that is locked during the pandemic and curfew, is trying to push their product and services online. The first platform they visit is Facebook and the price of the 'ad cost' will increase eventually. How to compete with your competitors on Facebook?  What marketing tips to implement to get better in competition with the advertisers?

  • One of the tips is to use Facebook 'boost post' and increase your reach.

  • Another great tip would be to test different types of ads - for example video ads, carousel or slideshow banners etc.

  • Try testing with cheaper ad campaigns and if it won't give you the desired result then go onto a more expensive one.

  • Try to focus not only on tier-1 countries. It's important to test different countries and maybe even go for the lower tier. If you produce the product or have a really good relation with the vendor from Asia, then you should start testing shipping to tier-2 level countries because you may tap into the new world of El Dorado.


Ecommerce will continue domination

Covid pandemic has seen a big boom of ecommerce. Yes, Ecommerce was always an evergreen digital business but pandemic gave it a big boost. What were the reasons we have seen the rise of ecommerce during a pandemic?

  • Many brands were missing from shelves for a long period of time, sometimes months.

  • We have seen the big surge in e-commerce websites and mobile apps that allow people to shop with convenience on their own schedule.

  • Shopping online has become more attractive because it is often less expensive than getting dressed up and going to the mall.


Facebook ad cost will be unpredictable

As mentioned above, the cost of an ad will be different and you can't just have a fixed thing in mind. There are many variables to keep in mind because you are stepping into the competition with many stores selling from different parts of the world. During the pandemic, more offline business stepped into the competition. So, the price of ads may differ from day to day and you've to get used to this system.


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Facebook Advertising in 2021 Changes Coming

Published on 01.05.2021

Facebook is the social media giant of our time. Even if you are not on Facebook, chances are you know someone who is and that person has probably told you about the latest updates to the system. For instance, one of these changes may be Apple's recent announcement that it will stop allowing its users to sync their information with edge platforms like Facebook by 2021. New IOS update happened few days ago and everyone went crazy. As of now, the situation is still under control but will happen in the future we don't know. IOS system update is good for the standpoint of consumer but bad for advertising-wide. There are other 'trend' changes that might affect your business, so stay tuned and let's dive deep.


IOS 14 update! Winter is coming!

Facebook advertisers know that cookies won't be available in the pixel system after the IOS 14 update. It will depend on the free will of the IOS users to turn on the cookies system for any particular social media app. That's a big change for the advertisers because the "Pixel" system won't be as good as it was before the IOS update. So, what's IOS 14 update?  IOS 14 update is the newest version of Apple's operating system. IOS updates are typically released in September or October but it happened a little bit earlier this year. With a new design for iOS, it also includes some major changes to social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (among others). These app-specific changes include limiting location and other metric tracking. Apple stepped into the big war against Facebook and other social networks. Let's see how it goes. So far, you have to switch slowly to the tracking tool. They have better options to track every part of the device, user location, search keyword, etc. (check the image below - without your allowance, Facebook or other social networks won't have a chance to track your apps)


Video is a dominant creative

It's not a surprise anymore that video creatives are dominating the interest of the Facebook users. Mark's social network is better for advertising than Google because you've many variables here. In the Google AD system, you can't advertise with the video creative, on Facebook it's possible - that's why most of the digital advertisers choose Facebook although Mark's platform is not reliable when it comes to longevity. How to create a powerful video for advertising? You have to be careful because there are plenty of video creators out there, who want to take your money. They will make a few videos for you and then ask for more payments even if the whole campaign doesn't work well. That's why you should filter and test many different video creators. If you want to manage video ad creation, then here are main tips on how to create high quality video advertisement: 

- write a script before recording;

- make sure that you communicate the value of your product or service in the video;

- record testimonials from people who have benefited from what you offer. These are just some tips to remember when creating advertisements for social media platforms.

Also, don't forget about the UGC. In 2021, big brands are already using user generated content. It's important to have UGC videos in your library and show it to potential customers. It makes your brands more believable and legitimate.


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TikTok Marketing for Beginners Tips and Strategies

Published on 27.04.2021

TikTok is a social media platform that has quickly become the go-to for marketing. It's crazy how fast it took off, and now many companies are rushing to figure out what TikTok means for their business. The good news is you don't have to be an expert in marketing to reap the benefits of this new platform! In this blog post I will share some strategies that will help get your company on top of TikTok and market like a pro. These tips and tricks have already proved to be working and they are up to date, so just sit back, relax and implement these tips to get better results.



800 million installs

The biggest factor of success for TikTok was a pandemic. Lockdowns and problems outside the house lead us to consuming more video content. It's obvious that people use TikTok more often. Here are reasons why people fell in love with TikTok right away:

  • It's addictive. The content on TikTok is really engaging, which leads to the app being opened multiple times a day

  • Creators make their own schedule and are in charge of what they want to post. This creates something fresh for people who watch it daily

  • There is no cost or heavy investment needed for marketing because creators


These guys have installed Tik-Tok, what about you? 


Target audience on TikTok

As we know, Gen Z is using TikTok frequently. In general, experts believe that TikTok was created for the young generation but adults found it easy to step into this zone also. What is a target audience on TikTok?  There are a few of them.

Gen Z is the core audience on TikTok, as they are usually teenagers or young adults who use this platform for entertainment purposes Teens and young adults nowadays have a lot more free time than their parents did at that age because they don't have to spend hours doing homework after school anymore. This means they can be targeted by any brand. For instance, if you are selling cosmetics then you've come to the right place. TikTok is a perfect spot for branding and marketing your product especially in the beauty space.

