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Why and how to use YouTube to promote your business

Published on 24.09.2019 by Luka

YouTube is all about the numbers. First of all, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. Google is the biggest, but YouTube is all about the videos, and it beats Google in that way.

With over 1 billion users registered and half a billion active user per month. Do you know that people are watching 1 billion hours per day on YouTube? It’s the craziest data you can ever get from any website. So, what’s stopping you from putting content on YouTube? This engine is the most significant and best free option for you to place content and reach a targeted audience.

How to promote business on YouTube?

Create video content strategy. No matter what, Video is the only option on YouTube. Yes, the developer team started working on daily “stories,” but Video is still the best option. That’s why you need a strategy to upload content consistently.

Check out the competition and understand what they are doing differently. While creating YouTube content strategy, start checking your game. What type of videos are they putting? What are the topics they focus on? How do they promote business service through the YouTube platform? All the answers are already in front of you, take a look, and analyze.

Business services through Video or link

You have two options, either make a video about your business services consistently or random videos and put a link in the description. So, you should choose one of those options mentioned above.

1st option – create YouTube video about your business services

What’s your business? What are you promoting? Create Video about it. If you have a course about selling real estate in Chicago, then start creating videos about it. Keep in mind that Real estate niche is particular. Are you can’t expect millions of views on each video.

2nd option – create random, popular type videos every day

Don’t limit yourself with business video. Find what goes viral and create a Video that could reach millions of videos every day. When Video goes viral, it’s perfect for your channel and business too. That’s why most influencers don’t focus on their business solely.

Pick a random niche, find the viral video, and start copying the same style. You are not limited to any niche, so it gets easier to reach millions of views. You may ask, how to promote business with this option? Include your business service at the end of each Video or put an explanation and link in the description of each Video.