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Instagram marketing questions answered from the experts

Published on 02.02.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Over the last few years, Instagram became the power player in the industry. All the businesses rush to this platform because there is attention. If you have the attention of the online users, then sales of your products/services will start flowing. We gathered the frequently asked questions on the internet about Instagram marketing and let’s get straight to the answers.


Lets get started!


Time to post on Instagram

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

There has been research regarding the best time zone to post on instagram, research has made up several million posts about all different topics. There is no guaranteed way to have good engagement with the account or posts, but statistically for example on monday 6 am, 10 am, 10 pm EST is the best time to post, even though this is way better than posting on other times, but still it doesn’t mean that the post will be popular.


What is the golden hour on Instagram?

There is no guaranteed way to get posts in trends at any hour, but there is a way you can maximize the popularity of said posts. Golden hour is the hour before sunset or the hour before sunrise. These two are perfect for selfies and other types of pictures. Check the image below - its from the account of Kylie Jenner's cosmetics. Her company is promoting everything on Instagram, so it has be to interesting to analyze the hours when Kylie's team is posting on IG.


When should I post on Instagram 2022?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the topic and actually we even have a working ideal time when you can post and may achieve higher results on all charts. From 10 am to 3 pm is the best time for posting all sorts of photos, images and so on.


What's the worst day to post on Instagram?

Worst time to post on instagram by a lot is sundays and saturdays. At day or midnight to be exact. As a whole, instagram has a smaller amount of activity, so statistically these days and these particular time periods are the worst for posting any sorts of posts. Literally any type of post has a bigger chance of flopping in this situation.


How can I get more likes on Instagram?

To be relevant and most notably popular on instagram by likes, shares and comments. There are few ways you can go about this. First of all, the hashtags. Hashtags are incredibly important for the post to get any popularity at all. Second of all, captions. Captions must be on topic without anything useless added and third of all. The content itself, content posted on the account must be crisp and fine in all ways. You can buy Instagram likes from top-tier companies like SocialWick. In that way, you’ll attract the attention from the organic algorithm of the platform.


How do you become Instagram famous overnight?

There are ways you can get closer to achieving the said goal. You need to start it all of with optimization of the bio and the instagram account as a whole, then the mastering of hashtags will be needed to achieve even higher mountains in popularity, engagement with the people who follow the account is also essential part of success and after all of that the use of instagram features is needed and to top it all off. Consistency must be on all the time.



How to make money with Instagram?

How much money do IG models make?

The income is strongly dependent upon the popularity and the engagement that the model gets. Average sponsor post may go up to a whopping 100 thousand dollars, but on regular posts the income may vary from 10 thousand dollars to 50 thousands dollars, but this doesn’t resemble all of the people who are IG models. Some may make less, but average all around remains quite high. Money is rolling for the authentic accounts.


How much does instagram pay for 1m followers?

Instagram accounts that have about 1 million followers can make up to $1000 by single post, but this is strongly dependent on the account and the content posted on said account. If the account isn’t so sponsorable the money from the account may be less than $1000.


How do I find good hashtags on Instagram

The thing with hashtags is that, you can know that certain hashtags have significantly higher post numbers than others, this may not signify popularity, but it may tell what is the newest trend. If you really need hashtag research you can indeed pay a professional to do the work for you, it’s really not that expensive up to 10 dollars for 100 tags, but the thing is that you want to stay different and unique in all posts so you must change up tags quite a lot.


How do I know if a hashtag is working?

There are services giving you analytics and statistics of the posts you make and also the hashtags you write on them, but even if you can’t afford the services you could analyze the information by comparing old posts to new ones with new hashtags you are experimenting with. 


What are the right hashtags?

Choosing the right hashtags for the niche that you are doing content for is honestly frustrating for all groups and classes of people on instagram. One easy way to know if a hashtag is popular is to just check the information about the amount of posts made under the tag. If there are a lot of popular and viral posts made under the tag, then the tag itself is a great addition to the hashtags.


Does it matter where you put your hashtags on Instagram?

It does matter all the way through for all posts of all types. Hashtags should be put in the caption to achieve normal or even high level of engagement, likes and views on the said post. After some small researches were made about the whole caption vs comment thing, it became blatantly obvious that caption was simply better