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How To Change Your Username On Spotify

Published on 21.02.2023 by Maiko Maisadze

Spotify is your one-stop app to stream music and podcasts. It is home to thousands of albums/EPs and original podcasts in different countries, languages and topics. Safe to say, any artist doing their due diligence can be discovered there. The process of maximizing opportunities on Spotify starts with creating an optimized profile. Others things you can do on the platform include collaborations and getting featured on playlists. Your profile is what people see when they search you up on Spotify. 

Your profile displays your username, picture, latest music, collaborations, and more. Among all these, the most significant is your username. Not only is your username a reflection of who you are and what your brand is, but it is also a one-time decision. That is, it cannot be changed after you save it. Well, technically you can. But if you are a content creator, it's basically a lost cause. You will have to rebrand yourself of every other social media platform to let your followers know your "new you". Unlike the username, the display name can be changed. The display name is the "address" with which users can find you on Spotify. It also appears when people stream your music and playlists.

Reasons to Change Your Username on Spotify 

If your username is too long, contains inappropriate language, or you want to use it for another account, you might want to alter it. Additionally, it could be a good idea to change your username if you want to maintain anonymity for some reason or for a time being (not a good idea for Spotify content creators, this is mainly for the ordinary users).

  • Forgetting your username: Between managing different accounts on social media, one is bound to overlook one of them. For a minority of users who can't come up with something on their own (the case usually being every single username they want being taken by someone else) Spotify generates a username, so that you can log into your account. The thing with such usernames is that, they are usually extremely long and difficult to remember by heart. If you forget your username, use either your email address or phone number with a password to log into your account. 
  • Have the same name as another artist: Although it is not common on Spotify, it is possible to have the same name as another artist. Imagine the confusion that would cause your followers and fans. Note that no two artists can have the exact same usernames as that's not possible considering sign up options on the platform. But there can be a case where a user is called "laroy" for instance, and there's another user named "Iaroy". See what we mean? One uses L, another - capital "i", but it looks the same, hence the confusion. To rectify this, contact Spotify support and be prepared to provide an artist separation document.
  • Cyber Attacks: You are vulnerable to malicious attacks when you use the same username across all social media platforms. That does not erase the importance of having a unique and similar username but it increases the risk of an attack. 

How to Change Your Display Name on Spotify


Display names may play a bigger role when it comes to non-technical discoverability on Spotify than usernames. Editing it is much simpler and can be done anytime (well actually, some time has to pass until you are allowed to change it to something else but you get the point). It's not exactly beneficial to change your display name often. This is because your DP is a "face" of your brand (yourself as an artist), so if you modify it over and over, it becomes difficult for fans as well as prospective fans to find you. However, if you are an ordinary user and want to change it for whatever reason, follow these simple steps:

  • Select your profile icon, located in the upper right corner of the Home screen.
  • Tap the Settings icon. From the Settings menu, you can customize your user profile to your liking. 
  • Tap View profile to see the changes you want to make and adjust them accordingly.
  • Select Edit Profile. You can make any adjustments necessary to ensure your profile accurately reflects your identity and preferences. 
  • Tap your display name to change it. Select your desired name from the list of options, then tap "Set" to confirm your revised display name.   
  • Once you are satisfied with your chosen display name, tap "Save" to make it permanent.       

While changing your display name, you can also edit information on your profile, such as your bio, profile picture, and more. You should be aware that you cannot access your account under your display name. If you lose your display name, the next step is to try other means of accessing your account or resetting your password. You should also check Spotify video content on how to change your display picture, as well as how to modify display name on different devices. 

How to Choose the Appropriate Username and Display Name for Your Spotify Account

Musical artists or thousands of music lovers sign up on Spotify every single day (especially after the platform became available in many countries previously having no access to Spotify). To stand out and become mutuals with people with similar taste in music, you should have a formidable display name that distinguishes you from other users in a certain way. A proper display name is easy to search up. But if it's impossible to search you up after a few try, you will likely not succeed on the platform. Here are a few factors that determine what a proper display name should look like.

  • Use a suitable character limit: Imagine if your favorite music had a display name of up to 250 characters. It won't be easy to find them, right? Well, fortunately you can't ever do that on Spotify. The maximum character limit for a display name is 200. Even that's too long. To ensure that you are easily found, use a shorter username. 
  • Easy to remember: You can speed up your brand becoming iconic by optimizing your profile, using a memorable display name. It is easier for @nicky to be in your mind than @n1ck4. You could even forget that the number "1" is not the alphabet "I." Don't try to be too quirky perhaps. 
  • Use similar names on social media platforms: It is always advisable to adopt a similar name on all the social media platforms you own. This is to ensure that you are easily identified. Using the same profile information, such as your bio, location, and website, on all accounts will help keep your brand consistent and easily recognizable.
  • Use a name that is meaningful and sentimental to you: Using your government name as a display name is not a bad idea. However, there are other options you can explore. You could opt for a pet name, a shortened form of your name, or even add special characters to it. Whatever you choose, let your display name mean something to you.
  • Test the name: If you are not sure if your display name reflects who you are, or maybe you think it might sound weird, test it with your friends and family. Let them call you by your DP name and ask them to tell you what they think of it. Getting an alternative perspective is when making a decision is always a good thing. 
  • You can also select your username/DP using name-generating software. Such programs need you to provide a few details, such as your likes or hobbies, and then come up with a selection of possible usernames tailored just for you. This makes the whole process so much easier. They are usually very easy to navigate. 
  • Whatever method choose, avoid being foul or offensive in any way. 

How to Remember Your (User)Name


Making sure that your username is memorable is one of the best strategies to keep it in the mind of others (and yourself). Select a symbol that has personal significance to you or is connected to an activity you find enjoyable. To make it simpler to remember, you can also try making a username that is similar to your given name. You can also link your username to a word, phrase, or a line from music. This will make it simpler for you to remember and less probable for someone to guess. Actually, just write it down.

Save your name and password in Google Chrome or on your mobile. Google is convenient because you can save your username and password for websites so you don't have to remember or enter them each time you visit a site. It is impenetrable and encrypted, so your personal information is safe. A great option when you are on multiple social media or other websites at the same time and they demand you log in manually (not social media websites but sometimes even that can be the case).

Two-step Verification on Spotify 

Speaking of safety, a two-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a second form of authentication when you log in, such as a code sent to your phone or email. Using this method protects your account from being accessed by someone who has obtained your username and password. When attempting to log into a Spotify account, a user is required to enter a code sent to a registered mobile device. This code is a unique one-time password that ensures the user is the one attempting to access the account. It helps protect against unauthorized access.


You might outgrown your current username/DP, or it may no longer reflect your identity. Whatever the case, updating your Spotify username/DP is a simple task that only takes a few minutes. To ensure your username is unique and easy to remember, consider customizing in accordance to who you are as an artist or a person. You can change your Spotify account username by accessing your account settings from the app, selecting the "Edit Profile" option and entering your newly chosen username. Make sure to save your changes before exiting the page.