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YouTube trends you cant ignore in 2022

Published on 26.12.2021 by Luke Barbosa

Do you want to unlock the true potential of YouTube in 2022? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, our team will share unique YouTube trends you can’t ignore next year. Implement these tips in the daily campaigns, and you’ll see how those will transform channels.


Let's goo!



Live Streaming on YouTube

It’s the biggest trend in upcoming 2022. More people love watching other people’s lives, work, gaming, singing, etc. YouTube live stream is not limited to gaming only. However, the gaming community is massive on that platform. Keep in mind that YouTube is competing with Twitch. Both platforms have a huge presence of daily users. Twitch started as a gaming streaming platform. Now, both - YouTube and Twitch are doing well in terms of the competition. Experts believe that YouTube will go bigger on live streaming, so don’t lose this chance. Start streaming and get very connected with the people watching streams. Check the image below - that's how YouTube live streaming looks like. You can go viral during the live stream and end up on the trending page (while getting millions of potential views)



Run events regularly - that’s what experts suggest to do in 2022. If you want to start streaming, your events have to be regular on YouTube. The subscribers and potential buyers will connect particular dates to your live streams. At this point - you’ve won many loyal fans for the product/brand/services.


YouTube shorts to the moon

TikTok was the most popular app of 2021. Pandemic and lockdowns have shown the popularity of the short videos. At the same time, instant gratification plays a big role. If you want to see a funny video, you’ll achieve that goal in just a matter of seconds - just scroll down until you are satisfied. That’s called instant gratification, and that’s why TikTok became the N1 app of 2021. YouTube ‘shorts’ feature is on the same road. The team behind YouTube saw that opportunity and invested a lot in this feature. As of now, millions of people have added YouTube shorts to the platform.