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Instagram marketing trends you can not ignore this year

Published on 08.01.2022 by Luke Barbosa

If you are spending money on Instagram marketing and don’t get ‘good’ results, then you’ve come to the right place. As you may know, Instagram is a fast-changing eco-system and the algorithm update happens every day. That’s why you should stay on top of the latest trends. Today, we will go through the latest trends that dominate Instagram.

Let’s dive deep!



Instagram shopping is here to dominate 

You're scrolling through your Instagram feed, looking for the perfect coffee table to complement your Ikea or other brand shelving unit when you see it. The picture looks like any other image uploaded by one of your friends or influencer marketing accounts, but this time something is different. It's an ad for an online store and keep in mind that Instagram shopping is here to dominate. The team, working on the new features, say that IG shopping will be there for upcoming years. Check the image below - you see how products will be displayed on Instagram!


The latest data shows that Instagram shopping will be big:

  • 70% of the IG users discover new products via Instagram. It means that the Instagram shopping button along with the product photo would be amazing.

  • Up to 90% of the IG users say that they were influenced by the Instagram influencers



Live streaming on Instagram

Is it worth to live stream on Instagram, you may ask! Hear me out now - YES! IT IS!

Over 25 million users watch Instagram live streams every day!

And you can grow your account much faster when you add live video in your content plan. You can also share moments from your live stream to increase engagement.

But YouTube still has a larger audience than IGTV and Live only comes with limited features. So, if you want to reach more people, I would recommend doing both: using IGTV for longer videos and YouTube for "live" uploads. This way, you will be able to get the best of both worlds. Which means more views and followers on Social Media! Check the image below - you see that it's easy to add more people in the live streams to make people interested in the video!