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» What is SocialWick

Brainstrom basic ideas for YouTube channel

Published on 02.03.2021

If you want to have a successful channel on YouTube, it's essential to understand its basic concept. Everything starts with brainstorming and putting ideas into reality. What's your niche? Do you want to focus on 'learning' channels or delivering entertainment bits to the users? There will be lots of questions at the start, but we need to go back to the basics. Optimizing a YouTube channel properly is the best way to start your journey.


All the necessary things

Start with the main thing - optimizing the channel. Add a very professional profile image to your channel. Then you have to add a background image. Without our saying, you can check the channels of big influencers on YouTubers. They always start with main points - profile image, background image and YouTube channel trailer. It's a short video (mostly 30-45 seconds) where you explain to everyone about your channel. When a random user ends up on your channel, they need to understand your channel's idea and points. That's why the trailer of the channel is so important.

In most cases, random YouTube users are looking at the number of subscribers. You need to have around 1000 subscribers to get more recognition on the platform. It's tough to achieve the first 1000 subscribers with manual work. That's when SocialWick comes into the play. On SocialWick you can buy high-quality YouTube subscribers and give you a chance to go viral quickly. With a decent amount of subscribers, YouTube users will recognize and eventually believe in your saying (check the image below - you see that the biggest YouTuber has everything on point - profile image, background image and trailer).


Keep videos short

Over the years, the content creation industry came up with a basic concept - short videos have more attention. If your videos are long, then you'll lose lots of viewers. From random 100 viewers of your video, you'll end up with five maximum of 10 people watching until the very end. That's why short and straightforward videos get more attention. The same concept was a successful and fundamental concept of the TikTok application. Users of TikTok know that they will get very simple and short content. One of the biggest YouTube influencers, David Dobrik, is using the same contempt. In the industry (vlogging) where people put 20+ minutes of content in every possible way, David shrinks everything into 4:20 minutes. In his latest interview, David admitted that he created short videos because it's a psychological moment and people have a sharp focus. The shorter the video, the more recognition they will get in the long run (check the image below - David Dobrik videos are only 4:20 minutes long).

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Starter Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing

Published on 23.02.2021

You have seen many influencers promoting different products. Mostly, influencer marketing happens on Instagram. After Facebook acquired Instagram for more than a billion USD, they have changed the platform's primary direction. Today, it's the biggest network after Facebook itself. Over the last few years, IG became the biggest influencer tool on the web. Today we will talk about the essential A-Z of Instagram influencer marketing.


Influencer marketing - lucrative industry

Why is that industry so attractive for businesses? Well, influencers are people who have established and influential accounts on Instagram. They get love and hate at the same time, but mostly, their ideas are shared. Let's take an example and check the fitness industry. You'll see thousands of influencers in this space who achieved success in the fitness world. All the influencers have unique and different approaches to workout, nutrition and rest. In the latest research, the company Trackmaven noted that pages on Instagram get better engagement rates than Facebook, Twitter, etc. (check the image below - TrackMaven company said that Instagram is better when it comes to engagement rate).


The engagement rate is significant. First of all, check the quality of the comments on each post of the influencer. Open ten latest posts of specific influencers and check users' comments and profiles who comment on the posts. If real people comment on an influencer's posts, then carry to the second step. It would be best if you found the engagement rate. ER is calculated by comparing the numbers of followers to the likes on the posts. If the influencer has 10 000 followers and gets 100 likes on each post, it means that the engagement rate is 1%. Only collaborate and trust influencers that have a minimum 5% rate.


Get noticed by the influencer.

Instagram has an option where IG users can check what influencer is liking and commenting on others accounts. It's an excellent option for every business to get noticed. In the IG marketing industry, people call it Instagram Power Likes. You can get power likes from big accounts and wait for a viral effect. Going viral will be very profitable if you choose (check the image below - you see that big accounts (verified) like and comment on Neymar's photo that went viral afterwards).

