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Why personal branding is important on Instagram

Published on 19.03.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Personal branding is very important in 2022. Pandemic has shown that people want to follow more personalities. TV personalities are not enough anymore, social media users want authentic and real people to follow and get advice from - that’s why personal branding on Instagram is very important. We share important tips for this;


Let’s get started!


Increasing audience loyalty

Right content can increase the loyalty of your audience and make a larger percentage of your subscribers become fans of the brand. How?

To begin with, you need to understand that a loyal customer is a customer who:

  • shares the mission and philosophy of the brand;

  • regularly encounters it (brand);

  • regularly takes the initiative to the brand.


The conclusion follows from this: in order to make a subscriber loyal, you need to correctly reveal the key meaning of your brand through posts and photo content, publish content that meets the client’s needs with a certain frequency (availability of goods, advantageous offers, simplification of product selection, information and entertainment content, etc.). further), and, of course, do not forget about the interaction, namely, communication with the client. You should always make contact with the audience, ask questions in posts, and not just for show, but those that yourself would be interested in answering and discussing. You can also conduct interactive activities in your account, where all subscribers will be involved: quizzes, tests, polls, organize online and offline events, and so on. By doing all this and thinking through the sequence, most of the audience will become closer to you.


Increase profile engagement

This is a “side effect” of increasing audience loyalty. When your followers are fans of your brand, it's hard for them to get past your post or story. Because they are actually interested in the life of your brand.


Increasing the number of followers through direct

If your content regularly highlights products and their difference from competitors, your target audience is attracted to the profile, and you also follow the originality of the content, the growth of purchase requests will grow.


This can be explained by two reasons:

  • you have super interesting, original content that your subscribers remember;

  • your content leads them to read the latest posts in your account, which spurs them on to buy your product.