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These digital trends will save popularity of Instagram in 2022

Published on 26.02.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Real marketing trends don't come and go in 1 year. That's why you can read "video trends, storytelling and useful content" on a regular basis. We discussed this a long time ago, but it's still a trend. In addition, it is difficult to generally define what a trend is when a new trend turns from a chip for “first followers” ​​into a commodity. Today, we will talk about the marketing trends that can keep Instagram more powerful and going as high as possible.


Digital economy - selling on Instagram

"Free Internet" exists on a simple principle: Create something people need = get their attention = monetize through advertising / selling your products

Advertising is the main social media. Bloggers live and create content due to advertising. In fact, advertising pays for the art and creativity of "digital artists", since, unlike ordinary artists, they can hardly sell their work. More precisely, they couldn't. NFT breaks into our lives. Instagram has been testing “collections” throughout 2021. Do you think it's crazy? Adidas is starting to sell its digital clothing through NFT, Shopify is launching a service for creating and selling NFT items in any online stores, major games are discussing the possibility of selling NFT items, and so on. The chances of success are huge. Digital economy is growing and Instagram will be the top app to gain momentum. Check the image below - Kyle Jenner's Brands are selling products straight on Instagram.


In addition to NFT items and collections on Instagram, we are waiting for the second big step of the platform: paywall! No, this is not the second option of OnlyFans, but the creation of separate content with paid access within one window - Instagram. 2021 generally showed in which direction content creation will move. Twitter buys out paid email service and integrates it into its platform, Apple Podcasts and Spotify add paid podcast subscriptions, donations and paid subscriptions to TikTok and Facebook are being tested. 


Customer Service done on Instagram

Every year it becomes an increasingly important component of the presence of brands in social networks. We live on the Internet, we are used to communicating with each other in real time. Why do brands that live there take longer to respond? I remember the days when moderation was simply about replies to comments about content. Now I write to the brand on social networks when I have a problem and I want to quickly solve it. The moderation system must take into account the changed paradigm and do it quickly: Such a system is expensive. It needs adequate community managers, integration with the customer service system within the company is required. Which solution to the problem is closer to you?


Good support in social networks today is:

  • The speed of the initial reaction to the user's request. 

  • The solution to the problem is where the user writes. Worse than simply ignoring the question is only redirecting it to another communication channel.

  • Interest in solving the problem, personalized answers.

  • Support beyond their social media , monitoring of mentions, chats, channels.