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How Business Can Use IGTV to Engage with Target Audience

Published on 17.11.2020 by Ice Geek

It’s no surprise that users love to spend time watching online videos. Undoubtedly, social media platforms have gained a lot of importance and simultaneously it has given room to businesses for video marketing. When it comes to comparing the social channels on video engagement metrics, the IGTV is emerging as a powerful tool for marketers.

From reaching out to a wider audience base to converting them into a prospective customer, the IGTV is an effective platform. Where Instagram limits the video size for feed posts, it allows uploading a video of 60 minutes from the web and a 15 minutes video, if recorded and uploaded from mobile. It is a much better opportunity for marketers to upload compelling stories through video content.

Why IGTV Is A Good Choice To Promote Business?

Video has become a powerful tool for marketers to promote their business.  72 % of the online audiences prefer to watch a video on mobile rather than on television. This has made marketers realize the importance of IGTV and they have made it a part of their Instagram marketing strategy. One can also buy real IGTV views to popularize their videos.

How Businesses Use IGTV For Brand Building And Promotion

Are you wondering how to leverage this video streaming feature for marketing and business promotion? Here’s what IGTV offers and how marketers can use this platform to reach unlimited consumers online.    

Create Video Series and Reach to new audience via old videos:

If you're planning to start uploading your content on IGTV, plan to create a video series on a topic or theme. Another important factor to consider is the posting schedule. Keep it consistent so that viewers get it on the time they expect.  

Also, one can repurpose old videos shared on other social channels like Facebook and YouTube. All you need to do is find editing from horizontal to the vertical dimension. Reuse those videos to increase IGTV views.

Show Your Audience The Sneak Peek Behind:

That's one of the innovative video marketing trends where marketers can show what goes behind making a product, the employee team, and the effort they make for their products. This helps in maintaining transparency with the audience and builds a sense of trustworthiness.

Post- In-Depth Tutorials Of Your Product/Service:

Imagine a video tutorial of a celebrity demonstrating how to use a branded make-up kit. Since it allows uploading a video of longer lengths, one can easily upload product videos, DIY videos, etc. These videos have a higher engagement rate.   

Marketers can also build a niche audience by developing exclusive video content. This will form a set of dedicated audience for their channel.

Announce An Online Event:

The digital world has made physical boundaries non-existent.  No matter wherever you’re you can join any event, webinar via virtual mode. If you’re streaming an online event, switch the IGTV on and make it reach to masses virtually. It is especially for those who couldn’t attend these programs physically.

Upload Customer Stories And Intriguing Interviews:

It’s more persuasive when a loyal customer speaks about your brand. Take a chance to showcase them on IGTV for brand building. Let them speak to the viewers on why they love your products or services. Moreover, interviews are also an excellent way to add to your video marketing strategy.   

Are Hashtags Important While Promoting These Videos?

Yes!  That’s a canned response everyone replies to this question. Hashtags in the description improve the visibility and bring your videos in front of the target audience and the existing followers.  

Use this online video streaming platform to get your brand shine online.