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TikTok official say that Chinese employees have access to US and EU data

Published on 05.11.2022 by Luke Barbosa

TikTok is a chinese owned company although Oracle has a big economical interest there. Keep in mind that Donal Trump wanted to ban the company. The reason behind the former President’s decision was political connection with China. The officials of the White House thought that TikTok (chinese brand) may leak the user-data of the USA to the Chinese government. During the economical war between USA-China, Donald’s decision was approved by the Senate but it was not justified by the judges. That’s why TikTok is still operating in the USA.


BBC’s scandalous post about user-data

In the latest publication, BBC wrote that TikTok Chinese employees have access to the data shared by the US and EU offices. It means that the Chinese government may have access to the information and it can’t be prevented.


No evidence of the leak

There is no evidence that TikTok has leaked any US data to the Chinese government. However, because the app is owned by a Chinese company, there is always the potential for data to be shared with the Chinese government if required by law. TikTok has said that it would not do this, but it's impossible to know for sure what would happen if the Chinese government demanded access to TikTok's user data.