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Instagram marketing tips with real examples in 2022

Published on 21.01.2022 by Luke Barbosa

In a short period, Instagram became the top-tier app. The new generation started posting more quality content on Instagram, and Facebook decided to buy a 9-months old company. It’s believed that Instagram is one of the most influential apps for businesses. If you are not fully utilizing Instagram, you are missing big time. Today, we will go through two crucial Instagram marketing tips with real examples.

Let’s get straight to the facts!


Switch to a business account right away!


It’s very important to switch from a regular account to a business. Why is it so important, you may ask?





Instagram business accounts make everything easy. First of all, you’ll be able to understand your account's data. Every niche has a specific ‘taste’ when it comes to liking, reacting and engaging to the post. A business account will give you essential data. When you run ad campaigns on Instagram, data will be beneficial. You’ll understand when to post, what type of content to post for high engagement and which country to focus more. When other businesses want to collab with your brand account, they will ask about the data - so, be ready with the ‘Instagram business account”. Check the image below - you see that Instagram business account gives more details about impressions, engagement, success rate, etc.



Product teasers on Instagram

Some of the brands on Instagram caught the ‘product teaser’ wave. It means that they post teasers of different products their brands sell. In this case, they bring more value to the Instagram users and give a little urgency. For instance, you can post product teasers and add ‘discount coupons’ or other types of urgency. Check the image below -  brand "GitMan Vintage" always posts 'product teasers' to promote their discount codes, new offers, etc.