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How to work with the algorithm of Facebook AD

Published on 04.04.2021 by Nika Kiradze

If you want to run successful AD campaigns on Facebook, then you’ve come to the right place. Facebook has a very complex algorithm that could be discussed in different parts. Today we will talk about the essential tips on how to run successful AD campaigns on Facebook.


Facebook Audience and “Groups”

When you launch a brand new AD campaign, you have to define a target audience. The potential target audience could be around 1 million Facebook users. In this case, your AD campaigns are visible to some “groups” of the possible targeted audience. For instance, your AD could be shown to 2000 Facebook users. As you see, 2000 is a tiny part (group) of the potential audience (1 million). If you run Facebook ad campaigns for too long (let’s say 30 days), then your target audience will be improved every single day. At the end of the campaign (30 days), your AD will be shown to more relevant users. That happens because Facebook pixel code knows the behaviour of the users. Facebook pixel code knows how users directed from the social networks to your website activity, and AD will be shown to more relevant users. (check the image below - that's how Facebook Pixel works)



Your main goal has to be targeting the better ‘group’. As you already noted, “group” is the number of people more relevant for your AD campaign. So, your primary target has to be getting close to more suitable users. Our tip would be to run an AD campaign for as long as possible (you can start with a $5 AD budget daily and increase slowly, reaching the maximum of your budget at the end of the 30 days).


Structure AD campaign properly

The main thing for Facebook marketers would be scaling. If you didn’t scale a winning AD campaign, it would waste time putting money into the testing phase. From the start, your main goal has to be scaled to the moon. Facebook has billions of active monthly users so that you can scale to the moon quickly. If you want to scale as fast as possible, we will advise you to run split-testing campaigns. Don’t start with just one AD set. Put a minimum of 2 AD sets into the campaigns. For instance, you can begin 3 AD campaigns, and each of those AD campaigns can include three different AD sets. In that way, you can split test the results and find the winner fast. After finding a winner, you can duplicate the AD with a different image and scale. (check the image below - you see the structure of successful Facebook AD campaign) (image was created by MarketingLand)