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Mini guideline for Instagram advertising newbie friendly

Published on 20.02.2021

If you are looking to renew your Instagram marketing/advertising strategy, then you've come to the right place. You can stop a search and read our mini-guideline. In this post, we will try to give you an explanation of the most basic concepts of Instagram marketing/advertising.

Keep in mind that Instagram advertising needs some start-up capital, and brands are ready to pay for it. There are more than 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram. If we take a look at data, it will blow our mind. On average, Instagram representatives admit that active Instagram users scroll through the app for 53 minutes a day. It's an impressive number because we won't find this kind of positive data with other networks. Mark Zuckerberg knew that the app would be unique; that's why Facebook bought IG for more than a billion.

Instagram advertising is managed from the business manager platform Facebook. As Facebook owns IG, you can run AD campaigns on IG from Facebook's advertising platform. 


How to prepare an Instagram page before AD campaign

You need to have an official image as a profile picture. Search for top-level logo makers, or if you don't have enough money for a logo, you can create it for free. There are many freemium options on the internet to develop basic brand logos. After uploading a logo, you need to take care of the number of followers. The latest data shows that Instagram pages with a considerable number of followers get trust from random users. When you start on Instagram, it's tough to get thousands of Instagram followers. Buy Instagram followers to adapt quickly and grab the attention of potential customers on IG (check the image below - VS official page on Instagram is a perfect example - short and call to action-driven BIO text, link and name of the brand with ideal profile image)


How to create Instagram AD

If you want to start with Instagram campaigns, log into the Facebook account and check the "Ad Manager" element. Now, you have lots of options available from the AD manager (check the image below - have a quick look on options from AD Manager system).


You've to choose one of those options:

  • Brand awareness - You want to reach people who know about your industry and follow your competitors. With this type of ads, you'll increase brand awareness, and people will learn about your brand's presence after that AD campaign.

  • Reach - the most basic form of Instagram ad. It has a fundamental and straightforward goal - put AD in front of the targeted users of IG.

  • Traffic - Your main goal is to drive Instagram users from the application to your web page (the funnel). So, it's the most used type of Advert - driving traffic from Instagram to your web-page.

  • Engagement AD - When you want to increase the number of likes, comments, and shares, you create engagement AD. 

  • App Installs - It's a different type of AD. If you are operating with the application, and want Instagram users to download APP, create an "APP installs" Advert.

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Product research strategies to use in 2021

Published on 15.02.2021

If you want to make money with e-commerce in 2021, your primary focus is to go to the product research methods. Today we will share with your proven, tested and working strategies that can ease your e-commerce journey. You may ask, why is it essential to focus more on product research? Well, everything starts with a good product. When you find a winning product, success is halfway there. No matter how good your marketing is, your business strategy will fail if the product fails. That's why everything starts with product/niche research. Let's go straight and find the most lucrative product research strategies in 2021.


Definition of good and bad products

Let's define each of them. We would love to take many characteristics from our experience and past work. You can trust our experience and follow the definition of good and bad products. You may see that your friend is selling a 50 inches TV like a hot cake, and you think it's a good idea. Great products from our perspective (as we are experienced sellers of the e-commerce world) is a wrong product because sooner or later you'll have a problem with shipping, returns, etc. So, let the big brands sell 50 inches of TV because they have enough funds to cover losses. As a beginner, we would not suggest you go to big products. You can still chase high-ticket products but let it be lightweight and small.


  • Lighweight products - As a beginner, you need to focus more on lightweight products as a beginner.

  • Price could vary from $50 to $99 - don't go for three-digit priced products. Yes, you can focus more on high-ticket items (because you get more profit from high-priced products) but from our experience, you have to stay under $XXX (three-digit) radar.

  • Unbranded product - if you focus on unbranded products (mostly from Chinese manufacturers), you can re-brand or private-label the product for 2x. You probably know the brand's power because Apple is selling phones every minute that is priced very high, although the Phone characteristics are not way low.


