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User generated content on Instagram VS professional photos

Published on 10.01.2022 by Luke Barbosa

2022 is the year of the HQ content. Yes, Instagram was always the spot of the highest quality content. Especially 2022 would be the time when people won't even look at the low-quality content. Today, we will talk about the Instagram content for products if you own the business. You should mix both - professional photos with user generated content. 

Let’s start!


How to photograph products like a pro? 

It is not easy to produce great photos of products when you are only starting out, but it is much easier when you know "how to". Today there are more and more opportunities for photographers who are willing to learn product photography. With the right knowledge, equipment & software this field can provide enough income for your family. 


What do I need to create high quality photos?

If you want to produce high quality photos, what you need is a great camera and a great lens. It's that simple! The secret ingredient is the combination of these two essential components.


IG content creators should learn from astrophotography pros.

In general terms, having a wide aperture at short focal length is very important: low f/numbers like f/2 or f/2.8 improve the speed and ease of focusing and they increase the amount of light collected. This is how astrophotographers work. Keep in mind that Astrophotography has the best quality photos (content) nowadays, so learn from them.


User generated content explained!

User generated content (UGC) is any content that has been uploaded or created by users of the internet. It can take the form of videos, blogs, images, social media posts and reviews. UGC is sometimes also referred to as consumer generated media (CGM). Check the image below - you see how StarBucks is using user generated content frequently.

If you've spent any time on Instagram in recent years you will have seen an abundance of UGC in your news feed. You'll probably also be aware of how influential this type of content could be in purchasing decisions. If people are posting about liking a product it's easy to assume others might like it too! This type of marketing technique tends to work best when targeting younger demographics who are more likely to be influenced by their peers than older generations - Econs.