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Fuel Your Instagram Strategy with Creative Approach

Published on 17.07.2019 by Simon

Instagram marketing is getting more traction day by day. If you are not spending marketing budget on Instagram, then you are genuinely missing big things.

If you want to do big things on Instagram, you've come to the right place. First of all, we should admit that our team is doing Instagram marketing for the last five years. We have seen all the updates, new features, and lots of successes. With this content, we want to share with you creative approach to Instagram marketing.

The Instagram strategy should be easy and yet very powerful. Today you'll understand the insider tips from Instagram marketing experts.

First things first - Instagram BIO

When you start doing something, should go for basic stuff. That's how we do Instagram marketing. Don't move onto the next step before you are not done with basic things. BIO is the primary step of Instagram. What's your goal for marketing? Do you have a business? Maybe you want to promote products/services? Well, Instagram BIO should be very short and sweet.

Keep in mind that every follower reads BIO. They want to understand what's your message and direction of Instagram account.

As we have mentioned above, Instagram BIO must be very short. Don't add too many words without connection. Just be very simple and easily understandable. You can also display email for business inquiries. Don't add many emojis; it may hurt the image of your business.

Buy Instagram likes, and followers.

Every account needs a startup portion of followers and likes. When you start with a new account, it's hard to get followers at first. When a stranger checks on your account, their first attention goes to followers number. If you don't start with a minimum of 1000 followers, then it would be hard to convert a stranger into an actual fan.

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Content Creative and Approach

Every brand or business has its sense of content. They post pictures and videos in their way. That's what experts advise you to do - create your sign. Every piece of content should be the festival of creativity. People love seeing colors, so choose which colors your brand will stick. Try your best to impress followers with same color palette with every photo.

Focus on content from followers

Do you mind hearing one of the most significant insider secrets? Use your fans, photos, and videos. That's how you achieve success - incentivize followers base with presents. Ask them to take pictures and promise to publish the best content. They will be happy to do so, and you will be in a WIN-WIN position. You get attention and material to post, both with one shot.