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Instagram reels marketing has to be used in 2022

Published on 28.01.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Instagram reels get more attention and it should not be missed by the business owners. If you own the business, then step into the Instagram reels marketing today. Don’t delay as the virality system of the algorithm is still very easy and your videos might go viral easier than in the future. In this post we will answer all the burning questions about Instagram reels marketing. 


Hey Luke, Give me the answers!



Is it better to post reels or videos?

It’s really up for debate if which one is better, and one thing is sure, though. Reels are new and can get popular quickly, even though the algorithm and many things about reels haven’t been discovered. One thing we know is that reels can blow up fast and quick, and the same video, for example, can’t blow up like a post.


Do reels get fewer likes?

Reels get a lot fewer likes, engagement and views if the video itself is pretty lacking or boring to the people shown to. If engagement is high with a video, it will blow up to a certain degree, but if the video has pretty bad content and doesn’t mean all that much to anybody on Instagram, then it will probably flop.


Should I Post 2 reels a day?

It’s pretty well known that Instagram recommends posting 5 to 7 reels a week. So if you can manage to make high-quality videos with consistency, it’s possible to assign a reel a day, but two reels a day for a whole week may be an overkill in that matter. One reel a day should be enough to keep the engagement going. 


How often should I post reels?

Reels shouldn’t be posted often. 7 reels a week is enough for the account to maintain a good flow. If not posted quite often, the popularity of the account will be lacking in a way, and the system itself even confirms it. If the account has close to no reels, it may not achieve wanted popularity or engagement.


How many reel views are considered viral?

More than million views over a 3 to 7 day time period are considered by many to be viral videos, which is true, but it may vary. Maybe a million less in some cases but most of the time, number million always has been maintained as the strong sign that the video is considered and is, in reality, a viral reel.


Do reels get more views?

It’s dependent on the content itself. If the video, image or just the content shown in the reel is not fitting in this type of content matter, then indeed it will not have more considerable popularity than a standard post, sometimes said content can’t be fit inside of reel because it may be over 60 seconds, or contain material that is not valid for reels.