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SEO Trends in 2021 what every marketer should know

Published on 02.02.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

SEO trends are changing every year. The Google algorithm update can turn tables around, so marketers should be on the verge of change every month. This post will try to cover the latest SEO trends that every marketer has to be aware of. 



  • Build and improve UX (User experience). Especially in 2021, Google's algo can easily understand whether visitors like the website's UX or not.

  • Implement the E.A.T. concept. In Google's search algorithm guideline, we see that E.A.T. is essential, so don't overestimate it.

  • Search intent on top of the world. If you don't know the basics of search intent, you can't satisfy Google visitors.


How to build and improve User Experience

What is UX, you may ask? If we follow the simple logic, then UX is the overall feeling visitors have while browsing your website. UX includes:

  • Speed of a website

  • Navigation

  • Menu system

  • How to search function works on your website

  • Is it easy to check the content and desired information on a website?

If a Google visitor can easily navigate your website and find important information, your website has perfect UX. Keep in mind that Google can easily track a visitor's activities, so they will understand every part of your website and how people act when they visit it. Bounce rate is the most significant factor when it comes to UX. When someone visits your website and leaves right away, the bounce rate will be high. If someone loves reading content and stays on your website, then the bounce rate will be lower. Every marketer needs to keep the bounce rate lower. By that way, Google algorithm thinks that your website is worth ranking higher. To keep bounce rate lower, you can have separate pages for the same content. For instance, let the Google visitor click on the part II link to continue reading. It means that they have to browse other pages to understand more about the topic. That's an easy way to decrease the bounce rate and let Google think that your UX is good (Check the image below - although Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform worldwide, their UX has to be improved a bit for Google purposes).


Implement E.A.T. concept

It's an abbreviation and stands for 'expertise, authority and trust'. Google developers write 30+ pages about an E.A.T. concept in the Search intent guideline. It means that Google developers see E.A.T. concept as the central part of the search algorithm. Don't underestimate this approach. Now let's talk about the implementation of the concept on your website.

E.A.T. is entirely related to on-page SEO (content). "Expertise" means that the expert in a particular field must write every piece of content on your website. If you are writing about cardiovascular diseases, then the content must be written by surgeons or at least by the general-experienced doctors. "Authority" means that other sources must trust the content's author. "Trust" means that the content has to be hornets and truthful. Ignoring E.A.T. concept may lead to loss of traffic during a next update (check the image below - a website called 'DrAxe' lost more than 10 million visitors in just one update of the algorithm for ignoring E.A.T.).

Search intent on top of the world

Every SEO expert would say that everything starts with search intent. If you don't understand 'why' behind the search query, you can't satisfy a Google visitor. According to the popular website "Ahrefs", they have increased the visitors' number to 50 000 with just implementing search intent strategy. (check the image below - you'll see that core page of Ahrefs is now receiving 50 000 unique visitors in 12 months course of focusing on search intent strategy)

Search intent strategy means that you have to brainstorm about the topic. For instance, if someone is searching for 'best beard shaver', then you have to brainstorm around this topic. What will you get? You've created a sub-headings for content like this:

  • Professional beard shaver

  • Cheap beard shaver

  • Professional beard shaver for barbers

  • Shaver VS trimmer