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Twitch advertising as a medium for digital marketing

Published on 25.03.2022 by Luke Barbosa

It is the streaming platform that is gradually gaining in power and attracting more and more Generation Z. Why the sudden surge in popularity? For its live and interactive videos! Now, brands see in Twitch the opportunity to connect with the younger generation, the one who will build the world of tomorrow, as well as with the target of gamers, both of whom are often resistant to advertising General public. It must be said that 67% of the audience is between 13 and 35 years old and that the hours of videos watched at the moment are increasing by around 50% each month.

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Digital Marketing

Conversational marketing? well, It's when consumers take the initiative to question, exchange and discuss with brands. They alone choose the time and the channel through which they wish to reach their audience (social networks, chat and a thousand and one other possibilities) to meet the needs of this new marketing, more and more brands are developing a relational strategy multi-channel in order to make themselves more accessible and available to answer the many questions and needs of their community. The platform, originally mainly requested by the world of gaming, Twitch makes it possible to go even further in this conversational approach, offers a new possibility for brands to be a source of proposals rather than remaining in a simply reactive posture. Brands are then surfing on this new opportunity by inviting their community to a real moment of discussion and sharing: a large majority therefore devote time to discussion with their community, and this can even last several hours. For example, the Xiaomi Corporation, a Chinese electronics and computer company specializing in mobile telephony and consumer electronics, gives its fans an appointment every Thursday with their live show. Twitch viewers have the opportunity to chat with members of the team, but also with various tech, gaming and even marketing influencers, on many current topics, but also on brand news. 


Digital strategy 

Is advertising possible on Twitch? The answer is yes! In short, brands have the possibility of broadcasting advertising on the platform and most often through the pre-roll of live videos. The challenge of this digital marketing strategy is based on adapting the brand's message. Also, it is essential to take good care of the form of the advertising spot according to the target so that it is not considered too intrusive.