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TikTok comment dislike button will be available soon

Published on 24.09.2022 by Luke Barbosa

On Friday, TikTok started a test campaign for the dislike button. It will help TikTok users to share their absolute values. We only have a like button for comments. There may be 1000 people who dislike a comment but 50 people who like it. As of now, we see 50 people favor that comment, and others may think that comment is enjoyed by many. In reality, there could be hundreds or even thousands of people who did not like it, but they were lazy enough to reply with the opposite thought. So, adding new features is very important for the TikTok community.


TikTok is adding a comment dislike button. 

This is excellent news for users who want to give feedback on comments but don't necessarily want to like or upvote them. The dislike button will be a welcome addition for many users who wish to voice their opinion on specific comments without having to thumbs up or "heart" them. This feature is currently being tested in China, and it's unclear when or if it will be rolled out globally. However, we hope that TikTok will make this available to all users as it will make the app more interactive and user-friendly.


Why do TikTok videos need a dislike button too?

It's essential to have a dislike button on TikTok so that users can give feedback on videos they don't like. This helps content creators know what kinds of videos are not resonating with their audience and allows them to make changes accordingly. Additionally, the dislike button prevents videos from going viral simply because they're liked – if many users dislike a video, it will be less likely to gain traction. Ultimately, the dislike button ensures that only the best content rises to the top on TikTok.