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Instagram Edition Content V Marketing

Published on 12.08.2019 by Simon

For the last decade, there is a debate about content Vs. Marketing. What’s a better way to focus on while growing social media accounts of business? Content creatures and creative artists would go for content 100%, but some marketers care more about marketing. So, what’s the truth in 2019? Do you need a perfect content or it’s easy to skyrocket your fan base with simple marketing?

Social Wick combines experts in social media marketing. Our brand can help you to fuel your marketing plan. With our help, you may go viral quickly. With a wide range of choice, you can buy Instagram followers cheap 10k.

We have been there, we have done that and succeeded in almost all platforms. That’s’ why we share our expertise thoughts today – as we have lived and breathed with social media marketing. The topic itself is fascinating, and there is a debate going on even today.

What’s essential for Instagram success?

Instagram is a unique yet very complicated platform. The smart algorithm makes things a bit easier, but you still have a huge competition going on there. So, what’s more, essential for the perfect Instagram strategy? Let’s dive deep into details

Content on Instagram

Kevin Systrom (founder of IG) created the platform with one aim – consume the content. Yes, from the start, Instagram was all about the content. Other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. – they have various functions and features that could be explored without content. There is a different situation with Instagram. Kevin’s main goal was to create a platform concentrated on content. Without an original, creative, and ideal material, you can’t go far on Instagram. And you may know that Instagram is the most favorite social network for businesses and brands.

Even with new updates, the Instagram team is adding new functions of adding/consuming content. For example, a new feature such as “story,” “carousel posts,” etc.

Have you heard about the IGTV? Yes, Instagram trying best to get on top of the video marketing industry. So, develop a team behind the curtains created a new platform called IGTV. It’s integrated into the Instagram app, and you can now add video content easily.

Marketing on Instagram

Self-proclaimed marketing gurus would say that you should focus mostly on marketing. Don’t believe in those self-proclaimed “gurus.” Marketing is an essential part of every successful strategy but concentrates only on marketing? No, thanks.

First of all, you need a strong relationship with your follower base. Keep in mind that active followers can make your life easy. For example, Social Wick offers lower prices on marketing so that you can buy Instagram followers cheap 10k. What could the ideal startup follower numbers on Instagram? Probably between 10 000 – 11 000. So, if you decide to buy Instagram followers, cheap 10k, Social Wick is a number choice right here.

Obviously, Instagram developers know that marketing is also important. Otherwise, they would not update the smart algorithm monthly, and they would not be interested in advertising system.


So, we have talked about both content and marketing. As you can see, both are equally important. Without content (original) you can’t go far but also can’t be found without proper marketing. Content and marketing fill each other, and we get the perfect strategy.

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