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How to Build Your Audience by using Instagram Stories

Published on 17.09.2020 by Natia

Did you know that about half of monthly users on Instagram uses stories? So, 1 Billion stories are posted on Instagram every day. According to the research, about 60-65 % of people become more interested in the product or brand after seeing them in their stories. Instagram stories disappear after hours. As you know, they do not show up in the news feed. So, you don't need to worry about overloading them. 


Add a Hashtag to your Instagram Stories

When you add some hashtags to your stories, it will make them more discoverable. The Instagram algorithm may select them to appear on the page for the added hashtag. Use the Hashtag sticker or a regular text to add a hashtag to your story. Up to ten Hashtags can be added to each story.

Add a Location

Adding a location to your Instagram Story will also expend reach a wider audience. End your story with a Location Page. So, you will end up with increased interest and a lot more views. Noteworthy, you will need a business Instagram account to be able to set up a location page.

Use Stories Highlights

Highlighting your Instagram Stories will let you save them for more than 24 hours. In this way, you can pin them front and center for your followers. Use this great place for your best content that is brand-defining. Each highlight can contain a limitless amount of stories. So, you can keep adding when you post new content.

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How to Double Your Subscribers on YouTube

Published on 14.09.2020 by Natia

Thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube per minute. With such a competition, you might have lost hope that you will manage to become popular on YouTube. One of the key indicators of the popularity on YouTube is a number of Subscribers. The more they are, the higher consistency of views you can achieve. If you manage to boost subscriber numbers, you will be able to experience success with YouTube.

Give a Theme to Your YouTube Channel

Giving your channel a theme will make it easier to direct your later efforts related to creating content. If your channel belongs to a specific niche, then viewers who deeply care about the topic will not mind subscribing. If you are trying to find a theme for your channel, just consider the problems that your business solves and for whom.


Create Incredible Content

Creating great content is one of the greatest ways to grow your Subscriber count. People usually subscribe to your channel when they get interested in your content and are eager to get updates from your channel whenever a new video is uploaded. So, if your video is excellent, your subscribers will not mind hearing from you again. That's because their initial impression of your content was positive.


Make Your Recording Easy to Watch

Watching your content and should not be a challenging job for the viewers. Make sure that the lighting is appropriate. If you are talking to the camera in the recording, make sure that viewers will see your face directly.

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How to optimize your YouTube channel in 2020

Published on 02.09.2020 by Natia

YouTube optimization will make your channel search-friendly. As you know, Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google. That means, your optimized video presence is highly beneficial for your SERP Ranking. YouTube appreciates quality content. It ranks videos according to a machine-learning algorithm with a few ranking factors, like Number of Subscribers, Watch Time, Video Length, and User Interaction.

Keyword in Your Channel Name

Instead of using only the company name, you'd better also put a Keyword in your channel name. Try "Company Name: Keyword". This keyword, along with your Brand Name, will help searchers to define your brand. Through this mechanism, users come across your channel organically.

About Us Page

Many YouTubers do not utilize this piece of digital wealth. Some of them are just unsure how to advance towards their About Us pages.  Actually, it is the greatest opportunity to describe your channel and inform the audience what type of videos you usually produce. Insert a few keywords in your About Us text to also help optimize the page further for search.

Noteworthy, only the first 48 characters of your About Us Page is shown in the results of the YouTube search. Site users need it to understand who you are, and YouTube needs it to provide the best snippet of your content.

Channel Trailer

Trailer is the visual About Us that introduces your channel and gets visitors to Subscribe. Typically, they are 30-60 seconds and include the brand's introduction, in a short and quick way, to hook the viewer within a few seconds at the beginning. In the trailer, you should ask viewers, both vocally and textually, to Subscribe your Channel.

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How to improve your Instagram reach

Published on 26.08.2020 by Natia

The shortest possible way to increase your organic reach on Instagram in 2020 is to understand how the key factors in Instagram Algorithm work. Accordingly, you will figure out how to rank your content on the feed of the users. 


Find Optimal Posting Time

It takes some time to find out when most of your followers are active. So, you should post when the majority of your audience is online. From the Instagram business profile, you can check Insights to figure out at what time of the day the followers are most active.


Encourage Engagement

Calling for action and asking questions is one of the most effective ways to encourage your audience to interact with your Instagram posts. Hosting a giveaway content is also a successful method to engage your followers. As usual, such contests generate more comments and activity than on ordinary posts. Just try to have a few months' gaps between such contests in order to keep things exciting.


Create User-Generated Content

While ranking content on the news feed of your users, the Instagram algorithm considers their relationships. According to the research, user-generated content is ranked 35 percent higher. It is also more memorable and trusted than other non-user-generated content or traditional media. So creating the user-generated content is a highly valuable strategy to try.


Go Live

By going Live on Instagram, you appear at the front of the stories feed. Try to assume that no one else is Live at the same time. Also, the ‘Live’ logo will make your profile photo more notable in the Instagram App.

