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Influencer marketing on instagram is on the rise in 2022

Published on 16.01.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Instagram has become a trendy app from the first days of creation. People share their favourite photos, products, services, etc. Over the years, some Instagram users became the audience's favourites, so they are named 'influencers'. Instagram influencer marketing became very big when businesses found that they could make a big profit while partnering with the influencers. In the end, it's not about the profit - people will associate your product/service with the influencer. So, today we will go through influencer marketing on Instagram and how you can choose influencers wisely so as not to have serious consequences in the future. A prominent example was Logan Paul when there was a big scandal, and he lost all the sponsors. At the same time, YouTube and Instagram audiences rejected buying products from the companies sponsoring him. It means that influencer marketing could be a big thing for any company, but you've to be careful while choosing them.


Let's get started!


Local influencers have to be outreached first.

When the company starts selling products, their first focus group is always the local city or particular region. In this case, you should focus on local influencers on Instagram. Local influencer marketing ads on Instagram come in very handy and are affordable compared to the global influencers. If you ship products in limited regions (countries, cities, etc.), you should focus on local influencers. Outreach local influencers and ask them for the statistics. Check the countries of the audience, and if they are truly local, you'll see that 80%+ has to be coming from a particular region. Check the image - there is one Instagram account that is specifically focused on Saint Lois and Metro area, so it's very local for the brands.



Different types of influencers

Influencers always fall into different niches. When it comes to other influencers, we don't mean the niches. There are four groups of influencers due to their number of followers.


Nano influencers: At this point, influencers have small followers, but they are very organic and natural.


Micro-influencers: This influencer has between 10 000 - 100 000 followers. They've already grown in the nano-period and have prominent tribes.


Macro influencers: When influencers have around a million followers, they are called MACRO. It means that they have gone global. 


Mega influencers: Mega influencers are everyone above 1 000 000 followers. 99% of the influencers in the MEGA bracket are popular globally.