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Instagram hashtags research done easy for 2022

Published on 30.12.2021 by Luke Barbosa


Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps at the moment, and it's by far our (SocialWick’s team) favourite. One of Instagram’s best features is the use of hashtags to make photos discoverable by many different people who share similar interests. 


Let's go!



General research of hashtags

If you search for #dogsofinstagram, you'll find that there are millions of dogs (and even some cats) posting their own cute photos to that hashtag! It’s an easy way for people to connect with each other and discover new content they might like. Plus following certain hashtags can help you expand your network and gain more followers too! Check the image below - you see #dogsofinstagram is the most popular space itself.

You may ask - what’s the simplest This is the question that many of you have asked me lately. The thing with Instagram hashtags is that there are a lot to choose from and it can be overwhelming. I am going to share with you my secret hack for finding the best hashtags on Instagram. It's really simple, yet very effective! This marketing strategy has proven itself over time, but this doesn't mean it's easy at all. The thing is, spending hours trying to find good hashtags for your content is quite annoying and not very productive, mainly because there are millions of other people doing


How to understand whether Hashtag is good or not?

The answer is the number of posts that contain this hashtag. Yes, you read it right. The more posts that contain a specific word, phrase or hashtag in their description, the better it is for you to get views and people clicking on your pictures and videos and viewing and liking and following (etc) your page in order to see what about! "Best hashtags" in short words: popular hashtags. Popularity results from popularity which leads to more popularity. The same could be said about the #dogsofinstagram - you see that more than 260+ million posts have mentioned that hashtag - so, it's very popular one!