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SocialWick is the Market Leader since 2017

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SoundCloud Promotion

Buy SoundCloud Followers, Likes and Plays

Nearly half a million visitors troop to SoundCloud every day to enjoy music. This makes it one of the most advanced social networks for music, and a place where every artist who desires the fame, riches, and opulence that comes with music must have a formidable presence. The platform is free for all players in the music industry, including but not limited to performers, DJs, writers, and all kinds of musicians. However, the mere act of having a profile is not a guarantee of success. With millions of users and hundreds of thousands of fellow musicians, there is some work to be done if you want to stand out from the rest. You must have stellar metrics when it comes to followers, plays, downloads, and likes.

Why most artists don’t grow on SoundCloud

It is saddening to see how many dreams get killed on SoundCloud because people don’t just know how to get the most from the platform. Thousands of artists sweat their lungs out, trying to get followers, likes, plays, and downloads, only to end up frustrated by the little or no results they tend to get. However, all hope is not lost because if you learn SoundCloud promotional services’ power, you will never have to worry about getting likes, followers, plays, and downloads for your tracks. But before we delve into the specifics of succeeding on the platform, it is vital to understand why you haven’t been succeeding so that you know exactly what not to do if you want tremendous success from the platform. Below is a brief look at some of the roadblocks that may be scanting your growth on SoundCloud.

Too much competition

With hundreds of thousands of artists seeking millions of users’ attention, the competition on the platform is very stiff, and you have to be ready to do whatever it takes to succeed. It is always the artists who aren’t willing to put in the work that does end up frustrated and start cursing the platform that it is not working. If it is working for others, it should also work for you, and this is why you need to think about buying SoundCloud followers to give you the traction you need to face the fierce competition.

Lack of credibility

Of you have a new profile on SoundCloud, no one will take you seriously initially. This is because you don’t have any followers, likes, plays, or downloads, and as such, you don’t have the social proof to tell other users that you have something useful to offer. Until you get going with these critical social metrics, you will continue enjoying life in the cold of SoundCloud abyss. However, you can work with a reputable SoundCloud promoting company like SocialWick for the best deals when you want to buy real SoundCloud plays to start getting attention to some of your tracks.

Working with fake vendors

New artists to the platform are always excited to learn that they can buy SoundCloud plays and likes, and without any thought, they rush online to work with the first vendors they find on YouTube. In most cases, this never ends well. This is because the promotional music industry is littered with lots of cons who will not hesitate to take your money then drive thousands of likes, followers, and plays to your account. This is extremely suspicious and a potent recipe to have your account banned. Instead of facing such risks, simply work with reputable companies such as SocialWick when you want affordable SoundCloud plays, followers, downloads, and likes.

Not giving the algorithm enough

SoundCloud is a very competitive platform, but the good news is that you can always hack the algorithm to work for you. Well, you don’t have to be a deadly programmer to achieve this. All you need is a good understanding of how the algorithm works, and then give it exactly what it needs. When you start getting likes, plays, downloads, and followers, the platform’s algorithm will note your account. As a reward, it will start recommending your songs, playlist, and profile to users who are likely to follow you. This is how you hack the algorithm to work for you. The easiest route is to consider SoundCloud follower buy and other promotional methods that will give you the numbers to make the algorithm interested in promoting your content.

A few songs in your account

It is vital to appear credible if you want to get more plays, likes, followers, and downloads on your SoundCloud account. However, your credibility will take a significant hit if all you have in your account is just a couple of songs, and there are not indications that you have been active on the account lately. Be sure to ramp up things by having as many songs as possible in your SoundCloud account. This will not just improve your credibility, but also will provide your current and potential followers with a variety to choose from. With more variety, you also get to attract more followers because people are very subjective when it comes to music preferences. If you can figure out a way of overcoming the above challenges, you will be well on your way to being successful on SoundCloud. And the good news is that that you have a myriad of options at your disposal. You can choose to go the long route that involves working on your account manually for weeks or even months to gain just a handful of followers and plays. However, for the smart artists, everything becomes more comfortable when choosing to work with a reputable SoundCloud promotion service provider such as SocialWick. We are your ultimate supplier of real SoundCloud followers, likes, and plays and downloads. We have worked with thousands of artists who went on to get very successful, both online and offline, and there is no reason you should not join our list of successful artists. Get in touch with us and let us collaborate for your success.

SoundCloud Followers

Why you have to go for SoundCloud Promotion

The main reason for considering SoundCloud promotions such as buy SoundCloud plays and like is to get your songs to the masses and become an authority on the platform. Once these are achieved, however, you will reap a myriad of benefits as an artist. They include, but not limited to:

More visibility to your account

With more likes, plays, downloads, and followers, your account will not just rank better on the platform, but also your tracks will start appearing as suggestions in other users’ profiles. As a result, there will be increased visibility, which will, in turn, translate into new plays, likes, and downloads and followers. However, with low numbers of your account, you will not get enough visibility to get you going.

A positive vibe to your music profile

Thousands of musicians that started on SoundCloud used promotional services to increase exposure to their profiles, and they eventually ended up being famous. The increased visibility to your tracks and the increased downloads will only imply that you are growing in popularity, and many and many people will begin taking note of you and your songs. For an artist, such a positive vibe is necessary for growth, but it can also be a strong motivating factor and an inspiration to work on more songs.

