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Twitch marketing ideas in 2022

Published on 28.03.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Twitch has experienced very strong growth in Europe and USA in recent years. Amazon’s exposure is very big and the team working on Twitch is getting stronger.

Let's get into the most interesting ideas on Twitch 2022 marketing.


Data showing that Twitch is very big!

Twitch is a platform where communities form around shared passions. It's a place where you can really be close, and where you can be connected to things and passions you love. There's something for everyone on Twitch, from gaming and esports – a very mainstream pastime – to sports, music, cooking, fitness, drawing and more. This explains exponential growth.

Over the past ten years, Twitch has logged over 67 billion hours of viewing. That's enough for the entire planet to watch more than eight hours of video per person. In 2020 alone, the Twitch community consumed 1 trillion minutes of content. Every second there are over 2.5 million people who live on Twitch. Platform seeing huge growth in gaming and non-gaming content across all categories.


Just chatting - is this category worth investing time?

Marketing team’s main goal is to make Twitch the best place to build your career, find your community, and shape the content you love. That’s why Twitch is working on different categories to be more popular around the globe.


Gaming as the main force of Twitch in 2022

Gaming is in the DNA of the platform. Gaming industry will be the heart of Twitch no matter what. Originally, Justin (founder of the platform) started it with one goal - streaming games and creating a big gaming community. But Twitch has long been more than gaming. For example, non-gaming content has quadrupled over the past three years. This content has evolved organically on Twitch because our streamers are not one-dimensional. If they like gaming, they also like other things and that's how sports, music, art, fitness and even drawing have developed on the platform. To make Twitch the best possible place for streamers to build their careers and for communities to form around the content they love the most.