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Write a content plan for Instagram marketing

Published on 04.03.2022 by Luke Barbosa

According to the specifics of marketing, it is most logical for a marketer to promote services in social networks. Instagram is now a full-fledged business platform, where small and large companies are represented. Competently draw up a profile, present a portfolio and prove one's expertise are the main professional tasks. And a properly designed content plan for a marketer will help with this.

How to analyze niche for IG success

Analysis is the basis for successful page maintenance. Many professionals are ready to create cool marketing strategies for others, forgetting to use the basics of promotion in their own accounts. But for your blog, the principle will be the same:

  • Collect data on the target audience. What kind of clients will you be targeting? For owners of small blogs that have just appeared on Instagram, one type of information is needed. For them, the main thing is to convey why they need expert advice and what they will give. Successful entrepreneurs take a different approach. Business owners already understand the value of a professional in a team. And its main task is to show how the offer is better than the offers of competitors. And a completely different category of target audience is people who want to study marketing under your supervision

  • Analyze the market. Study supply and demand. Check out the big and fast growing blogs in your field. A full analysis will take several weeks. But this will help to create your own unique selling proposition that stands out from the rest.

After analyzing the market and the target audience, you will understand what formats and types of content should focus.

What type of posts you have to publish!

When preparing a content plan for an Instagram marketer, divide it into three groups:

1. Main feed. Information in the form of posts with a text description, as well as infographics. You can keep in touch with subscribers by replying to comments. Check the image of main feed! 

You can check visme.co, they offer an excellent infographic maker.


2. Stories. Photo and video format, with or without text. In stories it is convenient to work out objections, as well as consistently talk about the benefits of consultations. Check the image below - you see how Instagram stories lookalike!


3. Live broadcasts, saving to IGTV and Reels. Video content is popular on the social network. Reels is new to Instagram, so consider it in your content plan. Since it appeared recently, the social network promotes user videos in every possible way. Thus, you will spend less resources on advertising. Live streams are a great way to showcase your expertise, as well as a free trial consultation to show you the process.