"Gen X" Rules!


Use latest trends

One of the biggest influencers on TikTok got popular due to one dance - it was called "Renegade". Charlie D'amelio got fame just because of that dance and currently teenagers have more than 100 million followers. This example shows you the power and influence trend could have on your journey. How to use the latest trends on TikTok?  You can copy the dance moves or use hashtags to find people who are already popular in that area. How to find the latest trends on the platform?   You can go to the explore page and see what's popular or trending on TikTok.

Inside tip:  If you're looking for more followers than post something new every day but try not to overdo it. This applies especially if your content is interesting, original and provides value in terms of knowledge or entertainment.

This adorable doggo is doing a trend "Renegade"

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Instagram Trending in 2021 The Future of Instagram

Published on 25.04.2021

Are you looking for an article about the latest trends of Instagram? Maybe you want to know what is hot right now on Instagram? What should you do on Instagram in 2021 to get more popular, get more likes on my posts? Well, if so then we have got you covered! You'll find out what's trending now and also what will be trending by 2021. We've even included some tips to help with your account. Read ahead to learn how to become a successful influencer in just 5 steps!


Content is a king

It's not a big surprise that content is still a king. You should create high quality content to get more exposure on Instagram. Why is content important for marketing?  According to the latest research, in 2020 Instagram users posted more than 95 million photos and videos every single day. And this number is growing rapidly. You want your content to be seen by as many people as possible because it will help you get higher engagement rates on your posts - what matters most for getting popular on social media (and with brands). Content is the key to success in social media, and it's especially important for Instagram influencers because of their specific audience - Millennials are a huge part of this demographic on Instagram (and other networks). They have grown up with social media as an integral part of daily life; they're used to scrolling through hundreds or thousands of images and videos.


Instagram stories matter in 2021

It's visible that Instagram stories have a better chance to get more customers or followers.  Why? It's because Instagram stories are creating a more humanistic connection with the brands and follower at the same time. Here are the main tips on how to get better Instagram stories:

  • Have a story that is relevant to your brand.

  • Keep the content fresh, unique and interesting!

  • Use emojis in text posts for more engagement from followers (e.g., "I'm feeling :-)" or "excited about").

  • Curate images with location tags on them so people who are interested in your offers (content that could be converted into the revenue)


Instagram reels are more relevant than ever

Instagram "reels" is getting popular every day. It's visible that TikTok has a new competition and some of TikTok users are already replacing it with Instagram Reels. Here is how to get better at Instagram reels:

  • Don't use too many filters in a row.

  • Use only one filter at the time and change the background to keep it fresh.

  • Don't make videos that last more than 20 seconds or they will bore people quickly.

  • Keep your video short but attention-grabbing!

  • Reversing clips can be fun sometimes and use it weekly or even bi-weekly.

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Instagram Influencer Marketing Guide beginner Introduction

Published on 24.04.2021

One of the most powerful tools in marketing today is influencer marketing. Influencers are everywhere - from YouTube to Instagram, and Snapchat. It seems like everyone with a social media account has the ability to influence their followers on a particular topic or niche. But what exactly is influencer marketing? How do you find influencers? And how do you get them to work with your business? In this post, we will answer all these questions and more so that by the end of it you'll have an understanding of what's involved in an Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy, as well as some tips for choosing which strategy might be best for your company!



The general idea of influencers market

There were no influencers in the digital space at all. Then Facebook brought Instagram and the rest is history. First of all, who could be an Instagram influencer?  Basically, anyone who has a following on Instagram. This is where the power of influencers comes in to play because they have a large following that trusts them and will go out and purchase the product or service their favourite influencer recommends - without doing any research themselves! This is why brands are so keen on working with influencers.


Money that Instagram influencers make

As mentioned above, there is big money in the Instagram influencers market. You are definitely more curious and want to know how much do Instagram influencers make.  Well, it can be anything from $500 to over $100K per post. You might say that is an insane amount of money! And you are right it is an amazing sum for a simple picture with some text added on top of it. But these people need to work hard in order to maintain this level and keep their followers happy too. For instance, if we take a look at the biggest influencers on Instagram, we see that they work mostly with contracts. Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylie Jenner are some of the biggest influencers on the platform. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo is charging  $700,000 for a single Instagram post. It's insane to see that someone can take almost a million dollar for just one simple post but it's working wonders. (check the image below - that's latest promotion from Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram)


How to find a good Instagram influencer?

Think about the niche you are targeting and see who is popular in that field. It'll be easier to get a response from them if they have an interest in your product or service. For instance, if you're looking for influencers on social media related topics then we recommend checking hashtags likes #socialmedia or #socialnetwork and see top results. Then you can reach out to each of those well-established page owners and start negotiations.


Negotiations with the Instagram influencers

Transparent and honest communication is the key to any successful business relationship. You want them to be aware of your expectations, so you need to share all details with them before they are on board in order for there not to be any nasty surprises later down the line.



If you want to become an influencer yourself

  • create an Instagram page and starting posting content. To attract followers, you can use different hashtags like #fashion or #selfie and reach out to brands that might be interested in your follower base

  • Publish content on a regular basis so it becomes easier for other Instagram influencers to notice you. Updating at least three times per week will help with this goal

  • Engage with other influencers and remain consistent with your posts.

  • The first step in influencer marketing is to find the right person who can help you reach your target audience, a task that is accomplished by analyzing their content and following them on social media. You want this individual to have an established presence on Instagram, but not be too popular since that would make it difficult

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