Bestsellers list of Amazon and eBay

It's not a big surprise that eBay and Amazon dominate the e-commerce world. Amazon has a 49% market share of the USA e-commerce space. So, it's the best place to go after. eBay is a second-tier platform after AMZ, so don't forget to check it too. 

Let's dive deep into the best-seller lists of Amazon. It's indeed the best way to find what's' selling like a hot cake. Amazon is updating the best-seller list every hour so that you could find the most sellable product on the platform. Keep in mind that Amazon is giving your list of favoured industries, another excellent hack for beginners (check the image below - Amazon updates best seller product lists every hour).


eBay has best-selling product lists too. You can go to eBay and research for particular lists. Unlike Amazon, eBay is giving you the industries first, and then you can check the product by the industries (check the image below - you'll see that eBay has arranged best-seller products by the categories).

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Product Research Tips To Uncover Legit Ecommerce Market Opportunities

Published on 12.02.2021

Do you want to learn about product research methods? This post will try to uncover the hidden secrets that top-tier e-commerce companies have during the product research. Without a proper product/niche research, it's impossible to achieve success in e-commerce. If you find the hidden and most promising market, then you have the power to dominate the space for years. The difference between thousands of dollars and million-dollar e-com business lay in the market/keyword research. In this post, you'll learn a few hidden secrets that can change your research strategy.


Google Trends has a different taste.

You probably heard about Google Trends. It's the platform where people can see the world's latest trends. Google is a massive platform, so don't limit yourself. Keep in mind that Google allows users to see the trends on any particular date. For instance, you can find the Google trends that were most searched last weekend, month, year, etc. 

The interface of Google trends is straightforward and easy. Go and check the latest, 24 hours trends of Google and browse the specific country. Do you want to focus on selling products in the United States? Well, browse the latest trends in the United States. If you're going to sell products in France, you can check France's latest trends. Making thousands of dollars quickly is always related to trends. If millions of people suddenly search for a particular niche, it means that you are standing in front of El Dorado. In this case, e-com entrepreneurs act fast and search for products to fit a particular trend. They create websites (it could be Shopify or Woocommerce) in just a few hours and start advertising right away (check the image below - it's easy to spot the latest trends with this platform).


The second option with the trends is related to Twitter. When you log in to Twitter, you'll find the right column is entirely related to the latest tweets. If people use the same hash-tag in the tweets in the last few hours and it's more than 1 000, Twitter calls it a 'trend'. Browse Twitter trends and find what the users posting about are. By that way, you can catch the latest trends easily and get lots of profit quickly. Browse the options and personalize the Twitter trends (for your region, country, interest) and let Twitter's algo know what you want from the trends (check the image below - Twitter trends showing latest viral news).


Study Amazon categories

Amazon is the biggest marketplace around the globe. You can find the latest opportunities in the categories. What's the most exciting category for your products? Amazon has hundreds of categories and subcategories on the platform. Browse any particular Amazon category you wish and then go for the top-selling products. It's the easiest way to uncover the latest top-selling products (trends). Keep in mind that if something is selling on Amazon, then the demand is there. (check the image below - it's just a little list of the categories on Amazon)


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How to find top performing niches in 2021

Published on 07.02.2021

Getting into the top-performing industry in 2021 is vital. Competition in the online world is growing every single day. Pandemic and economic recession is a big hit for the world, so people try to focus more on digital stuff. That's why competition grew a lot during 2020, and it's growing in 2021 too. If you are just starting with the digital business world, this article is for you. Welcome to our website and let us give you some essential tips on finding top-performing niches.


How to find a niche with few easy steps.

Do you want to enter the eCommerce industry? Maybe you would love to join an affiliate space? Well, there is a big difference when it comes to the affiliate and e-commerce world. First of all, e-commerce could be lucrative and more profitable than affiliate space. On the other hand, affiliate space is straightforward to start because you are promoting other products/service, so you don't have to think about customer service, shipping time, payment processing systems, etc.


