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Definitive guide to Facebook marketing in CPA industry PART II

Published on 15.12.2019 by Natia

Many networks on the market focus only on CPA offers. Affiliate networks have an essential role – they can give you access to offers that won’t be visible anywhere. Platforms such as Mobidea, MaxBounty, and others are leading the market competition.

Affiliates should also understand that not every affiliate network has the same target. Almost every network in the game has different goals, industries, and verticals to focus on.

What are the top-performing verticals in 2019?

  • Sweepstakes

  • Coupons and vouchers

  • Music

  • App installs

  • Mobile games

  • Adult

  • Dating

  • Fitness

  • Weight loss

What should you be looking for in an Affiliate network?

Every affiliate should look for a suitable affiliate network. Under "suitable," we mean different things. First of all, affiliate networks are not only offers and verticals. So, you should not choose the networks only because of the CPA offers with high payouts.

You should look at networks that have trust and authority in the market. Competition is enormous in the affiliate industry, so you may see many networks giving you perfect options but follow the tips mentioned below.

Suitable payment options

If you are a newbie affiliate, then search for a CPA network with appropriate payment options. There could NET7, NET14, NET30, etc. Those terms mean that you may get payment every week, 14 days, or every month. It's important to have a cash-flow in CPA marketing. After finding a winner offer, you may need to scale things up, but without secure cash-flow, it's impossible.

Tracking platform

Successful affiliates need a tracking system. Every super affiliate invest money in advanced programs to track conversion and traffic. At the same time, newbies need something to start with. That's why Affiliate networks should have a simple tracking system. If the platform has an in-built advanced tracking system, then it's worth trying.

Dedicated support

It's essential to have a dedicated affiliate manager. When you start scaling up specific offers, the affiliate manager may give you the most valuable advice for scaling things to the sky. Super affiliates always try to have a good relationship with affiliate managers because they have direct contact with the advertiser. If you negotiate with an affiliate manager, he/she may give you a better payout and better options.

Training and guidelines

Affiliate networks know that their success depends on affiliates. So, advanced and top-notch networks have ready-made instructions for every newbie. Register on an affiliate network that has guidelines and training for any level of affiliates.