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Instagram influencer marketing tips from experts

Published on 18.05.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

If you are looking for an in-depth guideline about the influencers, then you've come to the right place. We will guide you through different stages of finding the right influencers for your campaigns. 

Let's start


Figure out your budget

Getting a budget set first is very important. Without knowing your limits, it's impossible to have a successful influencer campaign. So before we launch you through the 'search tips', it's essential to set up your budgeting process. Take a little break and ask yourself a question - what should be an investment in influencer marketing? Do you need the help of an assistant? Your first step has to be setting up the budget process, and then you can easily carry onto the next steps.


Use search option

Come up with the keywords in your niche. Let's take an example - if you are in the 'skincare' niche, develop the keywords related to your product/services. You can brainstorm all the ideas that are related to your product. Then separate those ideas into keywords.

The search bar is our friend in this case. You can find lots of valuable accounts on Instagram via the search bar. Paste the first keyword into the search bar, and the Instagram app will come back with lots of accounts. The Instagram algorithm is a brilliant AI so that it will return with the most relevant results. Copy 10 suggested accounts and save them into the Google document. After finishing the first task, do the same process with other keywords. You must have around 100+ Instagram accounts after research. Now we go into the next step - filtering IG influencers. (Take a look at the image - you see how easily you can find lots of IG influences with just one keyword).


Filtering IG influencers

We have a straightforward filtering process. When you come up with 100+ IG influencers accounts, start testing each of them. First of all, approach all of them because you need pricing information. Without pricing information, we can't get the main idea of filtering. 

As you have the pricing info of IG influencers, start filtering. We always order promotions to the influences that have a minimum of 5% engagement. How to calculate engagement rate? First of all, look at the follower's number. Then check the numbers of likes for at least three posts (image or video - it does not matter). If the influence has 100 000 followers and gets on average 5 000 likes on the last three posts, it's a good fit. 5% engagement rate is the threshold that you should step down (check the image below - this fitness influencer has 900k+ followers and average 5.5% engagement rate which is acceptable)