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Instagram content marketing done right in 2022

Published on 21.02.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Content marketing is a single free promotional way to get more sales. If content marketing is done right, you may get a free sale (without spending a dime advertising).


Today, we will talk about the correlation between Instagram and content marketing. Instagram is the most extensive social network where people scroll to see more visual content. Yes, Facebook is the most comprehensive social network, but Instagram has no competition for brands and visual promotions. So, why not implement Instagram content marketing in the strategy? Make a strong coffee and keep reading!


Informational content

Every sale starts with trust. For this purpose, informational content serves. It should be helpful to the audience and therefore give expertise. Followers see that you are a professional, which means you can trust. They get used to posts in the news feed, they notice consistency, and as a result, loyalty rises after trust, and at the same time, informational content reveals the product from new sides. Instagram content marketing needs around 50% of the informative posts.

What is informational content

  • reputation content that tells about your successes and achievements;

  • industry news, trends;

  • reviews of goods and services;

  • posts revealing the characteristics of the product;

  • publications about the life of the company;

  • behind the scenes - the process of creating a product, secrets and tricks, useful tricks, photos from the production, and the process of using a product.


This is an example of the informational content on Instagram.


Entertainment content

Entertaining content keeps the audience entertained. We involve the passive reader in communication, increasing his loyalty. This type of post should be about 20% of such content. 

Entertainment content includes:

  • provocative posts;

  • surveys, contests, sweepstakes, quests and marathons;

  • atmospheric posts to set the mood.



Sales content

So how do you end up selling? Here we have gained trust with the help of informational content, secured loyalty with entertaining posts, and now we can sell. With the help of selling content, we bring customers and make sales. It should take up approximately 30% of the entire blog.

What is sales content?

  • specific trade offers, promotions, information about discounts, sales;

  • social confirmation posts that say that your product is popular and people buy it;

  • testimonials and photos of real customers, customer stories about how they solved their problem with the product or images with stars.