Pros of e-commerce niches

  • You can get big profits on each sale

  • You can control the demand

  • Add 'shipping price' anytime to the product and get more profits

  • You build an actual brand that lasts for too long

  • LTV (long-term value) is a crucial factor when it comes to e-commerce


Pros of affiliate niches

  • You don't think about customer service

  • You don't think about the returns

  • You don't think about the payment processing systems

  • You don't think about the shipping times/issues

  • You write a review of the product(s), drive traffic and profit - easy as that


If you want to step into the e-commerce niche, then Aliexpress (for shipping from China) or Walmart (for shipping from the USA) has to be your first go-to platform. We would love to advise you to start shipping from the USA. If you want to sell products in the USA, it's better to focus on US-based suppliers. Keep in mind that there is a trade war between China and the USA. Freshly-elected president Joe Biden will not give up quickly, so trade-war will continue for a minimum of a few months. Shipping from the Chinese suppliers will take a minimum of 2 weeks to deliver to a USA customer, and it's awful. Amazon is offering 2-days delivery (or even one day's delivery by the 'PRIME' service), so you can't compete with Amazon sellers if you have a slow shipping system (check the image below - most of the Chinese suppliers ask for a minimum three weeks to deliver to the USA).

When you follow our advice, you can end up on Walmart's platform. Click on "All Departments", and the platform will open hundreds of micro and macro departments. Firstly, you've to choose the big industry (and then go for macro-niche) (check the image below - you'll see hundreds of micro-niches offered by Walmart)


Big industries in e-commerce niche:

  • Electronics & Office

  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

  • Home, Furniture & Appliances

  • Toys, Games, and Video Games

  • Home Improvement

  • Movies, Music & Books

  • Baby products

  • Patio & Garden

  • Food, Household & Pets

  • Pharmacy, Health & Personal Care

  • Beauty products

  • Sport, Fitness and outdoors


When you browse the big niches, you'll see that Walmart offers you macro-niches in every big industry. First of all, decide what's your favourite space and what will be the industry that won't be boring for you. 

For this case, let's take an example. We can go for the 'home improvement' niche and choose the following macro-industry - air quality products. Then check the category "air quality' and "heurēka" - we found micro-niche and hundreds of products in that space (check the image below - you'll see macro-categories of "Air quality products" and if you click on those categories, you'll find hundreds of products there).


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SEO Trends in 2021 what every marketer should know

Published on 02.02.2021

SEO trends are changing every year. The Google algorithm update can turn tables around, so marketers should be on the verge of change every month. This post will try to cover the latest SEO trends that every marketer has to be aware of. 



  • Build and improve UX (User experience). Especially in 2021, Google's algo can easily understand whether visitors like the website's UX or not.

  • Implement the E.A.T. concept. In Google's search algorithm guideline, we see that E.A.T. is essential, so don't overestimate it.

  • Search intent on top of the world. If you don't know the basics of search intent, you can't satisfy Google visitors.


How to build and improve User Experience

What is UX, you may ask? If we follow the simple logic, then UX is the overall feeling visitors have while browsing your website. UX includes:

  • Speed of a website

  • Navigation

  • Menu system

  • How to search function works on your website

  • Is it easy to check the content and desired information on a website?

If a Google visitor can easily navigate your website and find important information, your website has perfect UX. Keep in mind that Google can easily track a visitor's activities, so they will understand every part of your website and how people act when they visit it. Bounce rate is the most significant factor when it comes to UX. When someone visits your website and leaves right away, the bounce rate will be high. If someone loves reading content and stays on your website, then the bounce rate will be lower. Every marketer needs to keep the bounce rate lower. By that way, Google algorithm thinks that your website is worth ranking higher. To keep bounce rate lower, you can have separate pages for the same content. For instance, let the Google visitor click on the part II link to continue reading. It means that they have to browse other pages to understand more about the topic. That's an easy way to decrease the bounce rate and let Google think that your UX is good (Check the image below - although Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform worldwide, their UX has to be improved a bit for Google purposes).


