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Best Instagram marketing tips for 2022

Published on 18.12.2021 by Luke Barbosa

Instagram has been a major player for the last couple of years. Facebook’s decision to buy Instagram for $1 billion was worth it in the end. Currently, Instagram is one of the most prominent players in the social media industry. Along with Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, Instagram is dominating the attention of the internet users.

What’s essential for businesses and marketing teams? Get the attention of internet users. The more engagement you’ve, the bigger the chances to dominate the attention competition. This post will go through the four best Instagram marketing tips that you can implement in 2022. 


Get ready for the magic!



Create a content strategy to beat the competition

Your competitors are trying to reach more people on Instagram. That’s why you should think about overcoming the competition. How to beat the competition in a long-term game? Well, there is one big tip - create a content plan for upcoming weeks. We find that the average user is spending 28 minutes every day on Instagram with the latest data. Create a content strategy for the upcoming weeks. By that way, you’ll be ready for any ‘day off. You can use automation tools that can be free at some point. At first, you should think about the big holidays/dates that will be ‘note-worthy’ in the upcoming weeks. For instance, if you are planning a content plan for December, then mark big dates like “Cyber Monday”, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc. - On those days, you should be super-active to give more content to the IG users. The Instagram community loves consuming more high-quality content, so you should be ready for this. 


Hashtag research is a vital part of success

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should know your competition. It means that you should understand the niche on Instagram fully. Don’t go only for the competition. Check regular users and see what hashtags they may use. You’ll find many unique hashtags that may have only 100+ posts but could be very popular among a particular group of people. That group of people may bring considerable revenue to your business/brand. That’s the magic of hashtag research. So, don’t use only popular hashtags. Dive deep, do your research, and develop the unique hashtags that may lead your Instagram page to serious growth. Check the image below - you see how deep research may lead to unique hashtags.


Instagram influencers are worth every penny

Don’t forget to collaborate with the Instagram influencers. Who is the ‘Instagram influencer’? A person has considerable experience and knowledge in a particular area and has big followers based on the platform. The number of followers is not that important when it comes to influencers. Instagram influencers may have 100 000+ followers but a very low engagement rate. If you start with influencers marketing, then read our guideline on finding Instagram influencers that are worth partnership. The rule of thumb is to start slow and get in touch with people with 1000+ followers but high engagement. Slowly you’ll increase the number of influencers and start collaborating with the bigger ones at some point.


Run the contests

Instagram users love participating in contests. Especially if your product/service is still unique, you’ll get excellent attention. How to run a contest? 

Tag a friend in the comment - It’s an excellent way to increase engagement. In that way, more people will comment. The Instagram algorithm is not complicated. If the algorithm sees that IG post is getting high engagement, it will end up in the ‘explore page’. 

Follow us - The final task has to be ‘follow us’. If they don’t follow your account, don’t give them a chance to participate. So, the rules are very simple - we want to increase engagement and get more high-quality, targeted followers. Check the image below - You see verified page that is only concentrated on giveaways. Check that page out and learn how to run high-quality contests.