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Simple tips for Instagram marketing in 2022

Published on 19.12.2021 by Luke Barbosa

You may hear the term "Instagram marketing" in many places and from very different personalities. What's the real meaning of 'Instagram marketing'? There are many strategies and options that we can call IG marketing. In General, marketing on Instagram brings more attention, popularity and money to the page/brand or personality. That's why there won't be any consensual meaning behind 'Instagram marketing'. 


Today we will talk about the simple tips you can implement in your daily strategy!


Let's spread some magic!




A content calendar is the most important aspect.

Let's talk about the content calendar. Instagram users are consuming content. Without content, your brand can't be heard. That's why you should always work on the Instagram content calendar from the very first day. If we look at the popular IG pages, they have done everything to put the content calendar into the right perspective. 

We talked with the social media team of "Insider". They manage many pages on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter. This team is managing not only 'Insider' but also "Tech Insider", "Business Insider", "Tech Insider" and "Food Insider". The biggest tip they can give to the new businesses is implementing a content calendar. Without a calendar, it's impossible to work on a long-term plan. So, if you are starting with Instagram, then work on the content plan first. Check the image below - 'Food Insider' is delivering content everyday with the consistency and exact time!


User Generated content is working like a charm!

Every billion-dollar company knows that user-generated content means a lot. If you look at Insider, Forbes, Apple, Discovery and others, you'll see that they focus more on the UGC. Why should you focus on user-generated content? To attract the attention of the buyers. Those users who take photos and videos of your brand product will be happy to give you free promotion. In that way, you increase the popularity of your brand and get more revenue with just a simple strategy. Check the image below - GoPro is always uploading high-quality content generated from the users.