Implement E.A.T. concept

It's an abbreviation and stands for 'expertise, authority and trust'. Google developers write 30+ pages about an E.A.T. concept in the Search intent guideline. It means that Google developers see E.A.T. concept as the central part of the search algorithm. Don't underestimate this approach. Now let's talk about the implementation of the concept on your website.

E.A.T. is entirely related to on-page SEO (content). "Expertise" means that the expert in a particular field must write every piece of content on your website. If you are writing about cardiovascular diseases, then the content must be written by surgeons or at least by the general-experienced doctors. "Authority" means that other sources must trust the content's author. "Trust" means that the content has to be hornets and truthful. Ignoring E.A.T. concept may lead to loss of traffic during a next update (check the image below - a website called 'DrAxe' lost more than 10 million visitors in just one update of the algorithm for ignoring E.A.T.).

Search intent on top of the world

Every SEO expert would say that everything starts with search intent. If you don't understand 'why' behind the search query, you can't satisfy a Google visitor. According to the popular website "Ahrefs", they have increased the visitors' number to 50 000 with just implementing search intent strategy. (check the image below - you'll see that core page of Ahrefs is now receiving 50 000 unique visitors in 12 months course of focusing on search intent strategy)

Search intent strategy means that you have to brainstorm about the topic. For instance, if someone is searching for 'best beard shaver', then you have to brainstorm around this topic. What will you get? You've created a sub-headings for content like this:

  • Professional beard shaver

  • Cheap beard shaver

  • Professional beard shaver for barbers

  • Shaver VS trimmer

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Definitive guide to SEO in 2021 Part III

Published on 25.01.2021

In this part of the guideline, we will go through the optimization strategies for on-page SEO. What is an on-page SEO? If we look after popular SEO journals, MOZ's definition, then on-page SEO is the best practice for each web page to rank higher in Google and other search engines. 

SEO is not simple, but people make it hard to work and focus in most cases. SEO consists of a few parts - one is related to web page development itself and second is related to getting signals from other websites (social signals, building natural backlinks, etc.). Gaining traction from other websites is very important but never sleep on optimizing each web page for best practices. If the website is not fast or does not have a focus keyword in the title, you can't compete with the top-3 of your competition. Keep in mind that the real game starts when you enter the top-3. When you are not ranking for top-3, you don't understand how much power you can gain after getting into the top position. Today we will talk about the best practices and make sure that each part of the web-page is optimized for higher rankings. 


E-A-T is a must for every page ranking in Google

EAT is an abbreviation. It stands for 'expertise', 'authoritativeness' and 'trustworthiness'. The new update of Google says that if someone wants to rank a Google website for top 10 pages, then EAT has to be implemented on the website. It's actually about the on-page SEO and content that we want to put on the web page. With implementing EAT system, Google reminded marketers that web pages must have 'expertise', 'authoritativeness' and 'trustworthiness'. If the content is not expert-written, authoritative and trustworthy, you are not playing right.

EAT is very important when it comes to YMYL industries. Google has its search quality guideline, and the definition of YMYL niche is mentioned there. So, YMYL stands for "Your money, your life". It's the industry that could affect a person's financial situation positively. Financing, health and gaming niches could be known as YMYL niches. EAT is the most crucial factor for YMYL niche websites. Google does not like and favour the websites in the YMYL niche, but thousands of websites are operating in this industry, so Google has to regulate correctly, right? That's why E-A-T is mostly used on those niche websites (check the image below - those are definitions of EAT and YMYL according to Google search quality guidelines).

Content quality

In most cases, people overlook the quality of the content. If you do not focus on quality content, you are losing higher rankings and significant revenue. What could be done in this case? Content quality depends on many factors. First of all, Google will not grant website content with plagiarism. If a website owner is copying content from other websites, it won't rank higher in Google. Yes, the website will be still visible in Google search, but there will be no chances for that website to rank high in SERPs. 

