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How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

Published on 12.09.2023 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for companies of all sizes to expand into new customer demographics. Regarding making purchases, eMarketer reports that 47% of Pinterest users do so inside the app. Only 15% of Facebook's users make purchases inside the app.


The fact that half of Pinterest's users are there to purchase is incredible. You can also increase your business’s sales on Pinterest but how? It's a simple way to create your business account if you know that. Otherwise, you may find it challenging. So, here, we will assemble a guide to help you set up a Pinterest business account in as many ways as possible.

What Is a Pinterest Business Account?


Like personal accounts, business ones include pinboards for sharing images and pins. The Pinterest business account is designed for entrepreneurs and marketers who want to use it as a platform to promote their goods or services.

 You can create various types of pins in the business account. In addition, the Pinterest Business Hub and Pinterest Analytics are also available to anyone with a Pinterest business account. You may use these features to assess your results and learn about user participation.

The Benefits of Using Pinterest for Business

Big Audience Size


With over 445 million monthly users worldwide, Pinterest is the fourth most widely used social network in the United States and may expose your brand to millions of new clients.

Visual Platform


Pinterest is an excellent platform for showcasing graphic content related to your company. Since it is the only social media network that now offers a visual search, it is recommended that users get on board with this trend as soon as possible.


Commercial Activity


Consumers widely use Pinterest as a decision-making tool before making a purchase. Most Pinterest users say they've bought something after reading positive reviews.

Brand Exposer


Most Pinterest users say they learn about new companies and items on the platform at least once each week, so using it to promote your business may help you reach more people.

Guidance of Setting Business Pinterest Account 


Creating a Pinterest account for your company is straightforward and accessible. You may either sign up for a new Pinterest business account or switch your existing account to the business plan. Simply adhere to the steps I've outlined:

Use Your Pre-existing Personal Account


You can do this with two options. 

Connect Your Business & Personal Accounts


If you already have a personal account, you may connect it to a business account by providing the same email address and password. But you don't know how to do that. These are the simple actions to take:


  1. Visit the Pinterest website to log in to your profile.  
  2. Choose the down-pointing arrow from the corner in the upper right. You'll find a dropdown list where you must click "Add Account." 
  3. Now you'll get three options.
  4. Click the third option to create a free business account.
  5. You'll go to the next page. You'll get two options: "Create a free business account" & "Create a linked business account." Click the second option. 
  6. Now, click the button “Create a linked account.”
  7. You’ll move to the page “Build your profile.” On this page, you must fill in your profile name; if you have a website, just click the yes check box and write your website address.  Then provide all information about your business. 
  8. Next, decide whether or not to run ads, and click Next.
  9. You can begin sharing ideas by selecting "Make a Pin" or showcasing your brand by selecting "Build your profile" and filling it up with more information.

               Your business profile is ready now. 

Converting to a Business Account


You may always revert to your account anytime, and your credentials will stay the same if you decide to convert to a business account. 

The steps are:


  1. First, log into your existing account. Then go to the down-pointing arrow in the upper right corner. 
  2. You’ll get a list. From that list, select settings. Then in the left sidebar, you’ll see “Account management.” Click on that. 
  3. Click the “Convert to business account” button under the Account changes menu. Now select “Convert account.”
  4. To continue, provide your name, company name, website, country, and language choices. Then click “Next.”
  5. Now select the top 3 goals of your business and click next to go to another page.
  6. On this page, you must enter your business name and category. 
  7. Now, select “Ads” if you want to run it, or you can skip it 


Now your profile converts into a business profile.


If your personal Pinterest profile is already connected to a business account, you must unlink the two before proceeding with the conversion.


These are the two methods by which a personal account may be converted into a commercial one.

SignUp a New Business Account


Here are the steps for creating a new business account.

Go to the Pinterest Website


You must log out from any existing personal accounts before continuing. You must use a professional email address to tell your accounts apart. To create your business account, tap "create an account."

Add Every Detail of Your Business:


You must add the best description of your company and provide a web address in the "Add URL" section. You should fill in your business's language, location, and name.

Connect Your Social Media Platform:


You may link your company's social media accounts, such as those on Instagram, Etsy, or YouTube, to your Pinterest account. By doing so, pins made on those other platforms will be credited to your company. You will be able to watch metrics relating to those pins.

Decide Whether You Want Pinterest Ads or Not:


You may include your contact information so that a Pinterest advertisements 

representative can contact you if you want to alter your decision later.

Update Your Profile:


You can create a profile on Pinterest by uploading a photo. You can also add a unique username. In the description box, you must briefly describe your company’s details. Additionally, if you want to use a profile photo, the size should be 150 x 165 pixels. The "About" section is also a great place to include relevant keywords.

Claim your website analytics:


Choose "claim" from the menu of available actions on the left. Your website's statistics may be monitored this way, as can any pinned images that return to your claimed profiles. Your business profile is now active and available for usage.



A Pinterest business account is a great way to reach your target demographic and advertise your wares. Pinterest is the place to be if you want to exhibit your business initially and connect with prospective consumers.  With the help of this post, you may now create a Pinterest account for your business. You can also use it as a social media marketing tool.