Attract recording deals

Another reward you will get by having a robust following and activity on SoundCloud is that you will start attracting record labels’ attention. The record labels are always on the lookout for the next artist and a new sensation. And with the completion on SoundCloud, if you can stand out from the rest, you will have higher chances of getting their attention, and recording deals will start beckoning. But if you don’t have the numbers, you will have to put in a lot of work before encountering recording deals.

With better numbers, better gigs are likely to follow

When your account begins to grow in terms of followers, downloads, plays, and song likes, you will not just attract the average users’ attention on the platform. You will also get into the radar of critical decision-makers who may be interested in securing your gigs. It will be just a matter of time before you start getting invites for performances and other lucrative concerts that will increase your exposure and make you smile when you look at your bank account. However, if all you have are average numbers, you will have to contend with a lack of gigs. Otherwise, you will have to do with the few you usually land once in a while.

More followers come with more negotiating power

Other than the increase in the number of gigs and invites, better numbers on your SoundCloud profile will mean more negotiating power when making deals. Whether it is a gig you are trying to secure or brand promotions for corporates, you have a reliable bargaining chip on your numbers because it is a direct representation of the kind of influence you have. Most artists dream of reaching a point where they can have a great deal of control in the contracts they enter, and with the help of SoundCloud promotional services such as buy SoundCloud followers cheap, these dreams can come true for you.

Before You Go For SoundCloud Promotions

Now that you understand the kinds of doors that SoundCloud promotions can open for your fame, career, and bank account, you should not hesitate to buy SoundCloud followers, plays, likes, and downloads. However, before you take the plunge, there are a few things you need to put to increase your chances of success. Here are some of the things you need to do to get yourself and your account ready for the expected growth when you start to buy SoundCloud plays and likes.

Put out quality music

It will be useless to buy SoundCloud followers cheap if you are not offering quality music that can captivate your followers’ attention. Don’t just rush to release new tracks weeks after weeks without thinking about the relevance and the quality of the music. This is the easiest way to piss off your fans, and they will dismiss you as a joker.

Work on your bio

Thousands of artists have failed to impress potential fans simply because they had a lousy bio. Before people start following you, they want to know who you are, your dreams, visions, and passions to understand what they can expect from your music. Apart from your songs, your bio is where you need to tell your fans more about you. Don’t leave it blank, and don’t give too little information about yourself.

Upload the best profile picture

Use a high-quality profile picture to attach a face to the voice that will be entertaining your listeners. You are free to use any image you want, and it could be a funky symbol, an aspect of your musical style, or a simple photograph. Whatever you choose, just be sure that it is the best quality with the best resolution so that your first impression to your fans will be that of a real professional.

Accompany your tracks with original artwork

Never release a new track without complete album art. This should be the case even when you are dropping a one-off track for fun or remixing a previous album. New art will create curiosity among your fans, and they will be more interested in finding out what you just released. However, if you use old or boring techniques, they may think that they have heard the song before, and they will have no motivation to check it out.

The Major Types of SoundCloud Promotions to Consider

Generally, there are four main types of SoundCloud promotions you will consider. All of them are vital for your profile’s overall success, and as such, you should consider them with equal measure. They include the following:

SoundCloud Plays

This shows the number of hits your tracks are getting. The higher the number, the better your records will rank, and this will come with incredible exposure if you have several tracks ranking highly in your respective categories.

SoundCloud Likes

Likes will show the extent to which your tracks are popular among your fans. With many likes, it means that many fans are in love with the track. This metric can determine whether a song will go viral or if it will continue getting buried among the rest.

SoundCloud Followers

You buy real SoundCloud followers to improve the reputation and authority of your profile. The more followers you get, the more famous you appear, and with such, you get a variety of opportunities at your disposal by merely having a humongous number of followers.

SoundCloud Downloads

Finally, downloads tell the number of your tracks that have been downloaded. It is another metric used to determine how popular your records are. Nobody is going to download a track they have no intention of listening to at a future date.

Sustaining the Momentum for Steady Growth after the Promotion

The work doesn’t stop after buying real SoundCloud followers, plays, likes, and downloads. You have to continue nurturing the account, interacting with your fans, and releasing more quality tracks to maintain the competitive edge you will get from the paid promotions. Remember, this is your career, and for you to reap maximum benefits, you have to put in the work. Here is a look at a few insights at what you will need to do to keep the momentum going:

Get in touch with other SoundCloud artists

Try networking with fellow musicians on the platform. You will always find a good number looking for collaborations and partnerships. You can still take advantage of them to reach new audiences and get more exposure. This is always a win-win situation for all.

Use other platforms to promote your tracks

There are millions of people who would be interested in listening to your work outside SoundCloud. Therefore, don’t restrict yourself to SoundCloud alone. Think of platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Create accounts on those platforms and grow them to increase the exposure to your brand and music.

Interact with your fans

Don’t let your fans see themselves as pawns in your game. It is vital to make them feel appreciated. As such, learn to interact with them in all the platforms you will encounter them. Ask them for feedback so that you can learn what you need to improve on to become a better you. Be polite and patient with them because your success depends on them.

Get the Best SoundCloud Promotion Services at SocialWick

Contact us today if you want to buy followers on SoundCloud. We have packages to suit all your needs, and we will be glad to help you realize the results you have always wanted from the platform. Get in touch with us if you need more details about our services.