The crawlers already observe content quality. The algorithmic crawlers have to look at the quality and see different options. For instance, they look at keyword optimization (also, they might check for keyword cannibalization), title tags, and the web page's actual body-text. What could be a bad practice in terms of quality content? If someone is looking for the best shaving soap, they already know about shaving soap.

In some cases, content writers start writing about the 'shaving soaps', and they tell us the history of how humankind achieved it. Google crawlers won't favour a website with an H1 (start of the web page) with that kind of fluff content. When someone is looking for the best shaving soap, they want to know about existing top-tier brands (check the image below - you'll see a perfect example on how to use H1 on a web page - create a shortcut for readers, as they look only for 'best' shave soaps).

In the last part of the guideline, we will talk about the importance of backlinks and getting authoritative and trusted links from big websites. 

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Definitive guide to SEO in 2021 Part II

Published on 21.01.2021

In the last previous of the guideline, we talked about SEO in general. At the same time, we have covered the keyword research phrases that could benefit many. In this part, we will cover everything related to on-page SEO. The term itself is comprehensive, and it could contain many little aspects. If you want to deliver your SEO strategy into another level, then you should focus more on on-page SEO aspects.


The title is an essential part.

Titles in SEO have the same impact and role as the book titles. At the same time, SEO titles have other features and benefits for the website. The latest Google algorithm updates show that titles are essential when understanding the basics of the website and content. The crawlers of Google try to get an in-depth understanding of each page on your website. Those little bots from Google start crawling every page from the sitemap. Crawlers mostly look at the titles and then connect dots with other websites. If your focus keyword is not in the page's title, then the page is ready for the loss with competitors. It's the first rule of on-page SEO - always put the focus keyword (main KW) in the title.

Let's take an example and see what will be shown on Google. Our model could be the following long-tail keyword - 'best indoor security camera'. Google that particular keyword, and you'll see the results. Take a closer look at the top 10 results for that keyword's titles. Almost every top 10 page has a focus keyword in their title, and that's the first reason they are ranking higher than others. (check the image - you'll see that the top 10 pages for that keyword include targeting long-tail keywords in the title).

Have you heard about the LSI keywords?

There is a big competition going on to get as many LSI keywords as possible. What is an LSI? It's an abbreviation and stands for "Latent-Semantic indexing". What could it mean? Well, first of all, Google's 'new age' crawlers are very smart. The old days of Google, when random websites were ranking for competitive keywords, is gone long-time ago. New crawlers know that MacBook is the laptop model made by Apple. Also, there are lots of computer brands globally, and crawlers see each one's name. It means that Google knows the synonyms and antonyms of each word-term. 

LSI keywords are essential in the new age, Google. You can't just put the primary keyword in the title or body text and wait for results. Google crawlers must know everything about the idea behind the post - what are the synonyms? What are the antonyms, what are the latent-semantic words related to your focus keyword? If you want to have a creative title, but you can't just put the primary keyword fully in the title, then you can think outside the box. Simply use the LSI keyword and believe us, Google will still understand your intentions and rank you for the main keyword. Let's take an example and search for a particular keyword - "best apple computer". Now you see that most of the titles don't have that focus keyword. What could be the reason? They have LSI keywords included in the titles, so Google understands that the website/page is also about the 'best apple computers'. (check the image below - you see that none of the top 10 has 'best apple computer' in the title)


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Definitive guide to SEO in 2021 Part I

Published on 17.01.2021

Today is the day when you learn SEO from scratch. With our guideline, you'll understand every little SEO aspect in 2021. Last year was challenging not only for offline businesses but also for people who were hit by the significant algorithm updates of Google. In this guideline (that comes in different parts) we will go through every vital part of the SEO to keep up with the updates of Algorithm in 2021.

