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How to make money on Instagram in 2020

Published on 06.11.2019 by Lela

How to make money online? It's a million-dollar question. But most importantly, how can you make money on Instagram? Is that even possible? Well, we have created a four-part guideline about making money on Instagram. In the first part, we will talk about e-commerce systems and why you should use Instagram for e-commerce brands.

E-commerce and Instagram

First of all, Instagram is the second largest social network on earth. After Facebook, Instagram's statistics are awe-inspiring. More than a billion users are waiting for your product and service, although their intention on Instagram could be different.

Millions of dollars spent on Instagram marketing every day, so you should not miss this chance. Now let's talk about the connection between Instagram and e-commerce.

Why are e-commerce brands successful on Instagram? The platform itself was created to make things look better. It's trendy to be on Instagram, so you should obey the contemporary approaches of society.

Choose a niche for your e-commerce brand

Start with the niche. You can focus on a niche that you love from childhood, or it could be pure addiction. For example, focus on basketball niche if you love NBA or European basketball. Just look for the niche that's impressive and very addictive for you.

Which platform is perfect for e-commerce?

There are two big brands on the market currently. First is indeed Shopify and second – Woocommerce. We have two options, as you can see, and one of them is a free system. Let's focus on each other.

Shopify could be handy for people who are starting eCommerce. Platform representatives made everything to build an easy-system for everyone. Any newbie can understand the features of Shopify and build a store in just a few minutes. Shopify has another advantage – the platform comes with in-built payment options. You can accept not only PayPal or Stripe, but also Shopify payments – meaning, any credit/debit card.

As we have mentioned above, Shopify is pricey. Unlike Woocommerce (free option), you have to pay a minimum of $29 for Shopify's lower-tier package.

Woocommerce is another option, and you are free of charge. Keep in mind that Woocommerce is not a separate platform like Shopify. It's an in-built system and only comes with Wordpress.

Wordpress is a content management system (CMS). You should install Wordpress first, and then you can download "App" called Woo-commerce. Woocommerce will help you to build stores on Wordpress and not pay for anything.

There are thousands of ready-made templates in each category of business. So, you can install Woocommerce and attempt to build the store.