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Instagram REELS feature is here to dominate

Published on 26.01.2022 by Luke Barbosa

You’ve been scrolling through Instagram for endless minutes. Yes, Instagram REELS can take hours and hours from your daily life. Just like TikTok, Instagram REELs feature is dominating the industry of short video clips. YouTube is doing the same with the shorts but they are way behind TikTok and REELS. Today we will go through the burning questions that Instagram marketers have about this feature!


Let’s get into the question!



Can anyone make an Instagram REELS?

Instagram REELS can be made by anyone who has an account. REELS are, in a way, based on the TikTok video's and they both have a lot in common. REELS were never marketed as such; many described them as stories that don't disappear after 24 hours regardless. This type of videos are a great addition to Instagram, and it gives more possibilities and opportunities for all users.


How do Instagram REELS work?

REELS can be summarized and explained quite easily. You either make a video or add a video with up to 60 seconds of playtime and if wanted, you can also add background music to it. REELS follow the same formula as TikTok did, but with some restrictions; even though it has some problems with it, that doesn't mean that REELS don't have any good qualities. REELS help newcomers adapt, and veterans go even further and make great quality videos.


How long can Instagram REELS be?

REELS can be up to 60 seconds at maximum length. In these 60 seconds, you can add effects, sounds, gifs, photos, images and even background music, and these new REELS seem to work the same way as the TikTok videos. Short but entertaining as a whole. The only problem is that some quality is lacking. 


Do REELS show up on your feed?

REELS can be switched off if wanted. These videos show up on your feed automatically. If whoever you follow has posted REELS, it will pop up after scrolling for some time when you tap on the video. It will cover the whole screen, giving the user a better resolution.


How do you make a REELS go viral?

There are many ways to get popular by using the REELS. To make REELS go popular, trends are essential. Not only following trends, but also creating your own ones. The quality of the video itself has to be on the spot to get popular. Adding popular effects, texts, images etc., will lead to REELS being more prevalent in summary.