SEO consists of many parts. You can't be the top-notch expert in every part of SEO, but it's essential to understand each vital aspect clearly. First of all, everyone starts SEO with the keyword research. If you make it right, then half of the work is done. Search engine optimization continues with the on-page part. In this case, you have to take care of installing a content management system (CMS), optimize the design (it could be WordPress, Joomla or another type of CMS) and finish with the technical aspect of the website. The third part of SEO includes link building. Google algorithm updates note that links have to be acquired naturally. So, it's always believed that big brands (like Buzzfeed, Forbes, NY Times, etc.) would still get more affection from Google because they get links naturally (by getting thousands of shares on social networks and naturally being mentioned in the regular blog posts).

Keyword Research: Search engine optimization starts here.

We will go through the first part of the search engine optimization in this part. Keyword research is a vital part and often underestimated. What should you know about keyword research? Why is it essential to do proper keyword research? Can you learn the market by doing research? Well, in the next few passages, you'll understand everything about the 'keyword universe'. (check the image below - Google itself even offers keyword suggestions)

Keyword research basics

Keyword research is simply the process when you find the words, terms and phrases. Those are called 'keywords' and Google, Bing, YouTube and other search engines are based on those keywords. Without keywords, search engines can't work correctly. That's why even Google and YouTube always suggest that you focus on more search phrases. In other words, keyword research is the 'market research' in 2021. That's why you need to focus more on keyword research. If you find a niche or sub-niche with less competition, you are halfway at the top of Google/YouTube.

Let's take an example of bad and good keywords (a.k.a market research). When you start working on a new project, please start with the main ideas. Here is the list of the top industries to focus your focus in 2021

  • Smart home

  • Tools for garden

  • Beauty and health

  • Investing and financing 

  • Electronics and computers

For our research, let's take a look into the particular industry. Let's start working keyword research in this space - smart home and accessories. You can find lots of smart home products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Many brands try to make a name in this space, so it's hard to find those names while Googling. 

If we search for 'smart doorbell' on Ahrefs, we will see that keyword is not easy to tap into. Don't be discouraged by this fact. First of all, we have a chance to find the top 10 websites that rank for this keyword (check the image below - here are the top 10 websites ranking for our desired keyword).

As you see, our desired keyword is very competitive. Those websites are brands, big brands that got trust from people - so it will be hard to compete. You see NY Times, Amazon, Home Depot and PCMAG. What should we do in this case? Everything leads to focusing on another approach - let's search for keywords with the same phrase as our desired keyword. (Check the image below - you see that there are thousands of keywords that have the exact phrase we are looking for).

If you take a close look at the image, you'll see that we have bolded the following keyword - "smart doorbell and lock."

Hope you don't think that we find those kinds of keywords out of the blue. You have to do the manual work - go and check every single keyword, no matter what. Maybe the keyword has only 100 searches per month? It's worth it because you may find a phrase connected with that keyword and deliver 1000 more targeted Google users. After checking each keyword manually, we have come up with one particular keyword - 'smart doorbell and lock' - Now let's check the top 10 websites ranking for this keyword. (check the image below - you see top 10 competitors)

We know that you are impressed now because of the results. You see that a website with only domain rating 4 and only 20 referring domains is ranking the top for a particular keyword. Yes, that's a winning keyword, we are on the right track.

Learning from a winner

Now it's time to find more keywords in the 'smart home' niche after getting one straightforward and successful search phrase. We call it 'learning from a winner' and let's do this in practice. A ranking for our desired keyword has only domain rating 4. 

If the website is not robust and is ranking for keywords as the top result, then it means that keywords are easy to target. So, anyone can enter the competition and dominate the market. Now, let's search for keywords that particular website is ranking as the top result - those keywords are easy to target indeed (check the image below - you'll see keywords that are easy to target in the smart home market)

Voilà - our research has come to an end. We have finished the little research (that may take up to 10 minutes) with a successful project. We found a sub-niche in smart home space that can be dominated without significant effort.

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