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Luke Barbosa

Luka likes filming and taking pictures with his camera. Sometimes he can use his shots for social media. In his spare time he is writing articles about marketing.






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TikTok could be banned after midterm elections

Published on 06.11.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Donald Trump's team and some of the senate officials are trying to work with the regulator of the US. Keep in mind that midterm elections are close (November 8, 2022), and the former president's team believes that China may get lots of data regarding the US user base


Millions of people from the US turned TikTok into a daily life app.

TikTok is a big app around the globe. We see that hundreds of millions of Americans are using it daily. It means that most users turned the application into a source of entertainment and partnerships. Do you think that they would be happy to see TikTok banned? There are rumors in the US that the US will ban the application after the midterm elections. Also, it's believed that Donald Trump's team is trying to create a spin-off to make sure that residents of the country are not angry with the billionaire.


Might midterm elections push a TikTok ban?

Ever since its inception, TikTok has been a controversial app. Some people love it for its creative content and light-heartedness, while others see it as a potential threat to national security. The app has come under increased scrutiny recently, especially after the US government investigated its ties to China. Now, the app could be banned in the United States after all. Reports indicate that the Trump administration is considering banning TikTok in the lead-up to the November midterm elections. The thinking behind this move is that a ban would put pressure on China, which TikTok is owned by, and potentially influence the outcome of the elections.

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