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Know The Ultimate Impacts Of Instagram Purchase Followers

Published on 24.08.2020 by Greg

In general, everyone knows the impact of Instagram and how popular it is among social media platforms. It is mainly because of its unique features. You can avoid other adverting strategies for your business marketing and make use of Instagram to grow your brand to the next level. At first, this platform is introduced just as a photo-sharing app, which has been used by popular celebrities to establish them. A star can gain followers based on their popularity. But as an average person, how can one get more Instagram followers? Of course, it is possible by buying Instagram followers. With the help of Instagram purchase followers, you can effectively increase your business growth. In case you don’t want to purchase the followers and want to follow the organic way, then it will take more amount of time for you to get famous and increase your brand growth. But instead, when you go with buying Instagram followers, then absolutely in a short period, your brand will get popularized.  

What will an Instagrammer do?

By placing a few clicks, as an Instagrammer, you have to make an enormous number of friends, and it is high time now. You have to find out the exact reason of buying Instagram followers. You know about the immense amount of hidden advantages and opportunities, you have to enhance your brand with them. 

Advantages of having followers

Having a more number of followers will have their unique benefits. It will be effortless to market your products, services, business, and message you want to convey. The followers will visit your profile, and then they will check out all your products and services. In case it is apt for them then sure they will buy their suitable products with you. It is one of the added advantages. Through your interesting posts, you have to attract your followers. If you did it correctly, then your brand will be get noticed by followers of followers. It is also to be noted that, after Buying Instagram followers now, your total number of likes for your post will also increase immediately. 

Advantages of Buying Instagram Followers

At the time, when you have decided to become popular on social media like Instagram, then you must have more number of active followers. You will get the backstage pass to popularity and recognition, while you buy the followers. After you have completed your transaction, you will be offered with hundreds of followers. After purchasing the followers, you should not be merely quiet; you have to engage your audience or follower via positing interesting pictures or promoting the brand on your profile. You can also post about your products and make your followers to be connected with you always. So always concentrate on how to engage your followers in a top-notch manner. Below, you can check out the significant advantages involved in buying Instagram followers:

  • More credibility
  • Quick popularity
  • Trendy factors
  • Increased brand image
  • Effort and time


More credibility

With the help of Instagram purchase followers, your reliability will get increased in a top-notch manner. You must increase the trust among your followers by providing the original brand details and many more factors.  

Quick popularity

While buying Instagram followers, your fame and reputation will be effectively increased. When it comes to Instagram, popularity is one of the most critical factors, and you have to achieve it correctly. If you have more followers, your posts will be shared by them. At that time, other followers will like your post and then start to follow you. This is a simple technique, but one can experience the most extraordinary popularity via buying the number of followers. This kind of process should be notable. 

Trendy factors

Generally, if anything turns out to be very popular, it will become a trend, and people will never want to miss it. Sometimes, you may experience that a popular page that has liked your post. It is mainly because, when you post anything trendy, they will love it. They always search for stylish posts. If it appears, that kind of page will recognize you. In case you are interested, you can allow them to follow you, and you also can follow them. Through the trendy factors, you can gain a lot via buying Instagram followers.

Increased brand image

The more and more your follower gets increased, the more your brand image will increase without any issues. Even though you are providing top-notch quality services and products, if your followers and likes are fewer, no one will care for your product. To enhance your brand image, it is a must to buy Instagram followers very effectively. In case your account is followed by more followers, then some new followers will get interested in you and then proceed further. So automatically, your brand will be recognized among an enormous number of peoples, and the brand image gets increased.

Save your effort and time

Through Instagram purchase followers, you can able to save your lot of effort and time. Without involving in any hard conditions, one can able to increase the followers very quickly. If you want to get famous, it is an easy way. You have to buy Instagram followers in a top-notch manner. With the help of more followers, self-promotion is not needed, and instead, your brand will get recognized automatically. 

Final verdict

By checking out the details mentioned above, you can know the impacts of Instagram purchase followers. By buying the followers, your brand image will get increased. After purchasing Instagram followers, you have to keep posting interesting stuff about your brand to engage your followers. So why are you waiting still? Just buy Instagram followers and grab the advantages.

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Three Real Reasons why Instagram is the Best Platform for Marketing

Published on 18.08.2020 by Natia

Most people think that Instagram was created for only sharing photos. But actually, it is the best platform where you can promote your small business. With more than a billion monthly active users, Instagram gives you the ability to connect with your followers as a brand.


As you know, Instagram focuses attention on photos more than any other social media platform. Here your photo is the main event, so it should be sharp, clear, and provocative. People usually scroll past all photos that do not intrigue them. It means you need a high-quality photo to make your followers think and stop enough to engage.



Photos can tell the whole story. Still, captions are essential. Once you capture your followers’ attention, you will need to have an interesting caption to drive people to take action or engage. Otherwise, people will most likely not understand what you want them to do. For the biggest engagement, you can ask a question at the end of your caption or finish it with a call to action.


Mobile Usage

Instagram is an online platform that only allows its users to post their photos from mobile devices. That may seem like a disadvantage for some businesses. But keep in mind that more than 4/5 of social media browsing is from mobile devices.

