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Why influencer marketing works with dropshipping

Published on 15.01.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Dropshipping became very popular along with Ebay and Amazon. Over the years, people found new ways to advertise products online. First there was Facebook ad platform and then Mark’s team brought 9 months old Instagram. Currently, Instagram is the biggest trendy platform around the globe. When you spot the trends, it’s already advertised on Instagram. If you want to learn more about influencer marketing on Instagram, then you’ve come to the right place. We will talk about the reasons why Influencer marketing works with dropshipping and how big sharks are making 7 figures revenue every year. There could be many Influencer marketing strategies especially for 2022. Today we will focus only on trendy ones that will dominate this year.


Make a strong coffee and let’s go!



Engagement rate matters the most

You may find a good influencer who seems thrilling. At the same time, he/she might have a very bad engagement rate. What's the engagement rate? If the Instagram account has 1 000 followers and gets on average 50 reactions (likes) on the last 5 posts, then the average engagement rate would be 5%. You need to find an influencer account that has 10%+ engagement rate. It will be hard because the bigger influencer the lower the engagement rate. High engagement rate means that followers care about the account’s posts & sayings. Chances will be higher that they will buy your product/services. Engagement rate could be the main reason why influencer marketing works on Instagram. Check the image below - David Dobrik (YouTube and digital space influencer) has 12+ million followers and gets 2+ million likes on average. It means that David's account has high engagement rate and it's right account to partnership. 


Check the historical date

If the engagement rate is good and everything seems reasonable (even price for the deal), then you may go for the closing of the deal. Stop, don’t jump into the deal right away - we have one more step left - checking the historical date. It will show you whether an account gets followers naturally or they buy it. Check the image below - you see that account of Cristiano Ronaldo's account is staying consistent with the followers number, so it’s natural.