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Instagram Marketing Tips for 2022

Published on 25.12.2021 by Luke Barbosa

SocialWick has been working with Instagram marketing for five years already. The team behind SocialWick knows how to make the Instagram campaigns more addictive. Today, we are ready to give you simple guidelines on successfully changing your IG campaigns in 2022. These Instagram marketing tips for 2022 are powerful and influential.


Let’s go for the best tips!



A business account is a must!

It’s essential to set up an Instagram business account. Without a business account, you can’t understand the achievements. For example, you have a business in the ‘pets niche’. I set particular goals and want to achieve with the Instagram campaigns. At this point, you need specific statistics. Without a business account, you can’t understand the basics of the Instagram marketing campaign. Check the image below - with business account you can see all the data.


What you can get with the ‘business account.’

  • Instagram insights
  • Instagram Ads (with more simple interface)
  • Instagram shopping function


Optimize your profile

Minor changes can make a significant impact on the Instagram page. That’s why you should focus on minor edits. Let’s go through everything you should edit on the Instagram page.

Username needs to be viral - If you want to make your brand stick with people’s minds, you should have a viral or business name on Instagram. If you have a particular business/brand name, you should rename it. At the same time, it would be perfect to name with a viral term.

Call to action buttons are very important - you should always give Instagram users to add/interact with your posts.


Tell a story with every post.

You need to tell stories with Instagram posts. It’s essential to have an account because people love reading captions. Without captions, you can’t attract people’s interest. You’ve very little time to draw the full focus of the IG user. That’s why you should start the story with the ‘viral’ text and then expand.