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4 reasons why YouTube marketing is important for every business

Published on 18.04.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Among the Digital Marketing strategies, video marketing is positioned among the most effective. Its rise has been driven and defined by the dynamics of social networks and the new forms of content consumption in the online environment. 

Such has been its growth that by 2023 it is estimated that 80% of the content that circulates on the web will be in audio-visual format. Of course, companies have seen in video marketing an excellent opportunity to reach their audiences in a fresh, convincing but above all very empathic way.

Sure, there are some guidelines and trends in video that shouldn't be overlooked if you want to create material that will resonate with audiences. It is enough to review social networks such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, among others, to understand some of them. In this post, we will go through 4 reasons why you should invest more in YouTube marketing and production.


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Video marketing advantages

The popularity of the audiovisual format among audiences of all ages is a good reason to start or to continue implementing it in your Marketing strategy (at least 100 million Internet users watch videos daily). But there are also other great advantages that will ultimately make it the protagonist of the content you are creating for your company.


Humanize your brand on YouTube

The art of storytelling through video is an excellent way to expose the personality of your brand and make your audience identify and feel close to it. Therefore, storytelling forms a special part of Video Marketing.


Organic positioning in Google - YouTube videos rank easily

By including videos in your blog posts, the chances of increasing the time spent by your users are greater, which is highly valued for SEO in the main search engines. Not to mention that Google since 2018 throws a YouTube video bar among its results. In other words, brand visibility is highly favored.


Investment for YouTube videos

The creation of this type of content mainly demands creativity, rather than large sums of money. The possibilities of creating a simple video with many reproductions is wide, if you have doubts, just look at the aesthetics or the production of viral marketing videos.