Usually, people have their phones with them all the time. Most buyers look up product reviews or compare prices by using their mobile phones before deciding to buy something. So, building a presence on Instagram is still very profitable

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Instagram Marketing Tips to Actually Grow Your Brand

Published on 16.08.2020 by Natia

With its more than a Billion monthly active users, Instagram provides a perfect marketing platform for reaching potential customers all over the world. For better Instagram Marketing, you should increase the number of your followers consistently. A larger audience means more people you reach with your posts. Some free and simple tips can help you actually to grow your brand. 


Free Instagram Tools

As you know, business Instagram profiles have contact options and access to Insights that give you impression and engagement data. Understanding how your audience interacts with your posts will help you make better adjustments to improve your engagement.


Don’t overwhelm your Followers.

You should post often enough in order to keep your brand relevant but not so frequently that overwhelm your audience. If you are always in their face, they will just end up following you. You should observe and find out how your followers respond. Try to post twice a day at different times of the day. Change times several times and pay attention to the engagement. It will help you understand when your followers are engaged the most. Once you find the answer, you can keep posting in the selected period.


Interactive Hashtags

An interactive hashtag is an excellent way of creating instant engagement. For this, you need to create a hashtag that your customers should use to tag their photos with the products related to your brand. Whenever someone uses your hashtag for their posts, all of their followers are exposed to your brand and products

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How to Keep Your Audience Focused and Satisfied

Published on 06.08.2020 by Natia

Gaining subscribers is, of course, challenging, but holding their attention once you get them is even more difficult. If you want to increase your audience and keep them focused and satisfied, you should have a concrete strategy plan and follow it step by step.

Find out what your audience actually wants.

Customers usually look for personalized products and services. That can be something created specifically for them. The next characteristic that can bring and keep your customers on your page is a low price. That's because customers usually vote with their wallets. Once you become aware of what your audience expects from you, it would be best if you tried to satisfy their desires. This might be challenging initially. But, since you face that challenge, results will astonish you.


Keep engaging your Subscribers.

Even getting a great number of subscribers is not enough if you forget about them at once. When a customer starts following you, you should fo your best to keep them for good. Listen to your subscribers and try to keep your audience engaged by giving them the products or services they signed up with you for.


Offer additional rewards

Since you provide your subscribers with all you promised, you can also offer them additional rewards. The reward can be like the following: Giveaways or contests, referral programs, access to some private groups, etc. The most loyal customers can be engaged with a chance to claim some free products or special discounts.

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Simple Tips to Actually Engage Your Facebook Audience

Published on 01.08.2020 by Natia

In recent years, the engagement rate on Facebook pages has reduced by 20%. But there still exist some tips to combat this fall and keep increasing your Page's engagement. All of the following ways are already tested and proven actually to work.

Focus on Quality rather than Quantity

We can share high-quality content only in case we post only once or twice a day. If you post more frequently, you probably struggle each time to find great enough content. As you know, finding or creating valuable content usually takes time. So, if you feel that while posting several times a day, you cannot maintain the content quality because of lacking time, you should change your strategy. It is always a better idea to focus on quality rather than quantity.


Post when your audience is online

Of course, there is no universal best time for posting on Facebook. You should find your own best period of time when most of the fans of your brand are online. If you look through your data in your Facebook Page Insights, you can get the needed information about when your fans are online for each weekday.


Go Live

In 2020, it seems Facebook has tweaked their algorithm in order to rank the live videos higher while they are still live. The engagement rate on Live Videos is about ten times higher than on regular videos. Also, when you go live, no matter they watch the video or not, it subtly encourages your fans to check out your Facebook page.

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How to pick the best hashtags to grow your Instagram audience

Published on 24.07.2020 by Natia

A hashtag is an effective way to increase your Instagram audience. According to some sources, posts with hashtags gain about 12-14% more attention. Using Hashtags can lead you to a number of benefits, like getting more followers or improving your posts' engagement rates.

Rule 1: Mix Different Types of Hashtags

There are different types of Hashtags. For your Business Instagram Account, you will definitely need the ones from Community Hashtags, indicating your product or service or special event. But they are not enough. If you want to develop a successful Hashtag Strategy for your business page on Instagram, you should mix Hashtags from different categories. When you use a variety of several types of Hashtags, your posts and stories can reach diverse communities. The best way to discover the most popular ones in your audience is to check their accounts and pay attention to Hashtags they use most often.


Rule 2: Branded and Campaign Hashtags

Branded Hashtag is a unique Hashtag created for your company only. When you use Instagram for your business, you should have Branded Hashtags, like the name of your company/brand, tagline, or one of your most popular products or services. The branded Hashtag may not include the Brand name, but it must be very close to the brand's identity. These types of Hashtags are associated with your brand, so you can include them in all of your posts and stories. On the other hand, Campaign Hashtags are short-term and tied to specific campaigns. So, they are meant to be used only for just a few days, weeks, or months (depends on the campaign duration).

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