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Instagram hashtags are working like never before

Published on 02.02.2022 by Luke Barbosa

Instagram hashtags are still working, and brands know about it. If you check accounts of big brands, you’ll see the rise of the hashtags in their posts. Yes, they have been putting hashtags before, but currently, enormous masses of the hashtags are visible. It seems that everyone got interested in the game of hashtags. Today, we will go through the burning questions related to IG hashtags. 


Could you give me some questions?


How do you find trending hashtags?

It will never be indirectly shown to you which hashtag is suitable to you or not. The easiest way to know which hashtag is trending is to look at the post amount under the tag. If there is tons of content published, then you can surely say that tag is booming if a tag has a low amount of posts, you can assume that it is not popular at all.


How do you check hashtag performance?

Professionals make a few services if you need in-depth and pinpoint correct research going over different hashtags and trends. The SocialWick team has been adjusting over the different updates of the Instagram algorithm. The team behind SocialWick knows what type of hashtag is needed at different performance peaks. If you can’t afford said things, you can just analyze the tag by the popularity of posts under it and the number of posts under it. If both are pretty good, the hashtag is quite possibly good and usable for the niche.

Are hashtags still a thing in 2022?

The hashtags are still popular on every social media, and Instagram is no exception. With hashtags, you can achieve never before seen popularity and engagement with your content. If the hashtags are picked correctly, then the content will rise to the tops of Instagram because, to put it simply, hashtags are one of the most significant ways to grow your account.


Is it better to put hashtags in comments or caption 2022?

This rumor type of information has been a thing for quite a long while, and we can surely say that putting hashtags in the caption will give you bigger traffic, engagement, and numbers. To explain it simply, hashtags tend not to work sometimes if put in the comments.