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Top 8 Best New Spotify Artist In 2024

Published on 20.05.2024 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

There is no doubt that Spotify is the biggest music streaming service. With over 500 million monthly users and a library of over 80 million songs, you can enjoy an unmatched experience when streaming on Spotify. However, this can also provide a challenge in choosing an artist to add to your playlist. Fortunately, this article provides everything you need to know about choosing a Spotify artist.

How to See Your Top Spotify Artists

The Spotify website has great stats that will provide insights into your listening habits in a few steps. These are:

  • Visit the Spotify Stats. Use your Spotify credentials to log in. If you have already logged into your Spotify account on a website, you may need to give the browser permission to access it. To do that, click on Agree. If you want to, you can also change your Spotify username.
  • Select Top Artist. This will show you the top artists you have listened to in the last four weeks. If you want to change the period, you can easily change it to 6 or 12 months.

These stats will provide insights into your favorite Spotify artists. You may also read our comparison of Spotify vs. SoundCloud to see which is best for you.

How to See Artist Details on Spotify

Spotify will not provide you with the details of the top artist. However, there are various artist details you can easily find on Spotify. To see the artists you have visited recently, you can visit Your Library. From the top menu, choose Your Library, then, choose Artist. If you are accessing Spotify on a website, select Home, followed by Artist.

You can scroll down until you find the option to add an artist. You can then tap on more artists you might like. With the right streaming equipment, you can have an unmatched listening experience.

Top 10 Best New Spotify Artist In 2024

We have already shown you how to see the top artists you have been listening to recently. If you want to listen to the latest artists, here are the top recommendations for 2024.

1. Ice Spice

In 2024, IceSpice is considered New York's Queen of Rap. Her star has risen steadily, since releasing music in 2021 as a student of communication and playing basketball at Suny Purchase. In 2022, she released a chart-topping single, Munch (Feelin' u). The song caught Drake's attention, and he played it on his radio station. Soon, the song started becoming popular on TikTok.

On Spotify, Ice Spice's popularity continues to rise with her single, Boy’s a Liar, receiving over 800 million streams. Barbie World follows this at over 450 million streams, and  Princess Diana (a collaboration with Nicki Minja) receives over 200 million streams. Her other well-performing Single is In Ha Hood, which has over 180 million streams.

2. Norah Kahan

Another artist who had a great year in 2023 and has continued to build on it in 2024 is Norah Kahan. His single, Hurt Somebody, gave him his breakthrough, achieving Gold status in 2023, and he remained at the top of the chart in many international markets. After that, he released two singles, I Was/I Am (2021) and Stick Season (2022), which also proved successful.

The Stick Season single has received over 800 million streams on Spotify and gets three million streams every day. Other songs like Hurt Somebody and Norther Attitude have also been receiving exemplary performances on the platform with over 300 million streams and 250 million streams, respectively.

3. Victoria Monét 

Victoria Monét is an American R n’ B singer and songwriter who first gained recognition because of her song writing skills. She began her musical career by releasing several extended plays, and her 2020 release, Jaguar, proved successful. However, her commercial breakthrough happened in 2023 with the release of Jaguar 2. 

Victoria's top-performing song on Spotify is a collaboration with Ariana Grande, which has over 184 million streams. Her other most streamed songs on Spotify are We Might Even Be Falling In Love (Interlude) with over 131 million streams and On My Mama with over 108 Million streams.

4. Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams started her career in 2020 when she signed with Interscope Studio releasing Extended Plays Minor. In 2021, she released another single, This is What It Feels Like. However, she started receiving relative success in 2023 when she released Good Riddance. After that, she went on the Sour tour with Olivia Rodrigo, where she was the curtain raiser. In 2023, she also performed in Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

With these milestones, she was nominated as the Best New Artist at the 66th Grammy Awards. Her 2023 single in collaboration with Noah Kahan, Everywhere, Everything, saw her entry into the Billboard Hot 100. Her Spotify Streams have reached over 1.8 billion. 

Her most popular songs on Spotify are I Miss You, I’m Sorry, with 314 million streams, 21 with 133 million streams, and Feels Like with 129 million streams. Others like Stay and  Mess It Up follow closely with 128 million and 109 million Spotify streams.

5. Jelly Roll

While Jelly started his career in 2003, he only rose to fame when he released his single Need a Favor (2023) and Son of a Sinner (2021). The latter won him three CMT Music Awards and was nominated for the Grammy for Best New Artist.

This success has been replicated in his Spotify Stream, with his Son of a Sinner receiving 178 million streams while Need a Favor received 150 million. His other top-performing songs on Spotify are Save Me, which has 138 million streams, and Wild Ones, which has 130 million.

6. Coco Jones

While she started her music career in 2010 with her song, Extended Play, Coco Jones only received her commercial break in 2022 when she was signed by Def Jam Records and released a single, ICU, in October of the same year. 

The song received considerable success and entered the Billboard Hot 100. It also won a Grammy Award in the category of Best R&B Performance. She built on its popularity and released What Didn't I Tell You. She was later listed among the Artists to Watch in 2023.

Her top songs on Spotify are ICU, which has 48 million streams, and Moments of Your Life, which has 41 million. Others are Tummy Hurts with 10 million streams, Until the End of Times with 9 million streams, and ICU with 9 million.

7. Fred Again

Fred Again is an English singer, songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Fred has collaborated with various artists. In 2024, he was nominated for Best New Artist, while his Actual Life 3, and Rumble won in the Best Dance/Electronic Album category.

Some of his top-streamed songs on Spotify are Adore You with 59 million streams, Leave Me Alone with 56 million, and Marea with 43 million. Others are Delilah (Pull me out of this) and Rumble, with 22 million streams.

8. The War and Treaty

The American musical duo, The War and Treaty, debuted on the musical scene in 2018 with their album, Healing Tide, which received critical success. This was followed by Hearts Town, where they collaborated with Emmylou Harris and appeared in Triple A’s Top 40. In 2023, they released Lover Game, in which Hey Driver appeared in the top 20 Billboard Hot 100. The musicians were the first black duo nominated for the Duo of the Year Award in the Country Music Association Award.

Their song, Hey Driver, has reached over 187 million streams on Spotify with over 600k daily streams. Some of their songs with high streams are Are You Ready to Love Me with 12 million streams and Down to the River with 6 million.

FAQs on Best New Spotify Artist In 2024

Here are some frequently asked questions on the best new Spotify artist 2024.

What is streaming on Spotify?

According to the Spotify context, a stream refers to each instance when a song is played. Whether a song is played partially or in full, it is considered a stream as long as it's within the minimum requirements.

Who is the most followed Spotify artist?

Taylor Swift is the most followed artist on Spotify with over 109 million followers. She has grown her Spotify account organically. However, many musicians resort to buying Spotify followers to grow their following.

What is the most streamed song on Spotify?

Weeknd’s Blinding Lights is the most streamed song on Spotify with over 4 billion streams.

What is the fastest album to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify?

The Tortured Poet Department by Taylor Swift has the record of being the only album to pass 1 billion streams in one week.

Which rapper has the most songs with over 1 billion streams?

Drake has the most songs with over 1 billion streams.


The above musicians have been nominated for the Best New Spotify Artist 2024. With their acclaim, it's clear that they are among the biggest rising stars. This success can also be seen from the high number of streams on Spotify. You may want to check out other Spotify artists like Dixie Damerio.